New GameCam Photo: Ohio Sasquatch, Elderly Grassman, or Bumble Costume?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on February 8th, 2012

What do you think of this supposed photograph of an Ohio Bigfoot? Is it a real Ohio Sasquatch, an elderly Grassman, or someone’s idea of a joke, via an Abominable Snowman “Bumble” suit?

Ohio Bigfoot Game Cam Photo

Click for full size image

This trail camera photograph was allegedly taken in Ohio, on the date shown, December 31, 2010. It is appearing only now due to being published in the monthly Buzzbin Magazine of Akron, Canton, and Cleveland, Ohio.

“Editor-in-chief Michael Nasvadi received a tip about the sighting of the beast just south of Massillon in Strasburg. One of his sources presented him with photographic evidence (see picture above), captured by a deer cam, of an alleged Sasquatch,” writes , Manging (sic) Editor of Buzzbin Magazine. (How could the guy be a managing editor of a publication, when they don’t even know how to spell “managing” throughout their magazine? Is this monthly, itself, a joke?)

Along with photographer Jeremy Aronhalt, “manging editor” Steve Hallo went to the site of the trailcam to do an “onsite investigation.”

Apparently deer were captured on the trailcam, at the time, and they were compared to humans, and…

Note: These deer, no doubt, are tawny, brown in color. See how this camera is catching their color in this image. What color is the covering of “Beast”?

to the “Beast,” on site.

BTW, this new Ohio trailcam image vaguely reminds me of the Lake Worth Monster photo from the 1960s.

Allen Plaster of Fort Worth allegedly took this photo of a large, furry-looking, light-colored blob, supposedly the Lake Worth Monster, during the summer of 1969.

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32 Responses to “New GameCam Photo: Ohio Sasquatch, Elderly Grassman, or Bumble Costume?”

  1. Hank S responds:

    Looks like a Wampa to me. Watch out, Mark Hamill!

  2. paul_r responds:

    Snow on the ground. No pictures of foot prints?

  3. Jarro Silencio via Facebook responds:

    I can see the background behind the supposed Bigfoot. Fake !!

  4. DNS responds:

    Editor with mange.

  5. Bigfoot Believer responds:

    I’ve noticed on shows like “Ghost Hunters” that night vision can make black hair appear white.
    Having said that, this still looks like a guy hunched over in a suit.

  6. choppedlow responds:

    Has to be a sasquatch. It’s blurry enough and quite ambiguous. Perfect fit.

  7. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    Close, Hank, it’s a Texas Wampa. We de-horn ’em down here so they’ll fit through the chute easier.

  8. vamelungeon responds:

    It’s either the Michelin Tire Man or the Pillsbury Doughboy. Can’t really tell which without seeing his face.

  9. Spaniard responds:

    Interesting photo capture, though it’s probably just a deer walking out of frame, left to right. The night vision, as Bigfoot Believer states, is causing the hair (fur) to appear white. Also, the long shutter speed of the camera is making the motion blur and gives the appearance of being ‘hairy’. The ‘tunneling’ effect of the camera lens (see the other night shots) also gives the appearance of a ‘back’, making it look like a primate walking right to left on the screen.

  10. AlbertaSasquatch responds:

    Look at the photo in perspective and compare it to the deer. If this picture is of a Sasquatch, it’s clearly a very short one. Also I see no snow in the picture and you think there would be if it was taken on the mentioned date, along with the comparison pictures having snow on the ground as well.

  11. Hapa responds:

    Red Flag: while the deer in the trail cam are quite clear (even the blurry pic is not too blurry to recognize a real animal), the so-called Sasquatch is once again blurry. Blobsquatch.

    Until you get a body, major parts of a body, or living specimen, you don’t have jack!

  12. Steve Byrne responds:

    It looks like a puffy little cloud to me. Pure vapor man! It’s a Gasquatch, or maybe a ghostsquatch, and I bet there never were any footprints. I’ve been pushing this theory ever since just now. Theories must support the data, and finally we have proof… Gasquatch for sure. If you guys thought your little grassboy was elusive… heh, heh… well, just you try to do better than a picture of one of these babies. And I do mean “babies”, some of them meausure miles across and are seen flying in broad daylight. Usually, they disappear or hide behind clouds and no one reports it. If you guys thought you got ridiculed for reporting your little grasspuppy, well, let me tell you, that ain’t nothing. There is only one way to report something like this. A clear, undeniable photo. Just post the thing and get on with life. This is how it’s done… Old School!

