June 6, 2014

Mountain Monsters: Death Cat of Cherokee County

Mountain Monsters: Death Cat of Cherokee County

Premieres Friday, June 6 at 10/9c

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Saturday, June 7 at 1/12c

The AIMS team travel to Cherokee County, North Carolina, to investigate a ferocious feline called “The Cherokee Death Cat.” The team works to unravel the myth surrounding the creature and attempts to capture it inside of a complex wooden trap.

In this Friday’s all-new episode, AIMS heads to North Carolina to investigate a series of brutal farm-animal killings. An old Cherokee Indian legend describes a creature born from the Trail of Tears to exact revenge. Today, this 500-pound feline is known as the Cherokee Death Cat. AIMS has a special interest in this case due to the Cherokee blood of team-member Buck. After meeting with a series of eyewitnesses, the crew races to unravel the myth surrounding the Death Cat by constructing an elaborate trap with a retractable ceiling and setting a trail camera to prove once and for all the existence of this predator hell-bent on revenge.

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