Anatomy of Melissa Hovey Bigfoot Picture by David Claerr

Posted by: Guy Edwards on March 6th, 2012

Bigfoot Lunch Club

David Claerr Illustration of Sasquatch back anatomy

“The trapezius muscles are very robust in the Bigfoot or Sasquatch, accounting for much of their tremendous upper-body strength.” –David Claerr

Whether it is stars aligning just right or coincidence, we can agree on serendipity. When Melissa Hovey’s picture of the back of a Sasquatch came out, David Claerr was already working on an article and 3D illustration about the anatomy of the upper torso of Sasquatch.

David has written multiple articles, each one with rich 3d illustrations. Yesterday he released one that is related to the Melissa Hovey photo that has made the internet rounds (see below).

The Melissa Hovey photo.

As you may know at Bigfoot Lunch Club posted a few opinions from Special FX experts. The first one was from Bill Munns, creator of the life-sized Giganto Pithicus, and the other opinion was from Lee Romaire, who created the Bigfoot costume for Letters from the Big Guy. Click the following links to read Bill Munns’ opinion and Lee Romaire’s opinion.

Now we have another professional opinion specifically targeting the perceived anatomy of the photo.  Read an excerpt from David Claerr’s post titled, “Bigfoot Back: The Upper Torso of a Sasquatch – Posterior Anatomical Study” below.

You can read the rest at Bigfoot Lunch Club

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11 Responses to “Anatomy of Melissa Hovey Bigfoot Picture by David Claerr”

  1. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    Wow. I’d like to know what our Fortean leader, Loren, thinks of the similarity between images.

  2. bigfoots responds:

    this is just getting silly now..
    so let me get this straight…
    somehow having big trapezius muscles makes it legit? like a costume can not have big trapezius muscles? lol…roflmao..
    this is about as un-scientific as it gets as far as analyses goes..

  3. Loren Coleman responds:

    PoeticsOfBigfoot, I’ll just post a corrected variation on what I’ve said at Guy’s site about this, with no disrespect to Guy or the artist for taking this to the extreme:

    I’m sorry but when we, as a science, begin talking about the detailed anatomy of a species projected from a photograph of a Bigfoot suit allegedly used in the movie Clawed, I think we may have gone too far.

    One question: Unlike almost every trailcam and gamecam photograph you have ever seen (which are taken in clearings), don’t you think it is funny this “game cam Sasquatch” photograph appears to have been taken in the middle of the forest?

  4. bigfoots responds:

    @ Loren…
    after 4 years now MH has realized it wasn’t a game cam and the photo was taken via 35mm camera with zoom lens..
    so its not from a game cam..
    so yeah…i would love to hear the logistics involved in how that was done..
    shady to say the least..

  5. paul_r responds:

    “One question: Unlike almost every trailcam and gamecam photograph you have ever seen (which are taken in clearings), don’t you think it is funny this “game cam Sasquatch” photograph appears to have been taken in the middle of the forest?”

    I’m not so sure you could get such a clear picture without being staged. The camera would have to be arranged for the perfect shot ahead of time imo. I think the first flash of the camera would spook the subject for good.

    Honestly I would love for this to be real but I agree the over analisys is fully underway.

  6. czcole responds:

    Considering that “bigfoot ” is posing in front of a loquat tree, this would have to be in someones back yard.

  7. Brothermidnight responds:

    I dont understand why anybody is even discussing the anatomy of a costume. Look at the anatomy of the statue of David, its anatomy is so human but that makes it nothing more then a well crafted piece of art .Nobody has ever looked a a photograph of David and said wow I think that might be a real person because of it has muscles. This reminds me of when I was a kid and one of my friends was convinced that it was a real Bigfoot in the movie Harry and the Hendersons.

  8. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    Well said, Loren, Oh my captain! Well said.

  9. RedLandsBigfoot responds:

    Nobody knows what muscles bigfoot has–there has never been a body to study–

  10. conorsean responds:

    Why is the “game cam” so high in the air? Since bigfoot is 7-10′ tall it seems odd to have it that high. Wouldn’t someone put it to where they don’t need a step ladder to reach it? Or is that a mini bigfoot?

  11. shmargin responds:

    It looks like its too high up to be a game, like conorsean said. And if bigfoot wasnt standing there it looks like the camera would be 3 feet away from tree branches. And, without me being a horticulture expert, that looks like the kind of tree you would have in your yard.

    All that plus the suit looks fake. I’ve never seen a bigfoot before, but I would imagine the hair wouldnt be so thin, its cold up here in the PNW.

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