May 31, 2012

Bigfoot Discovery Museum Fundraiser

Bigfoot Discovery Museum Fundraiser

Mike Rugg of The Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, California will be presenting his first fundraiser of the season, Sasquatch & the Supernatural on Sunday June 2, 2012 at 5497 Highway 9, Felton, California.

His guest speakers are Jeffery Gonzalez of Sanger Paranormal Society and author/writer, photographer, paranormal investigator, Aubrey Graves.

There will be a delicious BBQ and a raffle will be held to raise funds for the museum.

If you didn’t know, Mike doesn’t even charge an admission fee to his museum!

He has been a steadfast archivist of the history of Bigfoot in California and has poured his blood, sweat, tears and soul into his legendary establishment!

Our good friend Lyle Blackburn of Monstro Bizarro donated several signed copies of his book, The Beast of Boggy Creek, for the raffle.

I encourage you to donate to the museum. Mike does have a PayPal account now,!

Sharon Lee
The Bigfoot Field Reporter

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