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History In The Making: Bigfoot Body Taken?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 11th, 2008

Has the first Bigfoot body been taken? Ask yourself, how will the first Bigfoot be found, discovered, and displayed?

Will it be through a highly publicized effort from a museum or zoological park, as during the 19th and early 20th century, or will it be due to some folks with military and law enforcement backgrounds from north Georgia?

Does someone have a body already? What are we to make of this breaking news, tied to getting expedition subscribers?

But maybe in this brave new world, will this be how such a discovery unfolds?

The “Bigfoot Trackers” claim they have a Bigfoot corpse, frozen in a freezer, killed by a .30-06.

In the middle of their ads for tee-shirts, expeditions, chest-beating male tracker dominance, and more, is there any possibility of truth to what they are saying? Could this be history in the making?

Who knows? Allegedly, one of the “Bigfoot Trackers” is a police officer. The link to the story that tells about his injured arm, as seen in the video above, can be found online here.

A bit of video related to how he was wounded is here:

On their website the Bigfoot Trackers state, “…we have located a family of Bigfoot, and besides the clear photos and video, we have something even more shocking. Please bear with us at this time. We have hired legal help. History is in the making. No further comments at this time.”

This is supposedly a reference to the body they claim to have in their possession.

On another of their site’s videos they mention showing the body, which is being kept in a freezer, to one of their mentors who describes it as covered in hair, long hair, all over its apelike body.

What do you think?

I say, quit asking for tee-shirt sales for a minute, and show me the body. Now that would be a great birthday present for tomorrow!

P.S. One thing is for sure, as can be seen from the two book covers (below) visible in the beginning few seconds of the top video, next to the police officer, he has been reading the right material. :-)


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54 Responses to “History In The Making: Bigfoot Body Taken?”

  1. gridbug responds:

    If it’s true, this is a double edged sword. While it’d be nice to finally have validation that these fellers do exist, the ensuing circus wouldn’t be doing the BF community any favors.

    Looking forward to continued updates on this with equal parts enthusiasm and dread…

  2. MattBille responds:

    They claim to have irrefutable evidence of sasquatch. I put it in the “likely hoax” file with all similar claims until some of that proof is actually brought forth. If their story is true, seeking legal counsel makes sense, but nothing prevents them from putting out one of the alleged photos, at least. If you are not going to do that, why would you make these public claims at all?

  3. Jos Gagné responds:

    Sounds like a whole lot of baloney to me. For a guy who has a body, he’s sure keen on keeping it hidden for the longest time ever. He doesn’t even sound excited. I’d be off my rocker had I a bigfoot body in my possession.
    And having a dog to “subdue” bigfoot??? Last I heard, there were plenty of reports of bigfoot subduing dogs *laugh*.
    Meh. I’ll wait for his “proof”, but I doubt we’ll get it.

  4. MattBille responds:

    Added personal opinion: If this species is real and has avoided us this long, getting the first body is likely to be a matter of luck. I predict it will be either a case of roadkill or a chance meeting with a hunter (who either shoots the sasquatch on purpose or, more likely, mistakes it in the brush for an elk or other legal prey).

  5. PDNate responds:

    Knightrider theme song. Classy!

  6. Buzzard responds:

    They’re going to use their pet Akita to bring down Bigfoot? Sounds like they’ve thoroughly planned this whole thing out.

  7. jdfearl responds:

    If they did kill a bigfoot, they should charged and fined heavily. Thats all we need is a bunch of yahoo’s out there trying to kill them.

  8. comncents responds:

    Even if these guys had a trace of believability to start, the “bigfoot trackers” trip to see the “nut case” shows me its all a farce. A: the voice of the lady is exremely fake B: They could have easily dismissed this over the phone and saved the 2 hour drive. On the other hand, maybe some of the Carter bigfoot family from Tennessee have moved down to North Georgia. Its not that far away. This is just a semi-clever way to get $$$ from gullible people. Take 10 people on a week-end trip to the mountains at $499 per person. Include 1 RTE meal, a couple of power bars and some water. Rent tents, night vision, etc and sell T-shirts. At the end of the trip, the phrase ” we don’t see a bigfoot on every trip” is tossed about and the “Trackers” net about $4000. As far as the body, I’m guessing there will be a long delay getting the “legal” issues taken care of and then something will mysteriously happen to the body. By the way, they have a trip to China planned. If anyone out there plans to go, I recommend you make sure they are on the same flight as you are on.
    Like the poster says…”I want to Believe” I just don’t believe these guys.

