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Ely Sasquatch Video

Posted by: Loren Coleman on March 21st, 2006

An intriguing new video taken in Ely, Minnesota, in January 2006, by a person named Richard Sade has surfaced.

The footage is of what Sade, at one point, calls the “Ely Bigfoot.” In another posting, Sade terms this the “Sasquatch Video.” I will call it simply the “Ely Sasquatch Video.”

There is a regular version to view here.
And a closeup here.

From the site where it can be seen, this is the background on the Ely Sasquatch Video:

Information regarding the footage. I was on highway 169 in Ely, Northern Minnesota. The date was January 26th, 2006. The time that it happened was around 4:30 a.m.

As I was driving down the road I heard screams comming from the woods. It can be compared to an owl type hooting/cry. This caused me to slow down & to see what it was. I was driving about 5 miles an hour or less when in front of my headlights walked this creature which was on 2 legs.

Its body was covered in brownish fur and around its face area was black. It looked at me through my windshield then made its way over to the left side of the road, where it stood watching me. I grabbed my camera & turned on the ‘nightvision’ setting & started to film.

As I filmed its back was turned to me & it was doing something near the pine tree. Then it walked up the hill into the woods. Which I am angry about because I could only see what showed with my headlights in the film, whereas I saw a lot more without the camera. This thing was huge & my guess it was probably around 6 feet high.

Alot of people agree that this Sasquatch is actually picking up a ‘baby Bigfoot’ before walking up the hill. And its screamming is what I heard earlier.

I have no background or personal information on Richard Sade. Who is he? What was he doing on the road at that hour? Is this a hoax? Does the hair seem rather long on this Sasquatch? Is it a good video? What was the weather like at 4:30 am near Ely, Minnesota on that January day? Have there been other recent sightings from around there? If Bigfoot exists, won’t we expect such new footage to appear? What is actually seen occurring in this video? Is it a human in a suit or an authentic unknown hairy hominoid?

Take a look and consider if this is a worthy new addition to the photographic record for Bigfoot. And what does it tell us?

Any further details on this videotape or Richard Sade would be appreciated.

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

68 Responses to “Ely Sasquatch Video”

  1. Chymo responds:


  2. onetwotwins1 responds:

    Chalk it up as just another out of focus & inconclusive piece of photographic “evidence”. Regardless of what the creature in the video may or may not be, it just is not of sufficient quality to be of any real scientific value. Skeptics will find a zipper and believers will see the second coming of PATTIE !!!

  3. Scarfe responds:

    Is Bigfoot drunk? He looks like he’s stumbling around a bit. Someone get the breathalizer.

    I’m being flippant, but serious at the same time. The creature does indeed appear to stumble several times in the snow. Could this be due to wearing a cumbersome shaggy gorilla costume?

  4. Scarfe responds:

    Also, given the snow, I wonder why the videographer didn’t go closer to shoot the tracks left behind after the “creature” left. Seems to me that the tracks would give an indication of the creature’s existence.

  5. pandafarmer responds:

    i’ve lived in MN for 31+ years, up in the north woods for most of them. i think the whole thing screams fake based on two things…

    1 – the lumbering stride. if you’re a creature acclimated to the deep snow, you’re going to know how to walk in it.

    2 – the fact he claims he heard “screams” from inside his car. i don’t know about you, but in the north winter the car’s heater/radio/car itself is too loud to hear any outside noises. i can promise you he’s not driving around Ely with his windows down in Jan.

  6. akbens responds:

    I’d have to call this one a fake. You’d think that a creature who has lived in the area for a while and is used to the conditions would move a little more swiftly across the terrain. I guess the arguement could be made that it’s either injured or carrying its young, but I still think it would move differently. This looks like a guy in a suit that is having a problem moving through deep snow banks.

  7. Loren Coleman responds:

    Mark A. Hall writes in:

    The Stumbling Suit
    I have just viewed the Ely footage. My first impression is
    that someone went to a lot of trouble to make a bulky
    man-sized suit but the person wearing it had a hard time
    animating the thing in the snow.

    Nothing here looks good.

    Naturally we would like to know what the prints in
    snow looked like.

