Green’s Public Statement: The Tennessee Bigfoot Affair

Posted by: Loren Coleman on December 22nd, 2007


Mary Green has issued the following statement regarding Janice Carter. It gives insights into the developing conflict occurring between these two women, former coauthors, of writing of a book about the alleged close encounters, over many generations, with a family of Bigfoot.

The contents of the following document are entirely the remarks of Mary Green, and do not, necessarily, reflect the opinion of Cryptomundo or any associated works or organizations of Loren Coleman, Craig Woolheater, and others linked to Cryptomundo.

As Ms. Green notes, this is to be shared with hominologists globally, and Cryptomundo is thus publishing this, without commentary and unedited, at this point. Our caution about the material issuing from Tennessee is already part of the public record.

Information on Jan Carter
December 21 2007 at 5:43 PM

To all bigfoot researchers worldwide:

I have been thinking about posting my specific reasons for disassociating myself from Janice Carter and anything to do with her except for the book we published as co-authors.

I am also currently debating whether or not to make public the many video recordings of personal interviews with Janice and Lyla Carter made during the year of 2002. There are a few chapters in “50 Years with Bigfoot” that contain verbatim the recorded interviews (word for word). I also have many video cassettes of these very same video recordings of the interviews plus some cassette tapes only of other interviews with her by me.

Since Janice Carter has begun to make certain claims that make it look like I have done her wrong in the writing of the book and caused her problems with it, or even possibly made mistatements or mistakes on it, I feel like it may be necessary for me to make these public statements. Be it known that Janice issued her half of the book which four editors had worked on for months, correctly her spelling errors several times during the year of writing it. On the night before the publication was due at the printers in the morning. She sent another draft that Henner Fahrenbach had asked her to re-write. I told her I could not at this late date make many changes over several chapters and I would not do so again. She grew angry and cried and said that she would not allow the book to be published unless I let her put in all new chapters. I relented on the request and told her if she was willing that what she had sent me to be printed remain unedited, I would simply replace the entire half of her book at her request, but be it known that I would not be responsible for any errors it contained. I was extremely tired and exhausted from the entire matter. Thus her portions of the book in the end went exactly as she wished and she used statements exactly as she wished to use them. I am not responsible for her portion of the book that she had written herself.

However, the time and cost of making DVD’s of these said interviews would be great. They are on Hi-8 film. Therefore, I am deciding how to go about it. It would certainly not be feasible for me to go to all of this work and just send them to everyone inerested in proving her case right or wrong, just as I have been. I would have to charge for DVD’s and make them available to those who are truly interested in the charges of plaigarism on the Word list. I still have copies of the lists of words that were presented to me as authentic bigfoot words IN JANICE’S OWN HANDWRITING and the editor of these words were given in a wildly random order, but the editor finally managed to put them in as much order as was possible.

I am not responsible for Janice’s misrepresentation of any of these words, if in fact, she has done so. I also have a huge library of e-mails from Janice upon which I can verify all that was said in her case is backed up by her own words and confessions and in hours of interviews. These have been kept in a safe place for such an event as has been going on this past year.

My first concerns began right after the book was published in Dec. 2002, and many good bigfoot researchers wondered about the inconsisencies in it. I did purposefully leave them in as the words were used exactly the way Janice Carter used them in her interviews, telephone interviews, and numerous e-mails. Janice often explained that she was confused on dates.

I did also repeatedly ask Janice Carter for the name of the young teenager (this is on film) and her parents, where they lived, who the boys were that were accused, etc.) whom Janice said was raped and exasperatingly, Janice consistently refused to give them to me for my files. She gave every imaginable excuse, especially that the boys accussed of the rape would sue her if she did so, that Moccasin Bend would also sue us too if we published this in the book.

Janice gave every imaginable excuse there was for not doing so. There was always excuses why she could not provide pictures of Fox and/or his family and the constant excuse that she was a dummy with a camera, but I grew weary of hearing it.

