July 18, 2014

Mountain Monsters: Bloodless Howler of Harrison County

Mountain Monsters: Bloodless Howler of Harrison County

Premieres Friday, July 18 at 10/9c

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Saturday, July 19 at 1/12c
Friday, July 25 at 8/7c

In this Friday’s all-new episode, following eyewitness leads and a fresh trail of physical evidence, AIMS sets out to capture a vicious canine-feline hybrid. Dubbed the Bloodless Howler due to the utter lack of blood found at the scene of its victims, this 400-pound predator has the head of a big cat and the body of a huge canine. Eyewitness reports dating back to 1929 contend that the creature may also be impervious to bullets, but AIMS intends to put this theory to the test as they track this killer through the frigid mountain winter toward their Asian tiger-box trap.

Hearing the Howl of the Bloodless Howler Will Make the Hair On the Back Of Your Neck Stand Up

The AIMS team travel to Harrison County, West Virginia, to investigate a vicious canine-feline hybrid known as “The Bloodless Howler.”

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