  8. DL42 responds:

    Hey Loren,
    funny you should post this as I saw it for the first time yesterday and tried to get on Cryptomundo so I could email it to you for your thoughts. Personally I think it is a hoax. Like someone else said, it looks like a drunk guy in a suit. By the way, 6 ft tall is “huge”? It comes very close to matching a story I read on a Minnesota bigfoot site that a guy on a snowmobile told, except there was no mention of a film being taken in that report. After watching the video I did a search of Bigfoot and Ely, Minnesota which was how I found the other story. Anyway, with the increasing popularity of YouTube I think we are going to see hoaxes like never before. Fake UFO’s, bigfoots, ghosts- people now have a easy outlet for these sorts of videos.

  9. Freelancer responds:

    I totally agree with pandafarmer’s 2nd point.

  10. DL42 responds:

    Here’s a link to the similar Ely, Minnesota story I was talking about.

    Also, the website has another report from Ely of a 10-11 inch track found in the snow. Anyway, I find it interesting that when the guy first posted the video yesterday he didn’t include much info- just Bigfoot seen near Ely for the most part. He got two comments and both were somewhat negative. He then pulls the video and puts it back up with this story, and of course a second close up video that says “Copyright 2006 Richard Sade”. My first inclination is it’s a guy trying to make a buck.

  11. dbard responds:

    Exciting, but inconclusive.

    If it is a real animal, it could be that it’s left foot/leg is injured. It looks to me more like it is stepping gingerly than stumbling.

    Also, regarding the comment that Bigfoot screams could not be heard over the noise of a heater, I would respectfully disagree. Seriously large lungs could produce some serious volume. I have an opera singer friend that you could hear over a heater easily.

  12. drshoop responds:

    At first glance it appears to be a bear standing and then falling to all fours. But alas, a guy in a suit is all I can come up with. I lived in MN for 42 years and I’ve seen a lot of bears as well as other unexplained weirdness. As for the screaming, I think even with the car heater fan blowing, it would be possible to hear a loud noise outside. But that really doesn’t seem to be the issue.

  13. drshoop responds:

    After watching the video over and over it does appear as though the figure is picking//lifting something? up. If it’s a hoax, then that was quite cleverly contrived.

  14. Freelancer responds:

    He could’ve gotten the idea for it picking up it’s young from the documentary “Legend Meets Science” As the subject of that video goes out of view it appears to get a bit taller & some theorized it had put its baby up on its shoulders.

  15. DL42 responds:

    One other thing I just remembered about watching the video yesterday before it was taken down (and this was a major red flag)- one of the “tags” was the word POT. If I recall there were only about three tags for it “Bigfoot”, “pot”, and something else. Maybe that’s why there is no sound. “Dude, I can’t walk in this thing, the feet are just too damn big. Hey, you got some Doritos man?”

  16. Loren Coleman responds:

    BTW, “POT” can also stand for potentiometer.

    A potentiometer used as a “tone” control knob, which also acts as a filter, and sometimes linear taper pot is used for the tone control.

  17. mrbf2006 responds:

    This one is a fake. It’s a baggy suit, and it appears hard to see out of for the wearer. This is definitely a hoax.

  18. fuzzy responds:

    Interesting comments.

    How ’bout this: BigFoot prints are placed almost exactly in front of one another ~ here we see widely spaced prints from the road to the tree, so Mom (only 6 ft height, like Patty, but width IS “huge!”) could be carrying a large young one?

    She sets her burden down, rearranges things (arms, hands etc), then scoops up and stumbles off into the woods.

    ALSO NOTICE: silky hair as she turns, lean-forward walking stance, long stride-length in deep snow, only long left arm swinging/balancing, as tho carrying something heavy on right side, and either limping or compensating for large load on right hip.

    Motivation, cost and logistical aspects of guy-in-suit alternative seem seriously lacking, considering low potential ROI.

    And OF COURSE he has copyrighted it ~ wouldn’t you? Sure, EVERY photo/video could be fake, but this one begs for much more careful investigation, before either acceptance or condemnation.

  19. DL42 responds:

    Thanks Loren. Learn something new everyday. Still, the tags are what people type in to find videos so I doubt that is the reason “pot” was one of their few tags. I’m just guessing here, but I think it’s more likely this is a case of a couple stoners having a good time. Also, that might be why they took it down before putting it back up. They realized that with the tag “pot” no one would take it seriously. Perhaps they didn’t even realize that the tags were visible to those searching for videos.