Her husband at that time, (2002-??) pawned equipment that I gave Janice to help her with our investigation and Janice also misused funds she received from me and others saying their family did not have anything to eat, etc. So these were the first things evident in this case of a possible misleading on the facts. I often explained to Janice Carter, in the beginning, that we needed to write about her grandfathers success with the bigfoot and it ended up being nothing about his work with the bigfoot on his farm but what Janice saw and knew about them. It was my true aim to learn what she knew about her Grandfather and honor his years of work with the bigfoot as he so rightly deserved if such was the case. There was nothing to do but to continue the book and provide the information Janice gave me on what happened there at their farm for so many years. There began to be so many excuses about facts I needed to complete the book, medical records, names, dates, etc, that I decided to publish as it was. It was a totally honest effort by me to get to the truth of the matter. A huge amount of work done by me was to seek the truth in this case.

Next, Janice’s lie to Dr. Henner Fahrenbach about the Sierra Sound recordings, that she did not recognize any of these words and then suddenly knew EVERY word they said on them, let me know she had been very dishonest to Dr. Fahrenbach and other researchers in on her case. Janice’s lies about some physical evidence that was found in the past year where I actually caught her hoaxing evidence disturbed me tremendously and at that point, I pulled away from Janice and all concerning her, at her great wroth over the fact that I did. At this time she had associated herself with a man from California who was her mentor and financial supporter.

In 2002, before I started writing this book called 50 Years with Bigfoot, I did promise the bigfoot research world that if I found any inconsistencies or lies, of which I told Janice also, that I would do if this occurred, was to publicly present any lies for consideration. I had by this time, become totally weary with trying to help Janice Carter prove her case and I do (feel l(ike she has taken advantage of many (financially) in this field, lied to them while doing so, all of which is which is only my own opinion.

There are a few other minor points, but I felt like I needed to publish what is the truth and to present it publicly as soon as possible. I do not wish to see any others harmed by Janice Carter’s most unusual claims. I do believe she may be mentally troubled and as a result could possibly be a pathological liar, but that is yet to be proven. I feel like she should submit herself to a psychiatrist for a full evaluation. I do not wish to see her publicly ridiculed as people like this desperately need professional help if this is the case. I don’t know if I will ever know myself, but I gave my all in trying to find the answers. I have failed in some ways, but have succeeded in others. One thing I do honestly know, that Janice did lie to me on several occasions over the past two years and as the evidence stacked up, I found it necessary to post publicly these findings.Mary Green

These are my own personal statements and I do have all that is necessary to back up what I am saying.


Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

19 Responses to “Green’s Public Statement: The Tennessee Bigfoot Affair”

  1. Miles responds:

    Am I the only one who could care less about these two women’s squabbles? All this talk about taping each other. How about pointing the video camera out the window and getting Bigfoot on film? Isn’t that the true objective?

  2. FodderButWiser responds:

    Thanks for the update. As cringable as it must have been to post, it stands as another example of continued fair coverage, and ESPECIALLY as a cautionary tale.

  3. bill green responds:

    hi loren & everyone oboy this situation is sure going to get very heated indeed. thanks bill green

  4. Lesley responds:

    Why doesn’t Mary just post a few of the videos to the web? That way she wouldn’t have to make DVDs of all of them and it would still show that what Jan says is exactly like the book, or not.

  5. Mike Smith responds:

    It sounds like to me that both are hiding something, what I don’t know.

  6. KurtB responds:

    I saw Janice Carter on television. Not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  7. olejason responds:

    Lesley, it would be extremely simple for her to do that. She could get the films on a dvd for $20 or less. The real question is whether anyone cares? hehe

  8. sschaper responds:

    I can see how someone might not know how to get Hi-8 onto DVD or a hard drive, or converted to an internet-friendly format, and be quoted some outrageous figure by a professional.

    As to the rest of it. Well. It never seemed like a true story, but you never know.

  9. Artist responds:

    …and the bleat goes on…

  10. Lee Pierce responds:

    More jibberish from people that only hurts the legitimate researchers chances to be taken seriously. However, Loren, I’m glad you put this on your site. We need all the info we can get about the loonies I consider our enemies if we are to win the battle of proving the existence of Bigfoot.

  11. Ceroill responds:

    Interesting. It would indeed be fascinating if any of this is true. I have no idea whether it is or not. Ah well, I guess we’ll see eventually, perhaps. Thanks for sharing it Loren.

