Tom Biscardi Update – New Bigfoot Photo !?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on January 19th, 2006

Ohio Bigfoot

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Is this a photo of a Bigfoot? Or a bear standing on its hind legs? Or nothing but shadows and leaves?

Tom Biscardi says it is an actual photo of a Bigfoot and that it was taken by Wayne Burton in Ohio. Tom will be a guest on the ‘X’ Zone Radio Show tonight from 11 PM to 12 AM EST. Call in tonight to talk to him about this photo and the others that he touts as the real thing. 

Mr. Biscardi is apparently still on his expedition throughout the US and Canada. I don’t imagine that he will be going back to UnHappy Camp…errr, Happy camp, California anytime soon.

Of course, Tom also thinks that the photos below are legitimate as well. 

Ivan Marx Bigfoot

This photo is a still taken from film footage shot by Ivan Marx of a "Bigfoot" that was agressively charging him in the 1970’s. He claimed to have shot the "Bigfoot".

Biscardi Bigfoot

And this is a photo of a "adult male Bigfoot" that was taking a lunch break. Almost looks like he’s wearing camo, huh? And I won’t even start on that funky lookin’ head…

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

29 Responses to “Tom Biscardi Update – New Bigfoot Photo !?”

  1. flickerbulbcom responds:


  2. H_Wrabbit responds:

    Strange looking hair on those guys, hahaha… Black felt?

  3. Berkastler responds:

    The first photo is intriguing, but might be nothing more than a black bear. The next two are hysterical!

  4. Stosh responds:

    Photo #1 is looks just like my Uncle Lloyd before he shaves. The second one is Magilla Gorilla running away from Mr.Pebbles pet shop. But the third one…..Hmmmm, are you sure it’s not upside down???????

    Stosh and Roscoe

  5. Dan responds:

    The posture of the “bigfoot” in the second image bothers me alot. It seems more human than anything else.

  6. chrisandclauida2 responds:

    Biscardi Marx and Bigfoot photos. I guess all that needs to be said is thanks Peggy and family for wearing that stupid costume for all those years.

    Like was said, what is up with that head!. it is kinda like a space helmet i made as a kid. I took a 3 gallon ice cream tub and but it on my head. Apparently this is what biscardi uses also.

    It isn’t out of the realm of possibility that biscardi will be the one to get proof.

    I am afraid that any pictures connected to biscardi are suspect at best. This particular photo looks a little photo shopped upon enlargement.

    Sorry but this is another in the long line of Blobsquatches.

  7. colobus responds:

    Yes, It most definitely IS out of the realm of possibility.

  8. 2400bc responds:

    Any “Bigfoot” photo which shows nothing but a dark blur even AFTER it has been enlarged needs to be just thrown into the trash. I mean really – What value do pictures like #1 have??? None.

    At least the other two give us enough details to laugh about.

  9. 2400bc responds:

    …And another thing – If it weren’t for that big black arrow pointing to the area where the creature is supposed to be no one would have even noticed.

    If you just handed this photo to someone on the street without talking about Bigfoot sightings to pre-dispose them nobody would look at it and say “Hey! Look over there in the corner near the woods! It’s a Bigfoot!”

  10. Kainan responds:

    Since the first time I looked at the photos presented by The Great American Bigfoot Research Organization’s (or whatever it’s called)Tom Biscardi, I made my decision about the guy’s credibility.

  11. darkrabbit responds:

    It’s a Bigfoot eating a weenie from a “Get Smart” lunchbox.

  12. Twisted responds:

    Some of the comments about the pictures are as funny as the pictures! Thanks for the chuckle! The truth is Biscardi is an idiot wrapped in a jackass.

  13. CrissCross responds:

    The first picture probably isn’t a bear – the arms seem to be in the wrong place for that.

    The second one looks like it has human structure, plus, if the guy actually killed it, where are the pictures of the body? Shouldn’t be any problem getting plenty of pictures of that!

    The third picture reminds me of one of the characters in the movie “The Goonies”. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know right off which one I mean. Pretty lame, imho.

  14. wvteddybear responds:

    first one looks like a bear. the second one reminds me of my ex gf.. ugg bad teddy ..

  15. thomas.merrill responds:

    Oh, PLEASE!

  16. rayner responds:

    I lived in Eureka for 20 years. This is not far from Happy Camp. This is prime Bigfoot territory and whether these pictures are real or not, there are many people with whom I have spoken who tell very believable stories of encounters in this area

  17. SeanForker responds:

    This is Sean Forker. I am a member of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society and The American Bigfoot Society.