  20. iftheshoefits responds:

    Thousands of times better than that Mary Green video. Possible injured Sasquatch maybe with a young one. But my impression is that it’s a drunk guy takeing a whiz at the pine tree before stumbling off for the camera. Most likley hoax.

  21. DL42 responds:

    It does look like he/she/it picks something up between its legs. Could be a stuffed animal? Anyway, if you look at Richard Sade’s playlist he only has one video on it. It’s a popular ufo hoax that was on the frontpage of You Tube recently- in fact it received almost 2,000 comments. Perhaps he was hoping to generate a similar buzz. Of course none of this is proof of a hoax, it could be legit, but I have serious doubts.

  22. draconica responds:

    It looks to me as if the ‘creature’ is limping, not having difficulties walking through snow. I mean, yes– the length of fur on it is a bit suspicious… but doesn’t it also look to be favoring that right leg? Personally, I’m not going to dismiss this video as a hoax because the gait looks very natural for an animal with a deformed or injured leg, as opposed to your everyday “movie-monster” walk… but who knows? Maybe I’m just being overly optimistic… =D

  23. MCCLURE1257702 responds:

    I’ve seen this video the close up there’s not much detail the only thing I can make out is a UNKNOWN running in the snow what it is?

  24. maheekat responds:

    We need a high res file….quick time or windows media. If there is nothing to hide where is it ? It could be emailed to cryptomundo or cryptozoo.

  25. mrdark responds:

    As I’ve said elsewhere (even here…wasn’t this posted before?) to pay homage to Ain’t It Cool News’ Harry Knowles and his infamous cry of joy when presenting news about Godzilla movies:

    MAN IN SUIT!!!
    MAN IN SUIT!!!
    MAN IN SUIT!!!

  26. OKBFfan responds:

    A thought… perhaps its not lifting another sas or some other burden when it pauses at the bush/tree. Perhaps it is lifting its own leg?? As in to move it forward? Perhaps it is snagged on the tree/bush, or maybe its just not cooperating and it lifts its leg to keep moving forward?

  27. mwproductions responds:

    OKBFfan, I was =just= going to say that. Alas, I couldn’t remember my password in time.

  28. yooperboy responds:

    My opinion on this video is that its fake.

    It starts with the story. First this person is drive down the road at 4:30 a.m. and he just happens to have a video camera with him. One with night shot capabilities, how convenient. Then he sees this thing out the window. Now the guy, take his camera and sets it to night shot and starts filming.

    Would you think that if this BF had a baby that it would have taken off before this guy could have even stopped the car? Never mind he had enough time to set his camera to night shot, then start filming. The BF acted if there was no one there to worry about. He or she just casually walked over to the baby and then picked up the baby or whatever and walked off.

    Take a good look at that video. The hair that’s is on the Bigfoot looks to be shinny, it looks, like synthetic hair to me. Also it seems to have very short legs, as if it was a suite where it is baggy in the crotch.

    It all just seems to be very suspicious to me, but I don’t know for sure. I am not an expert on humanoids, nor an expert on video filming

  29. aaha responds:

    Once again, I see Elvis.

  30. phil responds:

    my thoughts:
    1) it really does look like it tries to pull its leg once, then the second time pulls it and walks away.

    2) It probably has the same stride before stopping and after it. In the zoomed out video, the footprints might show a small step w/ the right foot, then a long one w/ the left. It looks like a similar footprint pattern when it starts walking away in the closeup, making me think it might not have picked up anything heavy.

    3) Where are the footprints at the side of the road? It supposedly crossed the road right in front of his car.

    4) The lighting seems weird. In the far version, a beam of light is directed at that bush on the right, and fades away to the very far right. This makes it look as if the beam of light has to be pointing off the road, and his car probably wasn’t stopped like that. It looks too much like a spotlight to me…

  31. iftheshoefits responds:

    Amen OKBFfan the guy got the fake fur of his suit snagged on the brush to his right and is tying to free it.