  9. bill green responds:

    hey everyone , this is a very informative new article about bigfoot. but im still alittle skeptical as well about it but we will have see what happens here. thanks bill green

  10. Amdusias responds:

    I would [not] place my chips on this. It looks like bad viral marketing…and to sell tee shirts of all things?

    I can’t see this as being how it would go down.

  11. BlueTinkerbell responds:

    I would be a bit skeptical of any business who spells their business name with an improperly placed apostrophe. But that’s just the Grammar Nazi coming out in me.

  12. Va-Bigfoot responds:

    I visited their website and I get the feeling that this group is a unique mix of SearchingforBigfoot.Com and the BFRO. One of the videos on the site showed a young man up in a tree with a length of rope in his hands, he was there hoping to catch one of the Bigfoot creatures with the rope. As he was talking, he almost fell out of the tree!

    I wish them luck with their search and Expeditions, maybe they will find something. I must compliment them on the website, kind of cool!

    As for a Bigfoot body, I don’t think so.

  13. jdoughty responds:

    “We’re sorry. This video is no longer available.” Within hours after Loren’s post.

    Uh – huh.

  14. squatchbiatch responds:

    This makes me nauseated.
    Anyone who is out to capitalize like that has no respect for these creatures and deserves no creedence in my book.
    I can’t even watch the whole video.

  15. Loren Coleman responds:

    Both videos are still seen as as active and playing. Perhaps they may not play if too many people attempt to play them at the same time?

  16. semillama responds:

    I agree that the story is highly suspect.

    If you have a body, of course you consult with a lawyer. You’d have to bring the lawyer into it, since you’d have to show the body to him or her, and just convincing the lawyer to look at what you have would be a task. I would think that the next step, based on these guys’ videos, would be to secure representation for what would be a media frenzy once you made the announcement and showed the body. The body then has to be donated to a world class primate research facility for in-dpeth analysis. All of this should have occurred by now if they have a body.

  17. O. Stanton responds:

    I wish people wouldn’t dilute science as a way of getting money.whydon’t they just rob a bank or something?

  18. cryptidsrus responds:

    Bill Green got it right. We’ll see what happens.

    I’m blissfully, cautiously, skeptically “optimistic.”

    Realistically, I smell something funny…

  19. Munnin responds:

    Until a body is produced and thoroughly examined, and the results of the examination are made public, I remain skeptical of this claim of possessing a bigfoot cadaver.

  20. dstageberg responds:

    Would that be a chest freezer or an upright?

  21. DWA responds:

    One thing I guess we all need to remember is the circus surrounding this animal.

    Not at all inconceivable – in fact likely – that the first body, if a professional scientific expedition isn’t responsible – is going to be combined with an effort to cash in.

    So, it is what it is. Whatever that is. Don’t hold your breath, though.

  22. PDNate responds:

    The website is very interesting.
    Hey Gomer look! A dead Bigfoot! Lets poke it with a stick! Hee hee.

  23. btgoss responds:

    The Giant Panda live in an area of roughly 500,000 square miles, an area that is roughly 10 times the size of the State of Georgia. The Giant Panda is on the endangered species list because of the intrusion of man into its habitat. There are other examples of man crowding animal species out, almost to the point of extinction.

    To think for a moment that a species would be able to survive, much less remain almost totally hidden in such a small area is not logical.

    Today’s earlier post about the Woodland Bison is a great example of the sorts of space a species needs in order to remain viable, and unseen.

    Genetics doesn’t allow for this to be anything other then a hoax. The realities of man’s presence on this planet don’t allow for this to be anything other then a hoax.

    So if it looks like a hoax, and smells like a hoax, then it is a hoax.

    Maybe they found that frozen “ice man” body that did the carnival circuit back in the 70’s.

    One more thing; how would they now there was a bullet in the body? Did they do an autopsy? One more thing that just doesn’t sound reasonable about this story.

  24. jdl82 responds:

    My personal suspicion is that it’s just a couple hicks with another taxidermist special on-ice. But, if it is real, then… neat.

