February 8, 2017

Everything Sasquatch

Sasquatch the focus of Comox Valley art show

Sasquatch, the creature long-documented in First Nations artwork, is now the subjects of a month-long exhibit in Cumberland.

Local artists AVANH, Christine Randolph, Robert Scott, Larissa Maclean and special guest Dr. John Bindernagel present the “Everything Sasquatch” art show at the Gatehouse Gallery, 3273 Third St., Cumberland, for the month of February. Join the artists and local biologist, Sasquatch expert, Mr. Bindernagel Feb. 04, 2017 at 2:00pm for a gathering of like and unlike minds to enjoy the conversations and controversy that surrounds the existence of Sasquatches.

The Gatehouse Gallery & Coffeeclairs
Old Leung Building
3273 Third Street
Cumberland, BC. V0R-1S0

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