  32. Doc responds:

    I watched this vid over and over and over again.I am seeing something differant altogether. I see a large biped creature stoop down to pick up a much smaller one. Notice when it stands upright that there appears to be two very small legs that swing upward as the large creature rises.Then it places the smaller one on the right hip area and walks off. Now we see the creature stagger a bit and appears to be drunk or weak. Now lets ask this.What if that creature very resently gave birth to the younger one. That would explain,the stoop and the stagger.Look at it again very close. Maybe you’ll see were I am coming from. If not thats kool after all its just an opinion .

  33. semisweetchick responds:

    One thing I noticed immediately were the footprints. There is only one set of tracks, and they lead from the road to the “creature.” That seems a little suspicious, to me. If the tracks appeared as if the creature had been shuffling around the area a little bit, that would be more believable. Also, if the creature is picking up a “baby,” apparently the baby isn’t able to walk on its own, because there aren’t any baby tracks.

  34. Freelancer responds:

    My final comment on this hoax (My personal opinion) is that you can’t see any flexing of leg muscles as it walks away like you can in the Patterson/Gimlin film.

  35. the-real-sasquatch responds:

    this is real! i don’t know why that sucker kept following me around with the camera.

  36. darkstar responds:

    Besides the obvious things mentioned, I would suggest that most likely the camera was placed on a tripod and operated remotely by the “animal”. If you were photographing something standing and moving slowly like this, you would naturally have it centered in the viewfinder. Cool, but a hoax.

  37. fuzzy responds:

    Like I said, this needs more investigation.

  38. youcantryreachingme responds:

    I’m with yooperboy (28) and phil (30).. In addition to Phil’s lighting comments (suggesting a spotlight) – the ridge of snow beside the road actually casts a shadow on the ground behind it. The shadow shows several “peaks” on it – but none appear to be duplicated – in other words, this supports the single spotlight theory.

    If I was in a car, I’d be reversing and turning it so that the lights shine on the creature as it walks off. As everyone else has mentioned, I’d then take a bunch of footage of the tracks and look at the tree for scratch marks, hair, etc.

    I don’t think it matters that there aren’t footprints in the foreground – it could have walked along the ditch just past the ridge of snow.

    I don’t think the camera’s on a tripod as it moves around too much.

    Intended or not, the footage has certainly stirred up a discussion here; I wouldn’t be surprised to see it reported in mainstream media too – generating traffic for the host site no less (and this one :)


  39. youcantryreachingme responds:

    PS – a public, free-access website is also not the first place I’d look at publishing my footage if this were the genuine article!

    Richard Sade seems to have joined the youtube website 2 days ago. He seems a curious person, having watched 76 videos, but also viewed no less than 206 profiles!

  40. youcantryreachingme responds:

    ok – one more comment – at first i also thought it dropped to all fours, but on re-checking, I don’t think so – it’s just the poor camera resolution. A moment later you can still see movement at head-height as if the creature has not bent down at all.

  41. Maxx responds:

    A tripod remote operated by the animal? Thats quite a stretch, about as much of a stretch as saying it’s drunk wounded momma bigfoot.

    Shiny fur must be synthetic? I will inform my dog Norman of this revelation post haste. He will not be pleased to know his fur is fake.

    In its current quality, it is impossible to tell exactly what the object is. We need better images…as in the oringal footage. We need straight answers from the witness as to what he was doing that night. We also need to know if there is any more footage after the fact, of footprints or whatever.

  42. Frog responds:

    Real bigfoot, or not, both the video and the description are very convincing.

  43. Eoanthropus Dawsoni responds:

    It’s a guy in a Ghillie Suit.

  44. KrondaxDrakhien responds:

    hmmm, im still undecided, but leaning towards hoax. It is definately a limp though.

    Yooperboy (28) i dont see why your so skeptical about having the camera. (note, i dont mean that as a personal atatck). I keep a camera in my car. its crappy but all i can afford. I keep it there so if i see wildlife, or something interesting. I put it in there after seeing something in the sky, (dont remember if it was cloudy or not, but it appeared at first to be the moon with some haze off to the side, till i realized that it was moving to the east)

    Also, on many cams, its just a quick flip of the switch to turn on night vision. I myself would have taken the vid the way it was, merely because A, he was on the left side of the road judging by the closeness of the shoulder of the road. Also, i woudlnt have backed up for the mere reason that there might be papa around, or another one, and if i saw it, i wanted a straight shot so i coudl put the cam down AFTER i was peeling rubber and getting out of dodge…as well as trying to get my heart rate back to somewhat normal.

