Bigfoot Contactees: 50 Years of Coquettishness

Posted by: Loren Coleman on September 1st, 2006

In my California days, when I began looking into the reports of people having intimate encounters with hairy bipedal beasts, I use to file them away as "Bigfoot contactees." Nowadays, these kinds of accounts are becoming more frequent, or at least, more frequently discussed.

Can we open-mindedly talk about cases like these, and come away feeling different about the reports given by Thom Powell in his book, The Locals: A Contemporary Investigation of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch Phenomenon, and those shared by Janice Carter Coy and Mary Alayne Green in their infamous tome? In other words, can we accept some of what Powell writes and reject most of what Carter Coy and Green tell us is their reality?

Furthermore, did you know that Carter has authorized a photographic view of the encounter with her Bigfoot. Well, almost photographic. The Carter-Coy-Green case has been discussed here before, of course, but now you can visually see what Carter claims she saw.

Carter Family Drawing

Here is Igor Bourtsev’s re-creation meeting between Janice Carter and the alleged Tennessee Bigfoot named "Fox," in March 2004, when she allegedly pulled out hair from the creature’s hand when giving him some garlic.

This montage made by Lidia uses Bourtsev’s photograph of Carter with him as a stand-in for the Bigfoot. He reports to me that she was standing in the same dress and position as in March 2004. After Bourtsev’s first attempt at drawing the Bigfoot, Janice Carter corrected it several times with some details, until Lidia achieved and matched the similarity to the scene Carter recalled. This montage photo/drawing is contributed by Dr. Igor Bourtsev to Cryptomundo. You may click on it to see a larger version.

But how about an on-site critical analysis of the case?

My brother, Jerry D. Coleman, who has been an active investigator of the unexplained, including cryptozoological matters, for many decades, lives in Tennessee. He has undertaken an in-depth examination of the Janice Carter and Mary Green reports of generations of interactions with Bigfoot.

Jerry decided to tackle this by doing background research and traveling to the site. He began his overview of the subject by noting, in part:

The authors of 50 Years with Bigfoot, Mary Green and Janice Carter Coy will tell you Bigfoot has existed on this farm for 50 years and still does! The allegedly true story encompasses practically everything ever testified to or theorized about Bigfoot: What they eat, how they kill, how they have sex, Bigfoot births, Bigfoot burial, Bigfoot at play, Bigfoot raping a human female, Bigfoot masturbating, Bigfoot speech, and of course a complete head to toe description of Bigfoot. However what is absent from this comprehensive view of the Bigfoot clan is solid, public documentation and consistency in the story. Most questionable of all is after 50 years of Bigfoot’s close encounters Coy, neighbors or invited (or uninvited) investigators have yet to obtain one single clear photograph of this infestation.

Jerry’s field notes are raw, insightful, and topnotch. Cryptomundo readers will enjoy them. The links to his reports can be found here:

"A Carter Farm Investigation — Part One"

"A Carter Farm Investigation — Part Two"

"A Carter Farm Investigation — Part Three"

and in a forthcoming "Part Four," not yet published.

Jerry D. Coleman is the author of Strange Highways and More Strange Highways.

Strange Highways

More Strange Highways

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

30 Responses to “Bigfoot Contactees: 50 Years of Coquettishness”

  1. Sasquatchery responds:

    At least your brother had better luck than I did.

    Years ago when this all started, I offered to come up there from Georgia for free and investigate with my own equipment plus what I had on loan from Jeff Meldrum’s North American Ape Project.

    They didn’t want me near the place.

    They claimed that “well-known scientists” were already on site, but they would never name them.

    Since then I never paid any more attention to it.

  2. shumway10973 responds:

    I can accept that these people may have indeed come that close to bigfoot. Some people have a special way with animals, but some of the things mentioned that’s in the book, some hard to believe they know, and others who cares.

    Sorry to anyone who doesn’t agree, but for the victim’s sake, that is when I would be giving the body to science. There is just something fishy here. I can also understand others not being able to see it, think of a stray dog or cat that is befriended by a home owner. The animal will only hang around when it is only the home owner, and usually just for food.

  3. Sky King responds:

    GARLIC? Bigfoot no want garlic! Want mashed potatoes and gravy!

  4. Sky King responds:

    Sasquatchery – there WAS a well-known scientist who stayed there – Bourtsev! Maybe Igor didn’t want it known that he was there?

