March 8, 2015

Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot of Central Kentucky Reviewed


Season 3 Episode 1 Mountain Monsters: “Bigfoot of Central Kentucky”

“As long as there has been man in Kentucky, there has been sightings of bigfoot.” – Trapper

The AIMS team returns for season 3 by looking for Bigfoot in Central Kentucky.

The entire team returns for a new season, Trapper, Buck, Huckleberry, Jeff, Willy and Wild Bill are in search of “The Midnight Whistler”, the first bigfoot to emerge from the Mammoth Caves.

The episode begins with a flashback to Buck’s “run in” with the Ohio Grassman.

After assuring the team he is ready the team meets up with a husband and wife who have had a recent incident with the Whistler. While playing their harmonica at night they hear strange whistling on a ridge near their home. The team believes the Whistler communicates with the whistling sounds.

As the first night’s investigation begins, it doesn’t take long before things get tense. Rocks clacking together, broken limbs, the team walks into the middle of the Whistler’s “nest”. They slip out and vow to return during the daylight.

The following day Willy and Wild Bill are up to their usual pranks and trap building. These two really seem to have a great time working together. Also this is one of their most impressive traps.

The team meets up with Mikey who has a trail camera pic of the Whistler. Trapper’s response is “The Midnight Whistler, up close and looking right into the camera”. The pic is not shown long enough to get a good look.

The final night hunt begins with a pep talk from Trapper. After instructions from Trapper the hunt begins. Buck, Willy and Bill experience tree knocks and eye shine from up high in a tree. They enter the nest, as Buck shows the guys around inside the nest things get crazy. Something or someone is throwing things against the outside of the nest.

Things intensify as the team comes across what appears to be a burial site. The team debates about what may in the mounds. Buck decides to prove it’s dead bigfoot. He drops to his knees and begins to dig and the night air is filled up with loud whistling. Jeff spots a group of bigfoot on the ridge above the team with the thermal camera. In a flash the team is in a side by side getting out of there. They profess they are not done proving this bigfoot exists.

10 weeks later: Trapper goes back to the burial site. Then the biggest cliffhanger in the history of the show: We see Trapper digging in the dirt as we hear him say:

“We learned it was a burial site and I knew I had to go back! We started this mission looking for truth, to show the world that bigfoot does exist …. And here in the cold dirt of central Kentucky, I just found it!”

Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot of Central Kentucky

Also airs:

Saturday, March 14 at 9/8c

The Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings begin their epic quest to prove the existence of Bigfoot in the Appalachia as they head out to Central Kentucky after what they believe is the first Bigfoot to emerge from the Mammoth Cave System.

The A.I.M.S. team interviews a local man who had a close encounter with the Midnight Whistler, the Kentucky Bigfoot. The photographic evidence he captured will shock you.

The A.I.M.S. team is on the hunt for the Kentucky Bigfoot, the Midnight Whistler. During their first night investigation, the team comes across the monster’s terrifying nest.

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