Bigfooters Speak Out About Biased Enhancements Of Titmus Tributes

Posted by: Loren Coleman on February 28th, 2012

How would you feel if you wrote an eulogy about the death of a dear friend of yours and the editor of the site posting your remembrance decided to add photos supporting their theory that the object of your tribute was involved in crimes the publisher/editor wildly imagined? Or what if you wrote about the death of JFK, and found the publisher of your obituary had inserted images with your essay misidentifying one of the bystanders as a friend of yours whom the pulblisher claimed was covering up a conspiracy of multiple shooters from the Grassy Knoll?

Quietly, something rather similar and sinister has been taking place in the Sasquatch studies field, and some Bigfooters have decided to speak up about it. Various people via emails, on forums, and elsewhere online are talking about how Roberta “Bobbie” Short has been editing other authors’ works without making it clear that she has done so to allegedly create a false impression that the authors support her unsupported claims that it is Bob Titmus seen in the Blue Creek Mountain film rather than the pilot who was actually there.

The “Blue Creek Mountain” footage is being used by certain minority factions in Bigfootery to assist them in “proving” that the Bluff Creek film and aftermath were part of a vast conspiracy of murdering several Bigfoot and then covering up the “massacre.” John Green is suppose to be a mastermind of this plot, and the fact that some of these conspiracy theorists see “Bob Titmus” in old footage, when he was not there, is a pivotal point of debate.

An article has now been produced that is making the rounds (the PDF is huge; check back later for an upload). In it, Bill Miller writes:

Bill Miller further emails:

I recently checked out Bobbie Short’s site ‘Bigfoot Encounters’ and found two places where she accepted someone’s article only to go in without their permission and altered them. John Green and Larry Battson both had Blue Creek Mountain images added to their work without notification or their permission. I now wonder if anything I read that is connected to Short’s site is tainted because of this childish and less than ethical behavior that is being implemented by the site’s owner.

Imagine putting your own work on her site only to find additions to your article(s) that would have been done for no other reason than to give the readers the false impression that the authors of the article are in support of someone else’s beliefs. I believe that a new type of hoaxing has made it into the Sasquatch community.

Larry Batteson, whose article about Bob Titmus is mentioned and comments from Byrne are attached to it and a photo added, writes: “I did not put that photo as a part of the piece.”

The images above are all of the 24-year-old Blue Creek Mountain pilot, Keith Chiazzari.

Besides the flight log that proves the pilot was there, there is even a news article for that time detailing that fact.

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8 Responses to “Bigfooters Speak Out About Biased Enhancements Of Titmus Tributes”

  1. flame821 responds:

    This truly sucks. All you have on the internet is your ‘name/handle’ and reputation. Once that is tarnished, good luck getting anyone to believe or trust in you ever again. The off-sides editing is foolish and childish and will come home to roost.

  2. Steven Streufert responds:

    I have found many OTHER instances where short has contaminated the data held on BIGFOOT ENCOUNTERS with this “Massacre Theory” garbage, making this site that was once a reliable archive now dubious indeed.

    I recently received this comment as an “anonymous” comment on my blog:
    “I was the pilot of the Cessna 185 that flew John Green, Rene Dahinden and Dale Moffit to Bluff Creek on the 28th August 1967 returning to Chilliwack on the 31st and still have my pilot’s logbook to prove it. The photo does not show Bob Titmus but me aged 24. I have posted some photos on other Bigfoot websites. The theory that a massacre took place is laughable!”

    I think we have finally defeated MK/Short/GCBRO conspiracy theory faction.

    MK was wrong about the PGF site location, and he is wrong about this, too.

    Steve, Bigfoot’s bLog, Willow Creek

  3. John Kirk responds:

    This is one of the worst character assasinations I have ever seen. Bob Titmus and Keith Chiazzari are two different people and if you can’t tell the difference between them you cannot call yourself a sasquatch “investigator”. I work in law enforcement and I looked at the case presented by these people who claim a conspiracy. All I can say is thank heavens they don’t serve and protect us because they are a miserable failure at coming up with the spurious deductions they have.
    Going off half-cocked at Bob Titmus is one of the absolute worse cases of erroneous deduction I have ever seen. The man was in Northern British Columbia when all this was going on. Bob Titmus – as far I know – did not have the ability to bilocate, so how could he be in BC and Blue Mountain at the same time.
    They ought to publicly apologize for dragging Bob Titmus’s name through the mud and to the sasquatch community at large for impugning so many people because one man got it so wrong with his illogical deductions about rivers of blood, blood on hands and attack dogs. Shame on you lot.

  4. John Kirk responds:

    Further to my previous post, I see in an article on Bigfoot Encounters that comments are ascribed to me that I never made. I am supposed to have passed through Hartley Bay inthe 1990’s and asked about Bob Titmus. I have never been to Hartley Bay in my life. Nice place, but I’ve never set foot there. I do recall a request for information by someone asking if anyone knew about Titmus in Hartley Bay and my telling whoever asked about this that a friend of mine had been there in the late 2000’s, but no one there at the time knew about Bob Titmus.

    There seems to be an awful lot of twisting of things going on here and I must ask: to what purpose? What good and benefit is there in saying such awful things about people? What has the world of sasquatchery come to?

    Bob Titmus was a decent man, well-respected and a resilient sasquatch investigator. He has done nothing to warrant this abuse. For goodness sake stop this insanity.

  5. jayman responds:

    It’s time to stop the infighting and backbiting going on over an inconclusive piece of evidence nearly half a century old. The PG film has been analyzed, re-analyzed, and over-analyzed. Nothing more to see here. Move on!

  6. sasquatch responds:

    For some strange reason, that bunch wants sasquatch to be people. I think MK has a knot on his head, he says you can clearly see a top knot on Patty and no sagittal crest-I CLEARLY see the opposite.

    What’s up with these folks? Like having a theory makes you better and smarter than all the other sasquatch hunters/investigators.

    Weird. And now, there’s clear evidence that some hanky pany is going on.

    I trust Matt Moneymaker WAY more!

  7. airforce47 responds:

    I know for a fact Ms. Short published a photo under the fair use act. Her opinion was the photo was a hoax and it most likely was not. She had to be forced to remove it or face legal consequences and she did.

    Looking at this it seems that there are grounds for people to question her credibility. My best,

  8. G. de La Hoya responds:

    Thought maybe the news clipping was about Don Knotts being a believer. Just darn Keith Chiazzari.

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