March 16, 2013

Texas Bigfoot Conference Today!

Here are a few photos from the Texas Bigfoot Conference social mixer last night:

L to R: Lyle Blackburn, Mando, Jeff Meldrum, AJ, Josh Gates, Brian Brown, Bill Munns (seated), Daryl Colyer

L to R: Lyle Blackburn, Monica Rawlins, Sandy Blackburn

L to R: David Weatherly, Rob & Tracy Robinson, Lyle Blackburn

Jeff Meldrum

Come on out today!

I will be representing Cryptomundo and will have a vendor table with some cool items being raffled off as shown below:

I will have a rare brochure from Peter Byrne’s Bigfoot Research Project signed by Peter himself.

A Design Toscano Garden Yeti.

Texas Bigfoot Conference

Some cool artwork done by artist RobRoy Menzies that are each signed by all of the conference speakers. These prints are 12 x 18 in size.

Texas Bigfoot Conference

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