September 13, 2006

Long Island Bigfoot Photo

Has there been a sighting of Bigfoot on Long Island? Was it documented photographically? There have been reported from Staten Island from the 1970’s detailed below. Get the exclusive story here on Cryptomundo…

On December 7, 1974, Frank Piztolato and Phillip Vivolo were in the woods near Historic Richmond Town when they "saw a black, upright ‘bear’ which roared at them." A few weeks later, on the morning of January 21, 1975, a young couple "saw Bigfoot in a church car park in the early morning" and later that night, Mrs. D. Daly was "driving late at night [and] had to brake to avoid a Bigfoot under six feet tall crossing the road from a church car park and heading for the rubbish dump and the swamp behind the church."

These sightings are documented in The Bigfoot Casebook by Janet and Colin Bord, first published in 1982 and containing state-by-state Bigfoot sightings from the 1800s to 1980. Of the accounts reprinted on a British website, 19 occurred in New York State, but the above three place Bigfoot a mere stone’s throw from downtown Manhattan.

Historic Richmond Town is on Staten Island.

Staten Island’s Greenbelt is made up of some 2800 acres of forested parkland. Thirty years ago, at the time of the documented sightings, there was more undeveloped forest land on Staten Island, and even today there are large tracts of unsettled forest and woods deep and tangled enough to disorient the most intrepid explorers.

Historic Richmond Town is a joint project of the Staten Island Historical Society and the City of New York, established to present the experience of old-fashioned Staten Island. In this "museum village," there is a reconstruction of a sawmill, a mid-19th-century train station relocated from Annadale and, to the west along Richmond Hill Rd., the Church of St. Andrew, originally built sometime around 1712. There is a parking lot across the street from the church, a swamp close by and, 30 years ago, the dump was also within walking distance.

Source: Trashquatch The Hunt for Staten Island’s Bigfoot 

Now there has been a contemporary Bigfoot sighting on Long Island. Did Bigfoot migrate from Staten Island across The Narrows?

Long Island Bigfoot

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Additional details soon as to the source of the photo.

See today’s update here at Cryptomundo for additional details, as well as another photo.

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