May 26, 2010

Reported Bigfoot Sightings Heating Up In Spotsylvania

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: WTOP / Washington Post

Over the past two years I have been tracking the latest surge of Bigfoot sightings in the Eastern half of the United States.

Pennsylvania, North Carolina and West Virginia have been extremely active over the past year.

Now, new reports are surfacing from Spotsylvania County, Virginia, where Billy Willard of the, “Sasquatch Watch of Virginia” claims that there have been 14 Bigfoot sightings within a five-mile radius of Lake Anna.

Willard reports that these sightings started last year, and have been coming in regularly ever since, “Back in May 2009, we had three witnesses come forward and report to us they had a sighting of a large creature on two legs and it was hairy.”

Willard notes that many of these witnesses were too embarrassed to release their names publicly.

During his investigation into these reports, the researcher has discovered at least one track that he believes is the genuine article.

The Sasquatch Watch of Virginia have set up motion activated high-tech night-vision cameras in the hope of capturing more evidence the Bigfoot does indeed inhabit Spotsylvania County.

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