  25. Richard Storey responds:

    Yeah, right. That was the smallest Akita I’ve ever seen. I think they might need 50 like this one to be effective. And after some have reported shooting a Sasquatch before, a 30.06 wouldn’t be my choice. Maybe a 50 cal. would do the job.

    But on the whole, these guys are pulling your leg, as they would say. Everything in this video looks to pure B.S.

  26. jayman responds:

    This is an easy one. If they have a body, produce it.

  27. lenny responds:

    Dirtbag shooting the cop has what to do with bigfoot being murdered, than we hear from a weirdo old lady. Looking at these two, tells me the whole thing is a publicity stunt to get money. Showing the hardcore cop with his hospital band and arm bandage on camera with his gung ho image does not make it anymore believeable than not. The partner of the shot cop is to “good ol boy” acting and seems to be hamming it for the camera. Than that cadillac thing with the driver opening the back door for cop just shot to get out as if some big piece of the show is going to break.

    Come on!, this nonsense.

  28. Fishing J responds:

    Pretty hokey to me. After watching the video, I expected more to be on the website. Nearly all of the website is merchandise and expedition offers. Seems money grubbin’ to me. If they had the body, than they wouldn’t need to worry about a way to make money.

  29. red_pill_junkie responds:

    I was dubious, but then the Knightrider soundtrack totally convinced me they’re sincere 😉

    Ok, jokes aside, I fail to understand why they would be trying to promote a $500 tracking trip when they already have what could—if genuine—could be the most important and VALUABLE biological evidence of the millenium.

    And yes, akitas are used in Japan to hunt bears, but somehow I think a fully grown Sasquatch would see that pooch as a little annoying Chihuaha :-)

    I really hope I’m wrong, and for the moment they have what they wanted: our interest. It isn’t really written anywhere that Bigfoot is meant to be discovered by professional scientists, of course.

  30. CamperGuy responds:

    At least I thought the Waldo picture was sincere.

    Let’s start with bigfoot in a freezer. Dressing an animal removes about 50% of its weight and volume. An undressed bigfoot in a freezer would probably start to rot and stink before the internals were frozen presuming the mass of flesh could be transported to the freezer and hoisted inside. As a country boy I know how difficult it is to move a dead cow carcass which is comparable weight to a bigfoot. I guarantee it is more than a couple of guys could manage and if there are more guys they would not be being silent while these two are taking credit and going for the gold. There is a reason tractors and chains are used in these situations. Now back to the freezer. How big a freezer would be needed to stuff an undressed cow into it? I presume most of us have seen a live cow or at least a picture of one. Short version it is too big and wouldn’t fit. Chest freezers just aren’t that big even the larger ones unless you go to commercial grades and they call those “Walk in freezers”.

    Folks, this one stinks on ice.

    I do suggest they ask their legal counsel for the definition of fraud and how it could apply to this set of circumstances.

    Akita vs. Bigfoot to be followed by Bambi vs. Godzilla

    MattBille has stated it exactly as to how an actual bigfoot body will be found.

  31. jamesrav responds:

    I can’t wait to see how this one unravels, as in ‘falls apart’. Hopefully they’ll have a new excuse as to why it can’t be shown, compared to the previous ‘Bigfoot in a freezer’ tales.

    They set the bar a bit high claiming a body, would have been much wiser to say they had a hand or foot or finger. Bigfoot, if real, will be found in British Columbia, Washington, or Oregon, not Georgia.

  32. TimmyRyan65 responds:

    The domain of the website is registered to:

    Big Foot Global
    Matt Whitton
    1 (404) 552-5362
    808 Sout Ave.
    Forest Park, Georgia 30297

    This is all public record. Unfortunately I can not call from here (work) so if someone else wanted to give it a shot then go for it!

    Should be interesting no matter what to see how this all resolves.

    See ya!

  33. HOOSIERHUNTER responds:

    I appreciate camperguys comments on the carcass size and the problem with the freezer–right on!

    I wonder what there tee-shirts might say: “I paid $499.00 to see a bigfoot and all I got was this lousy shirt!”?

    By the way the take on the Akita is also right-I believe bigfoot would see that dog as lunch.