    A shorter shutter speed would seem to be a good tradeoff to get more detail. Bright and blurry doesn’t quite get it done. Maybe short/long range sensors, where the shutter speed increases when the short range sensor is tripped. Next gen maybe…

  13. tropicalwolf responds:

    Considering that you can SEE THROUGH it, I would have to call it glare, mist, breath, or something else. Definately not a solid object. Moving on…

  14. Peltboy25 responds:

    This is a bird.

    Birds often leave quite strange images on trail cams, as the action of their wing movements causes very unusual patterns at slow shutter speeds. It also fools you because the birds are almost always much closer to the camera than you think. Your eye wants the subject to be within a certain distance of the lens. Look at this again and picture a bird that is about a foot from the camera. this also explains the “streakyness” of the image as well as the transparency.

  15. semillama responds:

    Peltboy25 and Spaniard have the most plausible explanations, although I think Peltboy25 is probably correct. I would even go further and say this is probably an owl, perhaps a screech owl. Also, the lack of snow is not an issue – here in Ohio we are having one of the most pitiful excuses for a winter this Yooper has ever seen. It snowed today for maybe the seventh time this winter in Columbus, and we’ve have several days in the 50s. The high temp in Massillon, according to accuweather, was 51 on January 1st. So the date and temperature info is correct.

  16. DWA responds:

    [sigh] So, what does the game cam guy say? Is this cam where somebody in the neighborhood might go, hey, let’s buy a suit and put one over on Clem?

    One could wonder why someone would invest in a suit to get a blurry picture of themselves.

  17. alan borky responds:

    Loren maybe they didn’t mispell managing.

    Maybe they mispelled minging (British for extremely poor quality – or words to that effect).

    As for the critter – surely it’s a Swirlsquatch (although Steve Byrnes’ Gasquatch works too).

    I particularly like the way it’s moving so fast (in a tornado like way) you can actually see the background through it though rather weirdly it’s got all those horitzontal facial bars making it look like a cross between Ben Grimm’s alter ego and a fire truck.

    I also like the Kermit the Frog hat it’s wearing but surely this must be the shortest armed ‘squatch in the history of the universe – and no amount of wearing fur covered boxing gloves’s ever go’n’o hide that.

    Reviewing all the evidence though I realise by the outrageous frilly fur coat it’s wearing, the natty headgear and the horizontal facial bars (surely a mouthful of gold blinged teeth) what we’re dealing with here is the world’s first Pimpsquatch.

  18. cagey1 responds:

    Long time reader, first time poster… This one looks to me like it may be a hand waved in front of the cam. Top of left shoulder is the thumbnail. Left arm is the thumb. Top of head is the nail of the middle finger. Mouth is the nail of the index finger. Back is the curved back of the hand. Possibly the curled under pinkie is at the lower front. Hairy/ ghostly appearance is due the movement of the hand and it’s close proximity to the camera. Try looking at the image from farther away. What do you think?

  19. Imaginary Friend responds:

    I think this is another bird picture like the other trailcam pic with the crow flying past the camera. This time, possibly an owl considering the length of the wings. Or why not a wild turkey? Anywhere you see deer grazing there are bound to be turkeys. It’s just in motion so it’s blurry.

  20. jewpunxxx responds:

    This photo is a waste of everones time and energy, it is a bird, bat, large insect, or even some ones hand. Hell it could be a squirrel,opossum, racoon, or cat jumping out of the tree, what is not is anything walking infront of the camera. Sasquatch will be caught on trail cam and a juvee may already have been, but just like thr juvee pic it will be so perfectly clear but still not good enough for most people, and that is the sad truth, and until a serous expedition, is under taken consisting of a primatologist, anthropologist, a professional tracker, a professional hunter( yes a hunter with tranqs tags and trackers,) and a seasoned wildlife photographer, spending an extended period of time in the woods, which btw would be much less of a hassle than going after mountain gorrillas, the team would have it made on an american expedition , they could send one guy out for supplies and chopper him back in the same day, funds are the only issue, and if every person out there who wants to see irrefutable proof of bigfoot donated to an expediton fund we could have what we all want with in five years time, no BS, i’m willing to do all the dirty work and donate my fair share as well, what r the rest of you willing to do?

