March 26, 2012

Funded!: Letters From The Big Man Kickstarter Project

Funding project previously posted here on Cryptomundo: Letters From The Big Man DVD Available

A frame from the Letters from the Big Man trailer

Please go to the Letters From The Big Man Kickstarter Page where you can get the DVD.

The project has been fully funded!

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of our Kickstarter campaign. Our goal was met, and I am extremely appreciative. During the month of April I will be completing work on the DVD authoring and manufacture, and the rewards will go out at the end of April or early May.

There is another week left before our campaign ends, and I am hopeful that still more people will use the Kickstarter page as a way to order the DVD and receive it in May After that, there may be a gap of a couple of months before the disc is generally available to the public on Amazon or otherwise. Thanks again and very best regards, Chris Munch

With 6 days left in the funding project, the exciting news is that it has surpassed the goal by $560!

Don’t stop pledging to the project however!

Cryptomundo has backed this project with a $100 pledge.

The following rewards from backing the film at this level will be donated to the International Cryptozoology Museum:

A publicity still from the film, size 5×7 inches, printed on quality photographic paper, signed by the director.

A folio of 12 high quality, early storyboard renderings of 3 action sequences that wound up not being filmed, from a script draft dated 1-9-06.

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