  5. twblack responds:

    I just seen a segment on this story on the National Geo Channel the other day. I believe she really thinks all of this is true but I think some form of a mental maybe not illness but impass or unstable up stairs. In 50 years of her story somone would have camped out close by and got them on video or pic’s. I think she is living in a dream world.

    But hey who knows!

  6. Bennymac responds:

    I live in the Northeast, grew up on a dirt road near a few ponds. Twenty years ago I was out fishing in “my spot” for the day and had something strange happen. I was taking a break, eating some lunch when I noticed a deer, a female deer, about 50 yards to my left. She saw me, I saw her, normally they take off in a hurry after that, but not this day. She proceeded to walk at an even and deliberate pace towards me. Not moving I just watched as she came right up beside me, close enough that I could have rubbed her head. I had a half eaten apple, so I reached out and offered it to her, and she gently took it out of my hand. She hung around for what seemed like a long time, maybe 10-15 minutes, just standing there checking out me and the tackle, looking into the water. After that she walked off into the woods, never saw her again the rest of the day, or anytime after that. The experience left an impression on me, it deepen my respect for nature and all things wild.

    When I first heard/read about the Fox creature I couldn’t help but think that maybe, just maybe it could be real. The skeptic in me says “no way”, but it would be cool.

  7. Maohk Kiaayo responds:

    How could someone give such a detailed view of the Bigfoot lifestyle without ever taking a picture. I mean you would have to be in contact with these creatures at least once a week to come to a point to where you can write a book about how they live, and surely by then they would trust you enough to let you take a picture. Come on compare them to animals that you find in the area where the sightings take place. Deer, bears, rabbits, squirrels. Yes the creatures a different from average well known animals but they do possess some aspect of the wilderness and that is ignorance to the invention of man. Does bigfoot know how a camera works well enough to understand that it doesnt want any pictures taken? I think not. I think that bigfoot if they exist are aware that man = bad or in some other cases they have had pleasent encounters with and learn to trust certain people, in which cases you should be able to provide evidence of such encounters rather easily.

  8. Sky King responds:

    If you read the account of these encounters in Thom Powell’s THE LOCALS, you know he believes that BFs MAY be aware of cameras, and have an uncanny knack for avoiding them. Ever seen how flies disappear when you pick up a swatter?

    Thom obviously believes in the integrity of these folks’ story. I haven’t read their book, so I’ll leave that analysis to other folks here. The parts about rape and masturbation seemed somewhat sensational, although that IS primate behavior…

  9. scrambeledeggman responds:

    Wow, this is a great piece.

    I am a huge fan of the book, “50 years with bigfoot” and have been following the story for a few years now, so this follow up was great.

    I find it hard to believe that someone could just “make up” the story with all the details in that book. If someone could make the whole thing up, then they are very clever and have a lot of wasted talent. If Janice was “looking to make money off her story” (why else would you make up a story like this?) Then they sure did it the wrong way… A self published book only available through one website? That is no way to make money off a book.

    Also, the amount of minor details that are in the book would mean that if it was “made up”, someone would have to do a ton of research, just focusing on the very minor things you hear about and inserting them into the story to “make it more real”.

    For example, the psychic side to Bigfoot. Mary and Janice don’t mention any psychic experiences they have had with bigfoot, however it is in the book. If you notice word #225 in the list of bigfoot words is the word for “Spirit Talk”. This is the word that the bigfoot use for telepathic communication. This is brilliant if the story is false! How much thought was put into that? If the story is “made up”, why would you not incorporate a story of bigfoot talking telepathically, but instead, bury it in the most obscure part of the story just to make it more “believeable”.

    It is the little, minor details like that thoughout the story that I find so interesting.

    If this story is really 100% fake, then Bravo! Janice and Mary! You both are very good story tellers and your talent is currently being wasted.

    I find very intersting about this investigation that when it is all said and done, there are still witnesses in the area that report strange goings on. What is up with that?

    Oh, and as a comment to the last comment about “Does bigfoot know how a camera works well enough to understand that it doesn’t want any pictures taken?”

    Mary has covered that already on her webpage. According to her, Bigfoots have an aversion to anything that is man made. Especially if that man made thing is suddenly raised to your eye (like a camera or gun). That is why Mary suggests that you have your video camera on, but hanging around your neck. This is supposed to give you a better chance of filming one.