    All in all there is something smelly about this whole thing and it ain’t a thawing bigfoot in a freezer.

  34. mystery_man responds:

    This smacks of grandstanding and attention grabbing to me. I’m with Loren on this one. If such a groundbreaking, revolutionary scientific discovery has been made, release the data and make it known like real scientists. Don’t try to drum up T-shirts sales, money making opportunities, and attention while keeping the body under wraps. It smells fishy to me.

    Besides, if they really found a body, they are going to be rich, famous, and heroes of zoology anyway, so why go for something as comparatively petty as T-shirt sales and expeditions and keep the body hidden and only talk about it? An actual sasquatch body would be one of the biggest zoological discoveries of all time. Am I the only one who thinks it is a little odd that they have mentioned it and are basking in the attention without coming forward with their evidence? If it is true that they have one (and I don’t believe it is), then they are handling it in a very odd and frankly, unscientific way. I would hope that if this is true, they will act more responsibly with what they have.

  35. korollocke responds:

    In the one in a billion chance this is for real it would be the first step in proof of existance and protection for the species, there would be know choice but list them as endangered and protect them as such.

  36. Cryptonut responds:

    Exactly red_pill_junkie…..if you have the one, then why in the heck are you promoting a trip, t-shirts, etc. is just a waste of time…..

    For anyone with a half a brain, good planning, and good legal counsel, you could net a lot more than you would on a couple dozen tracking trips at a minimum. Show me the body=Show me the $$$

    Oh, but we have a dead one and we’re going to capture one alive….puhleeze….you and how many Akitas and bloodhounds?? Besides…show us the dead one and not only the $$ from that, but you will have people lining up to find the next one….

    Also, I’m tired of hearing quotes about what should be done to someone if one is brought in at room temperature…..Frankly, bring the first one in, dead or alive, and no one should have anything to say about it. Once it’s existence is confirmed, then I have a different take on it… more should be killed because the existence would have been proven. But, until the first one shows up in the flesh, it shouldn’t matter what state it arrives, dead or alive….

    Now, if you’ve got something to show, bring it out…otherwise go away….

  37. hudgeliberal responds:

    Yeah right..LOL. No way would anyone wait around if they had a body! Something is up and I think it will end up being a big joke. Besides,its cops cops dont lie do they?? LOL. I do agree with their tracking statement. So many of these so called “expeditions” are nothing more than a camping party at the edge of the woods with a bunch of people getting together tromping through the woods and sounding like a herd of buffalo. Most are nothing more than a way to scam some people out of their money. I think it should always raise eyebrows when people “charge” for an expedition. I do agree that you cannot just have a base camp somewhere and expect any results. You have to track these creatures deep into the woods IMO. Also,isnt it strange that virtually every expedition most of these “groups” go on..they always get a print,photo,wood knock or a grunt?? Now,I ask all of you who are serious about many times have you had any one of these things happen? These are rare,yet these groups seem to always get something to keep people coming back and forking over money. The greatest researchers of this field..the legends,only have a handful of these experiences and many spent decades in the mountains. I do not like where cryptozoology is heading. Peace.

  38. Spinach Village responds:

    an akita making a bigfoot submit??? only in comic books

  39. TimmyRyan65 responds:

    I agree the part in the video where the guy almost falls out of the tree as he is telling the viewer how experienced he is as a hunter is hilarious. But what really makes me laugh is the alleged “witness” who wishes to remain “Anonymous” as the camera pans on his face numerous times! Ha ha ha! Then the host makes a statement “so that’s why you don’t want to show your face?” as the camera moves around him as the “witness” is replying “yes”! Protect those sources! Ha ha ha!

    This has to be a joke!! It has to be! It is almost like watching a Christopher Guest movie. When is Eugene Levy going to make an appearance as the game warden? Ha ha ha!

    The Knight Rider theme and the footage of those guys riding around in their car after they state “the 4×4 is not here at the moment” is pretty funny as well. I bet the wife was using it to take the kids to their soccer game while daddy plays “Bigfoot Hunter”! Ha ha ha!

    In all seriousness though, I could make better convincing videos than these guys! The only thing cool is their webdesign! Too bad the content is crap!!

    I can’t wait to see their “body”! Should be pretty funny! Maybe Fred Willard plays the Bigfoot corpse!