    Yesterday while perusing through “Cryptomundo” I saw your post regarding Tom Biscardi and this latest pic. So I decided to tune in with my Yahoo Conference Buddies.

    Biscardi recalled how these pics came about, and where he got them from. He mentioned that these pics came from a man by the name of Wayne Burton, who also called in during the show. Well that name and that pic happened to ring a bell.

    Burton called in and said that this pics is only 3 or 4 months old, and that he sent them to a research partner a YEAR ago! Rob McConnell busted him on the spot. That research partner, Fred Bradshaw, passed on over a year ago. When I heard Ohio, I pieced together the puzzle.

    I typed in Ohio Bigfoot Search Group in google to pull up a page I seen months ago. I recognized the name immedialty. Dallas Gilbert is the other research Partner of Burton, who Biscardi would not name on X-Zone. I found field notes from Wayne Burton on that page, as well as the Page of pics where that same pic from biscardi was on.

    I then emailed the links to Rob McConnell, the rest of this story is forever written in the archives of X-Zone radio.

    I just wanted to post this, as it might be of interest to the readers of “Cryptomundo”.

    Also, my good friend Pat Knetzer was on live, and plainly told Biscardi that it was a “blobsquatch” and that ticked off Biscardi.

    We have an obligation, in my opinon, to cut through the crap and provide decent information to the public.

  18. dbdonlon responds:

    That first picture is obviously a bear. I don’t know what kind of mental contortions you’d have to go through to turn it into a squatch, but apparently it wasn’t too much for Tom B.

    The next two photos prove that Biscardi as all about mental contortions.

  19. JoeKent responds:

    I think the first photo is not a bear….shoulders ?
    Intriguing “blobsquatch”, at best.
    Then, the name “Biscardi”
    is attached to it….
    and, the photo becomes completely irrelevant to the search for AUTHENTIC BF Evidence.

    damn shame.

  20. Loren Coleman responds:

    Here’s a message from Rob McConnell:

    “The photo that Biscardi said was recent from Ohio which was taken by Wayne Burton was actually taken on July 6 2001. Checkout our website at where we exposed the hoax!”

  21. JoeKent responds:

    Thanks for that link, Loren !
    Further proof of Biscardi’s calculated deceptions & out-right hoaxing attempts.
    He has now officially joined the ever burgeoning ranks of the “BIGFOOT HOAXER”.

  22. Doc responds:

    I have been researching this creature for years. Been to Happy Camp a few times. Yes there is some credit to some of the encounters in that area but Tom is not one of them. There is no doupt in me that the first and latest-ummm discovery, is a bear. The secound I think is the same guy that did the make-up for little black sambo (give me a break ). The last one is-its just sad. It bothers me that people actually send this gut money. Gives honest researching a bad name! May the fleas of a thousand Sasquatch infest his sleeping bag !!!

  23. mrbf2006 responds:

    Well, I have an expose’ of Biscardi at my blog here. Biscardi is no stranger to controversy or hoaxing, and his slip-up on the X Zone in indicative of that. The man is an absolute joke and hoax, and I hope he folds soon.

  24. pghreaper responds:

    well on the x-zone radio me and a fellow member of the group i’m in has busted tom in his lies, i was able to call in and question Tom aout his work, and Sean sent in the link that the picture was on showing it was from 2001, not 3-4 months old like tom has said

  25. Jmason95 responds:

    Yeah Tom Biscardi…the guy’s a joke. He said on Coast to Coast that he would catch a bigfoot within two weeks up at Happy Camp…that was 4 months ago. Then he comes on and says that he caught one and suckers a whole bunch of people into paying to see it when it obviously never existed. I’d laugh in his face if I had the chance.

  26. BBatts66 responds:

    Well, I give Tom an A for effort. I believe it’s come to a point where Bascardi knows everyone views him as complete fraud, so he figures there isn’t much more he can do to hurt his credibility anymore. Unfortunately, it does give true Bigfoot research a bad rap.

  27. Doug responds:

    Snake oil.

  28. cpac22 responds:

    First off, I am new to this site so hello all.
    Secondly, Biscardi pulled this type of thing on Coast to Coast AM. He claimed to have a Bigfoot in captivity and said he was going to release video on his website. People registered and paid for the service and after several days he came clean and claimed he was lied to. Check it out.

  29. CryptoInformant responds:

    Honestly, pic 1 looks like a cutout of the shape of a squatch taped to a tree.

    TB The BS King does seem to be creative, but also an idiot wrapped up in a jackass, smothered in a scam.

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