    Anyway, just my thoughts. More on this story please!

  10. sasdave responds:

    As a person that has had a sighting of one of these grand creatures, I’d have to agree that it is possible the story, or part of the story is true.

    Yet, with the fear I experienced, I find it hard to believe this woman handed the bigfoot a piece of garlic and pulled hair from its hand without it getting mad.

    If anything, if the story has weight to it she should get an award for bravery.

    Prior to my sighting, when me and my brother used to take a short cut through the tree line to school, we hadn’t even seen the creature; yet, the air in this one area eminated an aura of fear. To which we would automatically run without even knowing why.

    Til that fateful day this creature crossed our paths while I was being pushed up the hill in a gocart. It was about half a block away and it took 3 steps to cross a 32′ road. At that distance it was a terrifying experience.

    Would I act different or offer it a apple if I ran into one of these creatures now? I’ll believe it or not if the chance arrives again.

    My bet is I’ll do what my brother did and break a speed record. Even though I know they exist, whether I’d act different, time will tell.

  11. Sasquatchery responds:

    Sky King;

    Igor Bourtsev didn’t show up until quite some time after the whole farm thing started. But if he didn’t want it known he was there, then his National Geographic appearance didn’t help matters much! LOL

  12. skunkape_hunter responds:

    I have to admit that I have done very little research on this story. The main reason would be that I agree with a couple of the other posters in that the woman seems …. to be a few shy of a six pack. That is a gentle way of putting I believe. However I must also say that I do think she believes everything that she has claimed.

    Common sense would dictate that after half a century there would be other people able to back her up. The other question that comes quickly to my mind is, did this person make any monetary gain from this story ? I tend to use that query as an accurate gauge on the validity of the story/claim. But that of course is just my opinion.

  13. Senor Chubba responds:

    The Carter story always seemed to have some glimmer of potential to it- thanks for this level headed and thorough approach on this subject. Been sorely needed here.

  14. Esther responds:

    I am sorry, but I knew that this was a crock when I first saw it on the Nat. Geo. channel. And to Mr. scrambleggman, no offense sir, but many people have made up make believe stories with lot’s of details. Just look at the lady who wrote Harry Potter, and Steven King.

    Great read though. I had fun reading how they could find no evidence for these ladies sightings.

  15. scrambeledeggman responds:

    “Mr. scrambleggman, no offense sir, but many people have made up make believe stories with lot’s of details. Just look at the lady who wrote Harry Potter, and Steven King.”

    Yes, this is true…And they have made lots and lots of money because of it…

    People are quick to say that Janice is a bit lacking in the smarts department… I agree… But if that is true, how could she make up such a detailed story? Maybe she did not. Maybe she is just reporting on what she has seen. Doesn’t take a genius to do that.

    Another thing that is not discussed is the pictures in the book. There are a few of the bigfoots from the property (Blackie at the treeline and Sheeba with the blanket). So, not only do you have to make up an amazing story like this, but then you have to hoax all the pictures that appear in the book… The picture of Sheeba with the blanket looks like an old family picture. (I am sure it would not be too hard to track down a current picture of the person in that picture) So, if the picture is hoaxed, she had to do lots of set up to make it look “old”.

    Maybe that picture is just of a pink blanket in the bushes… If that is the case, then they had to start with the picture and create this whole back story about how Sheeba was given the banket and carried it around for years, etc, etc. That is a lot of thought that goes into this “hoax” to make it flow and sound believeable. Then they had to weave that blanket into other parts of the story, so the blanket is suddenly a major piece of the hoax.

    Since the general consensus is that Janice is not that smart and acutally pretty poor, how was she able to hoax the pictures? The woman did not even have a computer with internet access until just before she contacted Mary Green. How was she able to do all the reseach needed to incorporate all the minor details from all the sightings ever reported? You would have to spend months on-line reading every single piece of bigfoot lore… Did that happen?

    You people should read the book. It is truly an amazing story and I challenge you to find the “holes”. There are many claims that are hard to believe, but as far as “holes in the story”, I have yet to hear someone point one out.


  16. Esther responds:

    how about the fact that the people that went to investigate this found nothing at all? Did you read the stories provided? I am sorry but I don’t believe this one bit, and I respect the fact that you do, that is your right, as it is my right to not believe this.

