Sasquatch Saturday on Sci-Fi

Posted by: Loren Coleman on September 9th, 2006

Sasquatch Mountain

Tonight is the premiere broadcast of Sasquatch Mountain, formerly entitled Devil on the Mountain.

Devil on the Mountain

But have you noticed the lead-up to the showing?

Sci-Fi Channel, United States, Eastern Times
05:00 PM The Beast of Bray Road
07:00 PM Sasquatch
09:00 PM Sasquatch Mountain
11:00 PM Sasquatch Hunters
01:00 AM Sasquatch Mountain

Sasquatch Lance Henriksen

Lance Henriksen in a scene from Sasquatch

Sasquatch Lance Henriksen


One of the stars of Sasquatch Hunters.

Sasquatch Hunters

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15 Responses to “Sasquatch Saturday on Sci-Fi”

  1. Sky King responds:

    Too much Sasquatch and dubious cinema. WAAAAAY too much…

  2. Berkastler responds:

    I saw Sasquatch Hunters, the one on after Sasquatch Mountain. It’s about as bad as any film can get.

  3. Ole Bub responds:

    Forget the squatch, show us those token bikini clad girls.

    ole bub and the dawgs

  4. captainadam_21 responds:

    Now if the search for squatch involved discovering women looking like that in bikinis, I think there would be around 50 million men looking for him next weekend.

  5. cypress responds:

    Finally, a clear picture of the creature I have been searching for the last 15 years! Much better than “Patty”. Clearly a female of that species. How was she lured in for the photo?

  6. brineblank responds:

    HMMMM…Sasquatch Mountain or the OSU Texas football game…

  7. Berkastler responds:

    Sorry to disappoint you guys, but that is the one and only “cheesecake” scene in the movie, and it’s only for a few seconds.

    It makes you sit through the whole movie waiting for it to happen again, but it never does.

  8. sasdave responds:

    I guess the authors of this movie hasn’t seen one of these creatures. Just because they are scary doesn’t mean they are that ugly. As I’ve been told since I was a kid, there is a limit to intelligence but not limit to stupidity. Good luck in putting out the garbage.

  9. Sky King responds:

    We’re talking about SASQUATCHES, not WEREWOLVES! If it’s “THE MISSING LINK!”, why not draw it more like a human. Or an ape, for that matter.

    Only time I saw Lance Henriksen look like he was havin’ fun in a film was when he was a’chawin’ on that guy’s fingerbones in DEAD MAN.

  10. twblack responds:

    I would be one of the 50 million men out there looking for that girl myself. As for the movie, yes it was low budget and it showed, but they did a decent job with what $$$ they had to work with.

    I have never seen a REALLY BAD movie with Lance in it yet. I do not think he gets the credit he deserves. He is a good actor.

  11. skunkape_hunter responds:

    I have to agree, the movie is low budget. However the acting was for the most part good. It is much more difficult to sit through a low budget movie that also has low budget acting.

    About the worst scene, from a writing position, was the heart attack scene. I have to admit that I actually laughed at that one! The old man (Ron Howards daddy) who was having a heart attack, just ‘wakes’ up, and then says ‘thanks’. That was comical enough, but then the ‘bad guy’ says something along the lines of ‘don’t tell my friends’. Then he runs off?

    While watching the movie, I did wonder if all the little military references were being lost on the folks that have never served.

  12. Doug Tarrant responds:

    The Creatures in “Sasquach Hunters” looked to be computer enhanced.

    It got stupid when the “quatch” tossed that girl, at least 75 feet to the guy who caught her in midair without a scratch.

    Another point of numbness was that the creatures were taken out by one shot each from a 12 gauge shotgun, and they looked to be at least 12 feet tall.

    These creatures had a gorilla type nose.

    Geez, I can hardly wait for the reruns.

  13. traveler responds:

    so heres the question. does one prefer the really bad body suit of Sasquatch Mountain, or the really bad CGI with lots of blob squatch from Hunters.. And see these movies prove that if one is even pretending to be a sas, then the camera goes out of focus,

  14. Esther responds:

    I missed all these kewl movies cause I work weekends, but I love a good B movie, and I do hope they rerun these movies again. Man from the lineup of movies that are posted here, it seems it was a great day for folks like me to watch all these kewl Cryptid movies. Oh yeah Lance Henriksen rocks. I especially loved him in Pumpkin Head. Oh and did anyone here see Abominable? It was a fairly entertaining movie.

  15. twocentsworth responds:

    I tried, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t force myself to watch any of them fully through. I kept tuning back in hoping the movie(s) would get better, even just a little better, but they didn’t. Really *B*adly done, *B*ad fiction, *B*ad story line, *B*ad acting, *B*ad directing, *B*ad production, *B*ad waste of time, *B*ad even for a *B* grade movie. SciFi Channel must have been *B*adly desperate to run those sasquatch movies. Just plain *B*ad!

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