    As for being out at 430 am. he might ahvec been on his way to work or home from work, or driving from a friends house after a game of cards or something. and those do look like headlights. not spot lights. I have gone shining for deer late at night *no not with a gun or for sport, just to see the deer at night feeding), and that is definately headlights.

    6 foot tall would be about right too for a female, since its normal for the females of a species to be smaller in some cases.

    im messing with my video settings on my monitor to see if i cant lighten up the vid, its dark for me on this monitor so until i get my desktop working, i wont be able to check out the vid in any detail, but i agree, a copy of the vid woudl be nice to have so we can mess with the lighting and what not.

  45. Randy in CT responds:

    The fakest looking suit I’ve ever seen. People, please go with your gut on some of this stuff. This shouldn’t pass the giggle test for anyone.

  46. Eoanthropus Dawsoni responds:

    Why is there no sound with this video? Why are there no close up shots of the tracks? Why did Sade post the video on a free video site almost two months after the alleged sighting rather than immediately submitting the video to science or the media?

    This is an obvious hoax.

  47. fuzzy responds:

    47 comments, so far!
    What a great Blog!!!

  48. dave9000 responds:

    Has anyone else seen the fact that this person is wearing a coat? You can plainly see the fabric between the legs as he/she walks away… with way too much difficulty I might add. This is obviously a miss-ID or blatant hoax.

  49. Loren Coleman responds:

    Actually, some people have identified that as the “object” this Sasquatch is leaning down to pick up, an infant or smaller Sasquatch.

    But, who knows? Keep the ideas and what you see coming….

  50. lawoman responds:

    I have watched the zoomed in version several times and I don’t see the figure picking anything up, so much as putting something down. The head seems to look down and an objest is placed on the right side near the leg. That object seems to appear near the right hip walking beside the “mother” and clinging to the right leg, hampering movement up the hill. Any parent knows that shuffle when a kid is clutching your leg. I don’t know what these figures are, but I am doubtful they are bears. As far as the figure being bulky and cumbersome, it’s winter in Minnesota for goodness sakes. Doesn’t every living thing put on some padding and extra fur in the winter time up there? It’s a shame there are no height comparisons for that tree. A compelling video nonetheless.

  51. mike2k1 responds:

    With the poor screen resolution I first observed the video with, I thought bear and would swear it was. After the other zoomed video, and with a better monitor, I see a person in a suit clumsily stumbling up the hill. There are holes all in this story. Sure would be nice if was a squatch but IMO I don’t believe it is. Maybe Mr. Sade will take up Paul’s offer from the Bff and let him host a Hi-res copy. I’ll be paitently waiting turning blue holding my breath.

  52. Shawshank responds:

    I’m the BFRO investigator assigned to Mr. Sade’s case. I added the copyright legend for him(he was concerned about theft) and enhanced the video by centering the subject, zooming in, and adjusting contrast. Any advice on how the image could be sharpened further?

  53. Batgirl responds:

    I’ve been looking at this video all day and I am still not convinced. I don’t know. Maybe I am hoping that some spark of intuition will lead me to the ‘real’ video that is out there somewhere, but this one ain’t it.


  54. Mule responds:

    I’ve watched this thing a few dozen times, and I’m still convinced of the same thing that Eoanthropus Dawsoni says above, it’s a guy in a ghillie suit. The shape of the head/shoulders, the “fur” (actually burlap) hanging down around the wrists, etc, just looks so much like a tree tux.

    I would love to know more specifics about the area this occurred in…can you elaborate on that Shawshank? Where it was filmed up on Fernberg Rd, etc.? I asked those questions on the Bigfoot Forum and got no response.

  55. Doug responds:

    Although not clear, the subject appears to bend over and pick up an object. The object appears to be a younger bigfoot,which looks like to be climbing on the back of the subject later in the video, causing the subject to drop to all fours as if to get its balance in the snow or ice, or maybe trying to regain it. The legs do appear to have a “baggy” look to them. It could be a thick winter coat. I really do not have an opinion yet, but it does look fishy. Like I said in the beginning, its not exactly clear. The driver should have backed up and put the highs on. This would of helped unless he was trying to hide the obvious.

