Man Who Fed McDonalds Pancakes To Bigfoot Now Part Of Olympic Project Team

Posted by: Bigfoot Evidence on March 5th, 2012

The Olympic Project has been on a roll lately. Derek Randles is currently assembling a team of Bigfoot researchers who will bring cutting edge surveillance techniques to the field. Many of these new members have years of experience, and Derek Randles’ latest team announcement on Facebook now includes another heavy hitter, Dennis Pfohl.

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8 Responses to “Man Who Fed McDonalds Pancakes To Bigfoot Now Part Of Olympic Project Team”

  1. MrInspector responds:

    McDonald’s pancakes! Shouldn’t that be considered animal abuse or assault?

  2. Redrose999 responds:

    So… is feeding bigfoot McDonalds pancakes is cutting edge? 😛

    I wish I knew more about the people involved. Sadly since I’m only on the fringes of Crypto stuff, none of the names mean anything to me. Though, I will say this, because of all the controversy, the Olympic project has me very suspicious.

  3. painted8 responds:

    Why are they wasting time by leaving food to lure sasquatches when all they have to do is yell and shoot off fireworks?

  4. EnormousFoot responds:

    It is a crackpot team of researchers.

  5. cutrer responds:

    The article mentions them taking bunches of clear, detailed pictures of bigfoot. Pictures that supposedly are so good no scientist believes they are real…. where the hell are those pictures?

  6. matnwt responds:

    Hopefully he has the smarts to add some syrup with those pancakes. I mean, how is a Sasquatch supposed to eat pancakes with no syrup. That’s just mean.

  7. DWA responds:

    matnwt: you clearly missed this BULLETIN! from the link:

    “Sasquatch like them smothered in syrup.”

    Got it. This is ground-breaking.

    And as to the statement about getting tired of scientists backing off further the clearer and more compelling the evidence got, well, I am dead certain of that one. That’s how they always behave, durn ’em. Give “em proof and they’ll run to Mars under their own power!

    Wanna clear that up in our minds?

    SHOW US.

    How it works.

  8. matnwt responds:

    I guess I did miss the bulletin. I’m glad someone was able to scientifically price that sasquatches like syrup.

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