September 6, 2018

2018 Texas Bigfoot Conference

Michael and Diana Esordi of googz & co have designed and created some really cool merchandise for the upcoming 2018 Texas Bigfoot Conference coming up October 20th in Jefferson, TX.

Conference details here. Register for the conference here.

Pre-Order Ends Sunday, September 15, 11pm cst

Please note: Order your shirt with shipping and it will be shipped by October 15th, 2018.

Otherwise please pick up your shirt at the conference.

Order online here!

Texas Bigfoot Conference T-Shirt

Order your Texas Bigfoot Conference T-Shirt to pick up at the conference or to ship here.

50th Anniversary Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Filmsite Cast

Order your 50th Anniversary Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Filmsite Cast here. Bring it to the conference to have Bob Gimlin sign your cast!

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