September 24, 2012

Cryptid Crowdsourcing

Remember the Bigfoot film Skookum? You know, the one that was going to feature Dr. Jeff Meldrum in a lead role.

Lyle Blackburn posted this on Cryptomundo back in June of 2011: “Skookum” Movie Update

I have gotten asked by several Cryptomundians about this film.

I went to the source and sent a message to the film’s facebook page. Here is their response:

Craig, we are preparing to launch an indiegogo fundraising campaign on Monday September 24 and if we are successful, we will film in April 2013 on Caddo Lake in Louisiana. Please let everyone at Cryptomundo know so they can be a part of making this exciting project happen! Here is the link and it will be available as soon as the campaign goes live: the Movie

So here is the link to the crowdsourcing site for the film.

There are some very cool perks for those who contribute to the funding of the film.

Good luck Skookum!

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