September 14, 2006

More on Long Island Bigfoot Photo

Background details on the photograph…along with an additional photo.

New York artist Cameron Gainer has recreated the 352nd frame from the Patterson Gimlin Footage to scale. This is the most detailed and accurate representation of that footage to date. Anyone interested in Bigfoot should see this work of art on display at the Socrates Sculpture Park.

Long Island Bigfoot

Click on image for full-size version

Both of these photos were taken before the facial hair was trimmed to reveal the mouth. That’s me holding her hand. I will send more updated images later this week.

Cameron Gainer

Cameron’s sculpture is one of the pieces of artwork in the 2006 Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition.

Sorry to have witheld the information, but I wanted to see what the reaction of the Cryptomundo readers would be to the first photograph.

As many readers mentioned, the facial hair looked strange. As Cameron mentioned, these photos were taken before the facial hair was trimmed. He has promised additional photos, hopefully taken after the hair trimming has taken place.

Watch for additional exclusive details and photographs about this unique sculpture here on Cryptomundo.

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