  17. Esther responds:

    oh, sorry one final thing. It doesn’t matter that this lady did not make much money or any money at all. People do alot of things when they don’t feel special in the world, and want attention. It is my opinion (notice I said “my”) that this is what this woman wanted. As far as pictures are concerned. To me anyone could have done this, especially if they had a book they wanted to sell. And even if it is self published, you still need to pay a fee to have your book published so she must have either had a little money to do this or had others who were willing to sponsor her. Buy her book? I wouldn’t waste my hard earned money on it.
    Anyway, good story. I had fun reading it. Like I said this is only my opinion, don’t take it personally.

  18. scrambeledeggman responds:

    I don’t take it personally at all. Yes, I did read all three parts of Jerry Colman’s report and I think it was very well done and professional with lots of great information. I think he got some valuable background information that I am glad I read.

    I don’t necessarily believe that the story “50 Years With Bigfoot: Tennessee Chronicles of Co-Existence” is true. It may very well be a total hoax.

    But, as one that has read the book, it is a very, very entertaining and fascinating read. I highly recommend it for someone looking for a good Bigfoot story. True or not, it incorporates all the bigfoot information out there and anyone who finds Bigfoot interesting, will have a hard time putting the book down. Especially if you think it is a hoax, you should read the book and try to find holes in the story.

    So, if this is a hoax, lets give credit where credit is due to a wonderful story teller with a gifted imagination and an eye for detail that is remarkable.

    For if we do believe that this story is a hoax, then we have to come to the conclusion that Mary Green and Janice Carter Coy are some of the best writers of Sasquatch fiction there is.

    Because you can’t call the story a hoax and not give the authors credit for being great authors of fiction.

    Anyone who has read the book, care to comment?

  19. twblack responds:

    Someone living in a dream world has the imagination to come up with every little detail and you have to remeber she has had a “LONG’ time to come up with all these details. Now could she be telling the truth. Like I said who knows. But without more proof from her other than to say yes it is true to back up her stories. Well I think her world is not quite on the real world realm of life.

  20. Ole Bub responds:

    Good morning Crypto folks…

    Jerry’s research is a definite read…as is the “Locals”…I highly recommend them…JMHO

    Igor’s artwork is a great touch….JMHO

    Off to the bait station…what if ole bub is the bait…LOL

    Have a safe weekend all…

    ole bub and the dawgs

  21. skunkape_hunter responds:

    scrambeledeggman, are you the publisher of this book? Or maybe an investor? You seem to keep pushing folks to go buy the book and read it. Saying things like it is a wonderful read, even if it is fake, paraphrasing, is sort of, well, silly. You seem to be emotionally invested in this book. I am making an observation, and not attacking you.

    Trying to imply that only people that have read the book are the only folks that can have an opinion is not very tolerant. I have seen the TV show, read some of the online reports, along with the articles here. I have to agree with the other posters that have said they would not waste their money on the book.

    It is fairly obvious that this woman, as they say down south, is as dumb as a box of rocks. Either that, or she is trying to pull a Dave Shealy and pretend to be dumb.

    As I said I am not attacking you, just looking at this from another point of view. One very important thing to keep in mind is that many of us have seen lots of hoaxes. I live not too far from a famous hoaxer. Although no one seems to be willing to call him that outright, I am. This person tried to get 30 or 40K in government grant money to ‘research’ the skunkape here in Florida. So again we come back to the money.

    The people that I want to hear from are the ones like myself. People that have had an encounter, but want to remain anonymous.

  22. Sky King responds:

    If Janice is hungry for attention, she sure strategized a poor way to get it! She lives in a pretty isolated area, has little company as far as I can see, and published via vanity press.

    That doesn’t fit the profile of an attention seeker to me. But time will tell… or not.

  23. Ole Bub responds:

    Good evening Cryptos….

    I have read 50 Years…twice as a matter of fact…it’s laying on my desk along with several other sasquatch books both factual and fictional…

    I’ve chatted with Mary a few times via email…she seemed nice enough.