  56. curiousgrl responds:

    I agree that the lighting is from a car parked on the side of the road. Next time you’re in your car at night look at the “cone” of light your car makes. That said, the video is too poor to make any kind of detailed observations about the fur, etc. Who knows? If I was making a hoax video I would have thought about all of this and made it a bit more believable. Last note, I live in mn. and have heard strange sounds through my car window in winter – the north woods can be kinda spooky at 4 in the morning…..

  57. youcantryreachingme responds:

    curiousgrl – not everyone thinks.

  58. rmcc responds:

    Hyez All,

    my 2 cents:
    -I carry a camera (antique digital still but has movie function) in both my cars for ‘just in case’ issues (after a traffic accident where the other guy lied, I decided ‘proof’ speeds things up). My newer digital camera (still a pic cam) has movie WITH default sound, and it was cheap. So my first question is why no sound? It has night vision but no sound?
    -the thing is leaving why not get out of the car and film the tracks and surrounds or even attempt to follow it (ok I accept it may have been cold but it is a once in a lifetime).
    -everyone knows about DNA or getting samples (PNG highlanders excepted, maybe) so why not get out and goto the bush and look for hair (or film the tracks). If he was too scared then why not come back the next day? Bugger, I would have gone back the next day and filmed the crime scene with voice commentary (but then I did take a 1,000 odd pic’s at Macchu Picchu).

    To summarise, we will never know (short of hi-res perhaps) because it is a hoax or/and the guy is a non-thinking coward.

    Two last cents:
    -how many people have been killed by sasq`s
    -what is a Ghille suit?

    Great site and cheers from Oz.

  59. Eoanthropus Dawsoni responds:

    A Ghillie suit is used by snipers or hunters for maximum concealment. It is usually made with many hundreds of burlap strips hanging from a poncho or jacket. If the burlap material is of the same color as the vegetation in an area, a man wearing a ghillie suit will be almost undetectable if he remains motionless. Or if he wears one while walking in the snow at night he will look like Sasquatch.


  60. Eoanthropus Dawsoni responds:

    So you are driving around in the woods near Ely at 4:30 AM and manage to get some video of a bipedal creature walking away from the road. Do you:

    A: Submit a copy of the video to a scientific institution for study as possible evidence of an unknown species.

    B: Submit a copy to the news media.

    C: Call the cops.

    D: Sell a copy to the National Enquirer.

    E: Wait almost two months, then post a copy (with the sound removed) on

  61. Chiconj responds:

    He just posted a new video; with BF running towards the road. Funny there was no mention of this in his first video description. I call shennanigans!

  62. bccryptid responds:

    Agree with Scarfe, animal looks ‘drunk’. Most likely because it is a human animal struggling with walking in a big furry suit at night. Animal does not have the grace and smooth movements of the Patterson video.

  63. Mnynames responds:

    Well, someone beat me to the revelation of a new video, but I think this may clear up one area of discussion. The new video (I’m assuming that it occurs after it walks offscreen) clearly shows the figure running unencumbered of anything, arms swinging in typical (But in my opinion poorly imitated) Paterson fashion. If you were a momma Sasquatch and had just taken the trouble of picking up your little one and walking into the woods, why would you abandon it almost immediately? Personally, I think the baby Bigfoot is really just a bulge in a very baggy costume as the person bends down. I’m willing to give this video a chance, but right now I just don’t buy it, for all the reasons mentioned above.

  64. Grendel responds:

    Due to the poor quality of the film, one cannot hazard a guess if it is hoax or genuine. It’s all academic anyway -even if it were as clear as the Patterson film, it would establish nothing scientifically.

  65. youcantryreachingme responds:

    as at 12.19 24th March AEST, these videos (together with the newer, third one – see separate cryptomundo blog entry) have all been removed.

  66. JokerRose responds:

    Ah come on .. why’d you remove them? I wanted to see too darn it. Did you move them somewhere else or can you possibly repost them? No fair.

  67. Guitarman responds:

    The skin looks loose in the video sort of like someone in a monkey suit?

  68. bertbuddy responds:

    I am from Ely, and I have yet to see this sasquatch. Also the video seems to be filmed about 15 miles outside of Ely towards Tower on Highway 169. To me, the video looked a lot like Ropey. He is this guy that lives up here, and has a big old furry jacket. Anyway, just my 2 cents.

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