June 18, 2014

More Meldrum on Killer Russian Yeti


Posted on Facebook by Dr. Jeff Meldrum regarding Discovery’s Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives program:

To head of(f) some of the queries still rolling in about my appearance on the Russian Yeti show (Discovery), let me reiterate — I do not endorse the yeti explanation for the demise of the trekkers in the Urals, regardless of any impression conveyed by the editing of the documentary. I have not seen the program myself, but based on the comments conveyed to me, it is safe to conclude that my interview was largely misused and misrepresented. That is disappointingly unprofessional behavior by the producers of this documentary. It is one of the potential pitfalls of participating in this form of media. However, as I have said previously, such disappointments are the exception rather than the rule in my experience. I have been afforded many many productive experiences and opportunities through my involvement in most of these productions.

~ Jeff Meldrum

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