    There are huge holes in the story…IMHO

    My biggest problems with 50 Years…are Janice’s pre-occupation with the sexual exploits and threat posed by Blackie, and…then…in the next paragraph…she claims she only wants to know what these creatures are…if her claims are truthful….she, should know more than anyone…who, what, and where these wonderous creatures are…JMHO

    It’s an engaging read…although, disjointed and at times difficult to follow…however some elements are compelling…especially for those who may have seen the Big Folks…it’s better than anything I’ve written to date…JMHO

    I do believe there are several rural “folks” currently involved in long term sasquatch habituation…however…I don’t think the Coy’s are.

    For the time and the money…I’d recommend the “Locals”…by Thom Powell…his account of the Dora Bradley story is far more compelling…IMHO

    I appreciate the fine job Jerry Coleman did researching and disclosing his examination of the Carter/Coy Farm story.

    I’ll be adding Jerry’s work to the top of my list…

    Have a safe weekend…

    ole bub and the dawgs

  24. erwaco321 responds:

    What about the hairs that were taken? Were they ever checked against known mammals?

  25. Judy Green responds:

    I am quite open to the idea of habituation of a Bigfoot creature. Why not? We habituate all kinds of wild animals, why not a Bigfoot? I believe the Russian researchers are much more open to this idea than the Americans. I have spoken to Mary Green several times via Email and find her a most pleasant, open person who believes very much in what she is doing. Having said that, I also find Jerry Coleman’s field notes interesting in that they are or at least seem to be made in the actual area of the Coy farm. I am looking forward to the final chapter in his report. I do think that Mary and Janice Coy have taken a lot of castigation and derision from a lot of people which is quite unnecessary. If you don’t believe them, move on.

  26. cor2879 responds:

    Sorry but I don’t believe these claims to be true. Like others I think that Janice believes she is telling the truth. I’ve known people that are delusional and they can construct all manners of reality for themselves. I believe in Bigfoot mind you, but I denounce any type of ‘mystical’ qualities associated with them. I believe they are terrestrial creatures like a bear, deer, dog, or you and me.

    Might they have human-like intelligence?

    Who knows? Certainly they are at least as intelligent as a chimp or gorilla and probably more so.

  27. scrambeledeggman responds:


    Nope, I am not affiliated with Mary or Janice in anyway. I am just a fan of the book that is trying to defend, what I think, is a good book. I don’t even think you can get copies anymore, but you might still be able to. Of course, if Mary and Janice had any sense, they would get it on the “self publish” thing on Amazon. Amazon will sell any book, you just have to sign up with them or something.

    yes, you said it well. That is what I was trying to convey, that the book is actually pretty good and interesting. Even though it is somewhat controversial.

  28. crypto_randz responds:

    I have researched this story of Janice Carter, i have also seen some documentaries on this on tv. I never really got a chance to voice my opinion on this, but after doing research the way she describes the way they live, hunt, how they commmunicate, its pretty convincing. She really explains everything in much detail. Fox the bigfoot clan leader visted her alot so she must be telling the truth just look at the picture i mean the way they extend their hands to one another. She even went on a hunt with fox she goes into alot of detail of how they kill their prey. I know it comes down to this i agree with what everyone is saying that if shes telling the truth wheres the video proof that fox and his clan exists. She doesnt even have a picture of the whole clan and the area where they live so therefore everyone on this subject will have go with their own judgment and conclusion if janice carter is telling the truth that fox and his clan live next to her farm?

  29. joppa responds:

    Nonsense. I live in Tennessee, and have been to Madisonville many, many times. This area is “urban” farmland and has been for the past 50 years. No way a “bigfoot family” could live in that trailer park. I now live in Algood, Tennessee, home of Mary Green. There ain’t no Bigfeet here either, only big tales. Jerry, you have been overly kind about these frauds. I look forward to your last installment.

  30. Tianca responds:

    People need to remember that Sasquatch has been multidimensional for centuries. They could be standing right next to you, and you would not see them, because they are in a higher dimension. That is how they know you are there before you do, how they disappear right in front of you, how you can hear them, or feel them, and not see them. They can run faster than you, and are ten times stronger than you. Their hearing is stronger than yours, they see farther and better tan you, they can smell things a lot better than you can.

    So think about it. If they wanted you dead, you would be dead. May I suggest you do not piss them off by soundblasting???

    I live in a city, about 35,000 large, and have heard one traveling through my area. He says he is protecting me, and I believe it. (They are extremely telepathic.)

    No one ever sees him in this area, because he does not want to be seen. So, yeah, they can live in cities without anyone seeing them! But why would they want to?

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