Time to Call the Dyer Hoax Over and Move On

Posted by: Steve Kulls on April 2nd, 2014

Last week, we all saw the demise of Rick Dyer’s hoax finally come to an end. Everyone knew that once Dyer had hit the road with his phony “body” named “Hank,” that the clock was ticking for it to come to a close. What we didn’t expect is the manner in which they came to and end.

What is known is that Dyer has no evidence of shooting anything in September 2012, in fact the very vehicle shown in the documentary, “Shooting Bigfoot,” while he was on his jaunt with Matthews he had gotten rid of by the end of 2011. Dyer was living in San Antonio in 2011 as well as he was picked up on charges, that were later dropped, for EBay fraud.

Although, Dyer would like to think he brought the hoax to an end,  he knows that as early as the second week of February, people were in contact with Washington, prop maker Chris Russell asking him about, “Hank.” Someone had taken the time to plot Dyer’s movements when “Hank” was first unveiled at a gas station in Washington, and played a hunch which eventually led to an admission that Russell indeed was the prop maker.

Then came the defection of the tour ”employees.”  With the impeding showing of “Shooting Bigfoot,” on the BBC which totally destroys events as Dyer claimed they occurred, there wasn’t much for Dyer to do but throw in the towel.

Calls for prosecution of Dyer ranging from interstate commerce fraud to theft by deception has been called on by several petitions online and a Twitter campaign to San Antonio officials.

One such petition can be found here at Change.org.

Is hoaxing a crime? No. Is taking someone’s money by falsely advertising something as real when it’s fake? Yes. And with the news finally picking up on Dyer being a hoaxer, again, nationally, it may prove to be an interesting end. So time will tell what happens.

In the media the story began to break with this article, which later included an audio interview with prop maker and “Hank” creator, Chris Russell:

EXCLUSIVE: Former Employee Reveals Bigfoot Body is a Hoax


If you read the first interview with Russell here, you can see that it matches what former “Team Tracker” employee and “Hank” tour guide,  Andrew Clacy is saying despite what Dyer is stating in later interviews.

It eventually update their site with yet another story, when Dyer decided to admit publicly that “Hank,” was nothing but “hanky-panky.”

Bigfoot Hunter Admits ‘Hank’ Body is Fake

There were numerous other outlets, including this one in the  New York Daily News which covered the story as well.

In the a last sad attempt at some sort of relevance, Dyer posted a video of “Hank,” and himself, calling himself more honest than the Bigfoot Community yet still claiming to have shot a Sasquatch in San Antonio.

If people still are claiming any truth to Dyer’s story at this point I have no rational explanation for it.

Steve Kulls About Steve Kulls
Steve had a lifelong fascination with the Bigfoot phenomena since an early age. In 1998 after reading "Monsters of the Northwoods", and learned that there were numerous sighting reports close to his residence in upstate New York. He began to investigate extremely skeptical but soon changed his mind. Squatchdetective.com was the creation of Steve Kulls, aka "The Squatchdetective" Steve launched Squatchdetective.com with a national outlook in December 2005. In September 2006 he created Squatchdetective Radio. Steve has appeared on numerous local news programs around the country and national venues such as Fox and Friends, and interviewed in print in over 100 newspapers over the last ten years. Steve has appeared on the History Channel the National Geographic Channel, featured on several programs, and authored two book, "Fifty Large," and "What Would Sasquatch Do?" Steve is a former Licensed Private Investigator, in New York, and a former retail investigator of 18 years, a Firefighter and Paramedic

8 Responses to “Time to Call the Dyer Hoax Over and Move On”

  1. Cryptoraptor responds:

    He’s right. If bigfoot do not exist then he is no more of a fraud than Jeffrey Meldrum, Loren Coleman, or anyone that has profited from a mythical being.

  2. cryptokellie responds:

    I would liked to have seen the Hank Bigfoot “skeleton” though…I could really use a good laugh.

  3. Pete Fischer via Facebook responds:

    It is the day after April Fools and we are talking about the biggest fool around…. let this be over….

  4. Goodfoot responds:

    Cryptoraptor and cryptokellie: You act as if there is something shameful in receiving compensation for one’s expert time and effort. Even Karl Marx did not seem averse to money.

    Yet you’ve expressed no similar outrage at other experts being paid for the same, or similar, work. This is shameful.

    Please do me a favor and enlighten me as to what is wrong with receiving compensation for work and travel expenses. Please do answer; you raised the question. Now answer mine.

    As for Rick Dyer, I’ve moved on a long, long time ago. It’s not hard to spot a huckster. To equate him with Loren Coleman and Dr. Meldrum is high asshatery. But I expected no better from such scalliwags as yourselves.

  5. mrbf2007 responds:

    Great article, and I agree with most of the points in it. To a degree, yes, we should move on, BUT we should certainly not forget, because Dyer in that video said himself that he would hoax again, and if he does that, he will once again be in the news, and we will have to educate the newbies who come into this field about Dyer. So, on the one hand, yes, we should move on, but on the other hand, we should also be prepared to educate the new people coming into this field so they do not fall for Dyer’s BS again.

  6. Scott Mardis via Facebook responds:

    Amen to that.

  7. Cryptoraptor responds:

    Goodfoot, you silly individual, I am not against profiting on Bigfoot. I am against hypocrisy. Every last video/film/photo of bigfoot are hoaxes. Fools like you pick and choose which you wish to be fooled by. In your limited mind Dyer is bad but hoaxer Patterson was good? You are a silly, silly individual who should understand that Bigfoot is a myth that was developed by a relatively few individuals and is a fantastic thing to be a fan of, like vampires or zombies. It isn’t real though.You are silly and foolish. Will you every understand that the Bigfoot “industry” was founded on a myth? The whole Bigfoot thing is cool, and I’m a BIG fan of it, and I like this site, and I think Woolheater is cool, but Bigfoot it isn’t real.

  8. Lesley Cox responds:

    Cryptoraptor. could you say why you think the PGF is a hoax – or have I read you wrongly here?
    Thank you.

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