  12. MountDesertIslander responds:


    This is same problem cryptid research has been plagued by since the Patterson film made its way onto the market. The field attracts some people that believe they will enjoy, or deserve, a windfall from their “encounter” with something unexplainable.

    I understand the cruel realities of financial desperation many of the witnesses to something extraordinary deal with day to day. However, when one reads the allegations above it diminishes everyone who is involved in trying to shine light into these dark corners of the accepted order of things.

    I applaude Loren for his honesty and courage in posting this ugly dispute on what is argueably the finest cryptid site on the internet. Although some will make their usual claim that this drama discredits all of us who are searching for the truth along with the charletans, it is always good to disclose the facts as they present themselves in order to avoid the charge of cover up and selective reporting. It takes a courageous man to objectively expose the warts and blemishes along with the classic profile and pleasing features of his field. In this way there is no legitimate charge of guilt by association or coverup. Keep up the good work Loren. You defend the legitimacy of cryptozoology and those of us on the peripheries with you even handed approach. Thank you.

  13. Ole Bub responds:

    Kudos to Mary Green…

    Perhaps this will help shed some light on a very murky area…the “cottage industry” of Jan…JMHO

    My experience with Mary has been honest and forthright…she always did what she promised. Friends and associates who know Mary, praise her integrity.

    I understand Mary’s need to distance herself from Jan’s antics, especially of late.

    There are many legitimate habituators nationwide…don’t throw the baby out with the bath water…because of a few miscreants…JMHO

    Thanks to Craig and Loren for providing a visible platform to Mary.

    live and let live…

    ole bub and the dawgs

  14. hlw responds:

    This is deja vu. In the fifties when ufo’s were the public rage, we had research groups lining up fighting each other, calling each others research bunk (and it mostly was). Now we have a contactee, wonderful. Why is so much time being spent on this woman? All it does is help legitimize a tale that so far has only shown us that a Russian “scientist” can catch a plastic deer. If there was a thread of a chance that any of this is real why haven’t all the field researchers been rushing to get there? The spirit of George Adamski lives on, if only in the minds of the extremely gullible.

  15. proriter responds:

    The best thing to come out of this too-typical sodden trailerish mess is FodderButWiser’s neologism “cringable.” WTG, FBW!

  16. wookieehunter responds:

    I know Mary and have for years. She posted this because she wanted y’all to know what happened and is trying to salvage her rep. There were bf on the farm as she said and Jan lied to her as well so this is why she parted ways. This as well as some other things which made her realize it would be better to part company. Mary – pre Jan had a great reputation as being a good bf researcher. Most of you who do not know her only think that she helped Jan to perpetrate a fraud which she didn’t. She only wrote what Jan told her to write. This is what she is trying to do. As far as placing some of the videos online I will personally email her and ask her to do this. She wants to make a dvd not to make money but to place all the info on and show everyone who wants to know what she was trying to accomplish and what Jan said in her own words, not just bits and pieces.

    Merry christmas and a happy new year all.

  17. Imaginary Friend responds:

    If she believes Janice is a “pathological liar,” then why does she still believe the stories about Janice’s grandfather and his “work” with the Bigfoot(feet)? If someone lies about one thing, they will lie about anything, and that is called a hoax, which this always smelled like from the beginning.

  18. wookieehunter responds:

    Well imaginary friend, the reason she still believes the stories is because there were enough people there to see that there was bf activity on the properties and one did speak to her she thought was fox as she put it if there is a fox. She does not believe 100% of what Jan has stated but she does not disbelieve 100% either. It is sort of lie the national enquirer with Jan, there is the base truth of bf but the facts she stated to Mary are skewed and this is why Mary parted from her due to all the lies. Since she is a researcher and was asked to research the area and when she did find evidence there was activity. Well what would any of you do?

    bigfoot is singular as well as plural for the bf by the way.

  19. Wolfblood responds:

    I’m with miles dang it!! Let’s stop the squabbling this year and try to get the irrefutable footage (not blurry or grainy), footage of the point we’re all here. BIGFOOT!!

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