  21. Fred123 responds:

    It looks like the thing that jumped Captain Kirk on the planet where the Klingons were arming the dark haired guys who were fighting Kirk’s tribe of blond friends.

  22. Peltboy25 responds:

    Jewpun you are SPOT ON. If Animal Planet really wants to make some interesting programming, they should fund a long-term, LOW IMPACT expedition. No camera crews, no boom mics, no clowns from BFRO. Get people who KNOW THE WOODS, and know how animals act. Send them deep into the woods (CA or OR) with recording gear and have them set up camp. Talk. Walk. Play music. Eat food. Just act like they’re camping. In a matter of weeks I swear they’d have more evidence than these goofy geeks running through the woods with their production crews.

  23. Zabo responds:

    what about this thought! maybe the trail camera caught the white sasquatch in the middle of shape-shifting. plus they say this sasquatch is an old dude. that’s clearly true cause don’t the elderly get body bends as the age?

  24. Aitkincountysasquatch responds:

    Definitely not a Sasquatch. Blurring, meaning it’s moving faster than a walk. Perhaps a bird.

  25. EnormousFoot responds:

    Don’t rush to judgement. It is nothing until the experts on the Finding Bigfoot team rule on it.

  26. fooks responds:

    some people say it’s a bird?

    really? lol!

    grandpa in a fluffy suit, i’d believe, before a bird!

    got another to compare?

    it ain’t no bird. the shoulders don’t bother anyone?

  27. ModernShanahan responds:

    Well…If it’s a hoax, I don’t get why people just don’t give up hoaxing. They made their point that they don’t believe in Bigfoot, Sasquatch and all the other related creature. They are just making believers more frustrated and losing their beliefs. If most of these blurry pictures are in fact the real deal, this creature sure can’t stay still in any area with or without cam. Don’t they have them cameras where it can slow down fast moving objects so you can see clearly what it is?

  28. ModernShanahan responds:

    Another thing to add: Never ever take an unbeliever with you to go search for cryptids… here’s why: When you plan on going with that person. That person can make hook ups and fake the creature trying to make a fool out of you or just don’t say anything to the unbeliever. They don’t need to know where you’re going otherwise they will find your destination and hoax the whole cryptid and make a fool out of you. Just saying… Always go without telling the unbelievers >.< That might make a bigger difference.

  29. Ulysses responds:

    Bah !

  30. bfbs responds:

    If it’s blurry, it’s fake, costume, puppet or whatever. If it’s HD, it’s a fake, a costume, animitronic or, the best one and most popular, ” That’s not what a Sasquatch looks like!!. So many experts on Sasquatch.

  31. chadgatlin responds:

    I agree that’s it’s not a Bigfoot, but I don’t think it’s an intentional hoax. Just a feather or something really close to the camera blowing by. Or maybe a bird like some have suggested. It makes sense that it would be a bird because something had to have set off the motion sensor to make it take a picture.

  32. thesasquatchbeliever0302 responds:

    It’s all blurred up I can’t really tell what it is. It kind of looks like a possible man in a furry white coat walking around in the woods. Then again they say that when a Sasquatch gets older its fur turns white like human hair. I was watching finding Bigfoot one night and a guy claimed that he saw a white one jump out at him and chase him for a few feet. It sort of seems to have the done shaped head. And bigfoots are known to have an arm swing and covered in fur this just doesn’t quite fit with a Sasquatch arm swing to me and it does seem to be covered in fur but actually it’s just blurry. It might be some fog or something coming from a creek or something. But it does kind of seem to have an arched back. And it seems to be tall. Well I would have to say that I am sceptical about this.

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