The Telepathic Bigfoot

Posted by: Nick Redfern on May 29th, 2012

Yes, I know that a post-title like that above will positively have blood-boiling and blood-pressure raising in some quarters!

But, since this is an issue that readers of my books will know deeply interests me, and the fact that the Bigfoot/high-strangeness matter is one that provokes a lot of commentary (both for and against!), I figured I would bring to your attention today a new post which covers this hugely controversial area of what we might call “Sasquatch sixth-sense.”

My sixth-sense tells me Bigfoot is behind me…

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7 Responses to “The Telepathic Bigfoot”

  1. gridbug responds:

    I think it’d be foolish to discount ANY sort of variation on the many “what if” scenarios surrounding the existence of Bigfoot. This includes extraterrestrial connections as well as multidimensional properties. And of course, telepathy. We’re discussing a presumably highly intelligent cryptid here after all, and all bets should be off as to just what that should or should not include. Enjoy the mystery and enjoy the conjecture. There are so few things left in the world that allow us this luxury.

  2. DWA responds:

    I don’t discount anything.

    I would just say that the encounter literature is rife with reports of sasquatch that if they had telepathy, they either didn’t care or didn’t have it turned on as they were surprised, shadowed, stalked and lined up in the crosshairs of rifles.

    Bigfoot hunters are, with two historical exceptions, too few and not out there for enough time.

    That explains it, pretty much.

  3. blazmeister responds:

    Sorry to ruin the mystery for everyone, but all of the 4th dimensional forest people like Bigfoot are so telepathic that they can read your tiniest thought from a considerable distance. Which is why “Finding Bigfoot” consistently falls flat on their face for capturing proof of their prey. Because the prey knows the game plan even before Matt forms it into words. But why rely on my word for it. You can perform your own grade school science experiment. Assuming you are a good person, who lives their life with good and honest intent to make friends with the Bigfoot people, go by yourself to the remote woods at night. No guns or cameras are allowed. Pick an extremely quiet place on a rarely travelled dead end road. Get out of your vehicle and do not slam the door shut. Take a chair because you want to be sitting down and some organic apples to leave behind. Now just sit there listening. After maybe 5 minutes of quieting your own thoughts, start whispering quietly to whomever can read your mind other than GOD. Say a few nice things to introduce yourself, tell them about yourself and your interests, and then compliment them on their beautiful forest. Then you slowly whisper a question that you hope to get a reply to. For instance: “Mr. Bigfoot Sir, please break a branch if you want to be my friend.” Repeat it a few times until you give up. Bigfoot is a lot more patient than you, so it may take a minute for you to get a reply or replies. If you get a distinctive branch break with good timing after you asked the question, then you just proved telepathy to yourself. But not to anybody else. Don’t waste your time doing a “Finding Bigfoot” pursuit into the dark forest, because that will show that you did not have honest intent in the first place (harassment of wildlife). Of course, if you don’t get a branch break, then you may not be close enough to hear the return branch break, or he just plain doesn’t like you. Regardless, don’t tell anyone on “Finding Bigfoot” because it is hillarious watching them stumble around in the woods with pathetic success, and completely bypassing the concept of “communication”. Enjoy!

  4. nzcryptozoologist responds:

    I would be more inclined to not think of it as a sixth sense, but a heightened sense.

    With the vocalisation and other noisemaking and theoretically the use of infrasound, which travelled great distances over wooded areas, as has been demonstrated in the New Zealand Kakapo, I think Bigfoot has a heightened sense of hearing and can hear you from a great distance away. Even the slightest rustle of the leaf under the tread of your boot may be enough to give you away. Personally it’s why people who use tape recorders, imitations and other means to imitate Bigfoot don’t succeed as firstly they are missing the infrasound and secondly Bigfoot can pick up the subtle differences.

  5. graybear responds:

    I can entertain the thought of telepathic Bigfoot, but if they are telepathic, then why do they need the vocalizations and tree knocks and thrown rocks to get their point across? Seems redundant.

  6. naus responds:

    I always thought this idea made sense, if you look at the majority of the sightings of sasquatch, it is from people who had anything but sasquatch on their minds, even Roger Patterson and Bob probably did not have it in their heads when it appeared, for they were more than likely focused on filming the documentary and not thinking they’d actually see one, but of course you would have to ask Bob on that.

  7. theLightningCoyote responds:

    Hi guys,
    Sorry I’m late to the party on this one…used to just being a “lurker” but I felt the need to weigh in.

    I have always thought this was a very odd and interesting (if yet unfounded) angle on Bigfoot for two main reasons:

    1) Assuming “they” are primates, specific portions of their brains may have evolved in different ways to compensate for special evolutionary cues, environmental factors and natural triggers. Possibly an edge for a less “technological path”.

    2) There have been MORE than one eye-witness account from hunters with loaded guns, most of which seem to be seasoned and competent, who have mentioned an almost unnatural sense of compulsion to lower their loaded weapons and/or run away.

    The 1st reason is fairly obvious from an clinical, morphological and developmental hypothesis. The 2nd reason strikes me as VERY odd. We are talking about people who are “accustomed to shooting living creatures”. Some are in fact hunting for potentially dangerous prey, Wild Boar, Bears etc…if these people were so startled and frightened why would their first reaction be to lower their only form of defense or turn their backs and retreat? I even remember one account where a man unloaded his entire gun onto the ground, without firing a single shot.

    Most often times these people say that they do not feel outwardly threatened yet somehow, for some reason have an almost uncanny urge to retreat or submit.

    Could this just be fear and panic at seeing something so foreign? Sure.

    Maybe it’s just an instinctual, primal “back off” that we carry in our DNA…a self preservation hold out from stone-age man. I don’t know.

    However I will admit…it seems to happen quite often. I mean how many headlines do you read about scared people shooting first and asking questions later against other people? Isn’t it odd that so many people with loaded guns have not take the shot? (Mind you I would NEVER want this…in fact the more hidden the safer they are, from us!)

    Could there be some form of low-level hypnotic suggestion, not unlike mass hysteria?

    Who the heck knows…but I’ll tell you what it sure is weird…and super interesting!

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