    Now what would be sweet if their body came from a massacre site! This would make things complete!

    Good Luck to Barney Fife and Goober Pyle as they search for Bigfoot!

    My two cents!

  40. samman58 responds:

    This is so much like the SE Asia debacle, that it is uncanny… Just change the nationalities of the two men and you have the same scenario.

    Vincent’s website claimed practically the same thing…. earth shattering news… we have photos!… no, wait… we can’t show them.

    I can hardly wait for the sketches to come out!

  41. DWA responds:


    I like where crypto is heading. There is more science out there than there has been.

    The problem is that it isn’t moving fast enough on that heading.

    One of the biggest misconceptions anyone has about this whole Bigfoot-body thing is just how difficult it is to get a dead body – of an animal almost no one acknowledges, mind – out of the woods and before the cameras, through what will amount to a custody gantlet as the scientists, law enforcement and various and sundry credit-seeking hangers-on flock like vultures to the feast.

    NOBODY will keep something like this in a freezer, I’m willing to bet on that.

    I’ve been wrong before. But never on this topic. 😀

  42. Greg102 responds:

    As much as everyone in the cryptozoology field would love to think this may be true, this is nothing but a publicity stunt. Think about all the hits their website has received….Free publicity. Why worry about going on another expedition when you have a carcass? They would be overnight celebrities and become very very rich. Why bother making $499 a pop for an expedition seat when there are millions to be made on selling photos of the body. Give me a break. People like this are the reason serious bigfooters have a hard time being taken seriously by the academic and scientific communities.

  43. bipedalist responds:

    What if these guys have a frozen creature that is an infant or baby and not an adult or full size squatch? Very unlikely I know (why it has a .30-.06 slug in it I wouldn’t know unless it was abandoned starving/malnourished/injured and it was a mercy killing). It would be certainly easier to have done a post-mortem on a juvenile or infant and stuff ’em in a freezer. Either way, I’d think these guys might be more danger to themselves and the local residents than any bipedal forest dwellers out there. Honda ATV’s 30 miles into an abandoned road in September, dogs?, rope ambush from trees? I’m glad I’m not responsible for the liability insurance on this one (I’m not sure there is a rider that would cover big-game bigfooters anyway).

  44. PhotoExpert responds:

    I’m not buying it, whatever they are trying to sell.

    If they had one, they would not be doing trips to search for a BF. They would be investing their time, keeping it quiet, and getting ready for the announcement and presentation of the body. Even a half decent attorney would tell them to keep their mouths closed. None of it adds up. So he is a cop, big deal! Cops have businesses on the side. Biscardi is a lawyer and look what that has done for his credibility. I will say no more.

    However, saying that you have a body of a BF and then scheduling trips and selling merchandise is a good marketing ploy. And why would anyone being selling hats and teeshirts if they were going to make millions in the near future with the disclosure of a body. There is your answer, you wouldn’t.

    This is just hype and marketing and a much to do about nothing!

  45. TPL responds:

    I just felt the need to address some of the ultimate exaggerations and ignorance on here.

    First off, if any dog is as well equipped at taking on such a large creature, as any canine, an Akita is most certainly amongst the elite of such a grouping. Akitas are the size of Alaskan Grey Wolves, and have the tenacity, strength, and skill to compare to such. I’m sorry, but no matter how strong a Sasquatch is, a pack of Wolves can kill one. Packs of Wolves regularly harass even Large Brownies (Coastal Brown Bears), which weigh upwards of 1,000 lbs. or more, and have on more than one occasion fought them away from Den sites.

    Now I’m not saying that any single dog can simply make a Sasquatch submit, as I’m plenty sure he/she would be fighting for their life, which is what almost any animal/living creature does when confronted with a deadly situation (typically, submission is only seen within a species, ie, feline on feline, or canine on canine). This occurs because they recognize each other’s language, and thus know how to interpret intentions. When facing a serious threat however, which more often occurs between different species, they react with fright and defense. You will never see a Cougar submitting to a Wolf, or vice versa. For this reason, I do not see a “Bigfoot” submitting to anything, or anyone, other than another “Bigfoot”, or possibly a Dominant Human/Ape.

