Cloning the Woolly Mammoth


Martin Clemens has a good, thought-provoking new article at Mysterious Universe on the Woolly Mammoth, and specifically on whether or not attempts should be made to clone the creature.

As Martin notes: “It’s possible that such an animal could not only unlock secrets about ancient biology and physiology, but could also offer opportunities for new medicines, and the development of new genomic protocols. But should it be done?”

It’s an important question, one which Martin digs into deeply…

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  1. Man that thing (in the picture) is HUGE. I wonder if that particular mounted mammoth is still around or has gone by the wayside over the years? It looks like it was mounted and displayed back in the late 1800’s or around the early 1900’s. I would pay money to see that bad boy today…anyone know anything about that photo?