The Clandestine Bigfoot Massacre Meeting

Posted by: Loren Coleman on May 24th, 2008

“Back and to the left, back and to the left”! Gary the Cat, May 22, 2008.

I would like to pass along my thoughts concerning the meeting with MK and others after the Ohio conference since I had the opportunity to attend this clandestine meeting. Actually, the meeting was held in a corner section of a large public room that overlooked the pool; anyone that was curious could have sat down and participated.

I would like to thank MK for allowing a number of curious individuals to take a closer look at his work with the Patterson film. He could have easily called it a night after the conference and went to bed for a few hours of sleep. MK’s dedication to the enhancement of this film is second to none and I admire his perseverance.

(Side note) Immediately after the 2:00 am meeting, MK had to drive 13 hours so his family could make previous commitments. I think I can safely say, MK is very committed in everything he does.

What I observed in the after hours meeting was a continuation of what MK talked about during his time as speaker. He did show some additional enhancements and demonstrated his use of digital filters to bring out the hidden details within the film. One must be very careful when using digital filters for enhancement; they can be your best friend or your worst enemy. He was very careful in how he explained the questionable sections of the film, but he did mention “shock wave” from a possible bullet when describing how a portion of the flesh moved between frames.

But when seeing the film clips and listening to him, you did come away with the sense that he was trying to portray someone was taking shots at the subject in the film.

Having done limited video enhancement work myself, I have seen how filters can heighten detail in subject areas as well as mask the same area depending on what filters are being applied. I do not agree with MK and others that the creature in the film fell forward at one point; that is just my opinion. I will attempt to verify my observations at a later date using the MK slideshow technique. I also don’t agree that the leg bulge is the result of a gunshot, just my thoughts.

I’m glad we can politely discuss MK’s work on the film in a logical manner and I think all the work being done on the Patterson film is interesting, but we should put the Patterson film behind us and focus our energies on present and future scientific research techniques.

William M. Dranginis, May 23, 2008.

Perhaps the words, “Patty was shot” were never uttered, but people who attended his informal talk came away with the impression that that is what he meant. He is said to have shown “the shockwave that went through her body” at the moment in question. He showed, immediately following the hernia/gunshot wound frames, that Patty “stumbles,” and he showed frames that he claimed exhibited bloodstains on her heel and in her footprints. He discussed how Patty “came down on her leg differently” after the hernia/gunshot wound frames. He then showed where she later trips, and at another point claims that she fell down. All of this is clearly intended to build the circumstantial case that Patty was shot.

In fact, Davis claimed that she was shot at again, and showed where her hair moves and she bobs her head in “reaction” to the bullet just missing her.

It’s clear that Davis meant to make a case that Patty had been shot, and my correspondents did not understand this case to be provisional in any way. So while he may be accurate that he never said the words “Patty was shot” or something like them, he did mean to “propose this theory” as you asked in your question. You may have noticed he doesn’t deny it, but he seems to be saying something along the lines of, “when you are brainstorming, you throw a lot of mud against the wall and see what sticks.” But the attendees that I’ve talked to didn’t hear the theory as provisional. They took it as a well developed theory offered as an explanation of the facts. In fact, Davis was so persuasive that my correspondents believed it.

Blogsquatcher, May 23, 2008.

I was also at this “clandestine” gathering at the Ohio conference.
There was nothing secret about it. Just around 10 people sitting in a lounge area staring at a laptop. Everything that Bill D. spoke about was exactly what happened. M.K. never did actually say the words “Patty was shot”. But he sure as heck lead us in that direction.

John Cartwright, May 25, 2008.

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  1. Ceroill responds:


  2. jamesrav responds:

    Everyone has said Mr. Davis is a wonderful guy, and sticking around *after* a lecture to mingle is certainly indicative of a giving person. I hope the logistics caused him to be in the nasty predicament of needing to drive 13 hours at 2am after giving a no-doubt intellectually draining lecture. I couldn’t do it, I know that. Didn’t the promoters offer transportation (ie plane) to/from where he needed to be?

  3. DWA responds:

    “…but we should put the Patterson film behind us and focus our energies on present and future scientific research techniques.”

    If we can’t treat the Patterson film any better than this?


  4. coelacanth1938 responds:

    We hope that we are granted mercy and in return we grant none.


    Alright, I fully believe that the object in the film is a female Bigfoot. But, has anybody tried looking into the costumes from The Planet of the Apes? All that is needed is londer hair and a large person to fill out the suit. I was watching the movies and the facial expressions looked real because the mask looked like they had muscles.It may not make sense from my point of view, but the generall idea makes sense to me.

  6. sziehl responds:

    The problem I have with this whole massacre theory is if this event actually happened why would these individuals spent so much time and effort to bury the bodies out of fear that they appeared more human than animal, then turn right around and shoot Patty the very next day as she walked calmly AWAY from them. This makes no sense what so ever. I believe Mr. Davis, while a bright fellow, is more in search of publicity than the truth.

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