    All of that aside, I would never intentionally use my dog as a weapon, or put them in harms way. I have an Alaskan Husky/Akita Mix, who is in the 45-55 lb. weight range, all Muscle. If it came to protecting me however, I have no doubt she would make any living thing think twice about their actions, including a Sasquatch. It’s the same concept behind why a 200 lb. Mountain Lion Mother (protecting her cubs), can scare and chase off a 1000 lb. + Brown Bear, it’s an all out act of protection and ferociousness, based upon which any wild animal knows better than to test or confront.

    I also have a Jack Russell, and she’s tough as nails. I have no doubt she would do the same, as would a cat I used to have (lol my cat was the toughest of all 3, all my friends feared her, she even chased one outta’ my house, for play slap boxing me, and she beat up dogs as well). I would feel completely safe and secure with my JRT in the woods, as with her great senses, she would alert me to anything strange, and scare most things off. For what she doesn’t scare off, I would be prepared to confront myself, due to her having alerted me ahead of time.

    Anyways, I also want to address the guy who said you should probably use a .50 Cal, not a .30-06. No offense, but that kind of fear reminds me of people who think you should use nothing short of an M203 Grenade Launcher, or an RPG, on a Grizzly Bear. Without going into crazy details, I’ll just quote a wise Alaskan: “If you can’t handle whatever you’ll encounter with a .30-06, you have no business being in the Wilderness”.

  46. mystery_man responds:

    The Akita were originally used in Japan for hunting, guarding, and herding. It is a large dog, with good hunting prowess, and as such its prey often included elk, boar, and even bear. But I have been reading people here talking about the dogs making another animal “submit”, and that is not what the Akita did. They weren’t made to directly attack the prey animal or try and gain submission, but rather to keep the animal cornered or at bay until the human hunters could close in. Another thing to remember is that the Akita was originally meant to hunt singly or in pairs, rather than in packs like some of the other sporting breeds.

    TPL- As large as the Akita is though, a comparison with wolves is not very realistic. Sorry to say that wolves would easily take down an Akita, or a husky/Akita mix, and in fact even very large dogs fall prey to wolves more often than you might think in areas on the outskirts of civilization.

  47. mystery_man responds:

    By the way, for everyone’s information, Akita males usually can get up to around 120 pounds or so whereas a male wolf will get slightly larger at 130 pounds or a bit over.

  48. mrdark responds:

    All I can say is, I hope that whoever finally bags a bigfoot spends more than $25 for their cousin Merle to do a website. That is seriously one bad, bad website.

  49. swnoel responds:

    I may not be from Missouri… but show me.

    This makes PT Barnum how old?

    What was that saying … something about suckers?

  50. comncents responds:

    I think these jokers refer to the Akita as being the “submission” dog because that’s what kind of pet dog they have, not because they decided it would be best for the situation. Just something to sound “tough” on camera.

    As for using dogs to hunt BF, “scent dogs” (such as blue-ticked coon hounds, walkers, plott hounds and even beagles) are used to track scents on everything from rabbits to deer to big cats to bear. These hounds usually “bay” or corner the game in a tree or just run the animal past hunters. In hunting wild hogs in some areas, “catch dogs”, usually pit bulls, are used to run in on a ”bayed” hog and hold the animal. I think this is where the reference to “submission” comes from.

    I still think these guys are idiots and full of BS.

  51. Alton Higgins responds:

    These are remarkable claims. I find it curious that the story has (evidently) not been picked up by any of the news media.

  52. proov responds:

    This is some good stuff! I had no idea we could go interview witnesses in our pajamas. ABC should talk to these guys about a show. They still have the timeslot open from Cavemen? I think I’d rather meet bigfoot in a dark alley than go on an expedition with them and Frank though. Frank scares me.

  53. airforce47 responds:

    I think it’s a hoax. There is no email address that’s valid on their site as mine was bounced back. Somebody answered their phone number from their website and then promptly hung up.

    The proof is in the evidence and these guys look like they’re stringing the community along. Pooh on them I say and time to relegate them to Cliff Crook and Company.

  54. eyeofnewt responds:

    Ray Wallace promised films, cadavers, and live BF captives from the 1960s onward. Nearly anything is possible, of course…but anyone holding his breath for a world-shaking breakthrough may need CPR.

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