BFF Shenanigans Unmasked

Posted by: Loren Coleman on August 22nd, 2010

Steven Streufert at Bigfoot Books, via his blog, has chronicled much of the Bigfoot backroom hysteria of recent weeks. Is the Bigfoot Forums off or on? Has it been deactivated? Or is it coming back again, in a new form? Does it really matter?

No wonder the debunkers and skeptics have a field day with talking about the “Bigfooters.” Here’s an overview on those who allegedly wish to destroy Bigfootry from the inside out.

Frankly, at Cryptomundo, I’ve taken the stance that most of this has hardly anything to do with cryptozoology. The back channel hysteria is hardly worthy our time, so why read about it or even pass along what’s going on? Sometimes “true believers” are as dangerous as the debunkers.

However, I am well aware that many people involved in the Bigfoot field, at least, should be made aware that a collection of people are circulating about, waiting to invade your forum or group, to take control of it, for their own evil ego reasons. Therefore, in line with enlightenment on this topic, here’s a long snippet from one of Steven’s recent blog posting. For more, see here.

What you find below is Steven’s outing of the group of people who appear to have been behind a recent attempt to ruin the old Bigfoot Forums.

WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? And why should it matter? We hate anonymity, and believe in ethical accountability and respect in discourse. So, we are going to “out” them to the extent that we may. Our involvement in the BFF Boycott Movement (call it what you want!) led us to a secretive, ulterior world of black operators, a veritable Illuminati-Bilderberg Group Conspiracy of Bigfooting. It goes back, in large measure, to the “Jimite” Jihad movement. WTF, BFF? We hear you asking….

A brief snippet quoted from the SFBF:
“jimite legacy:
* they ruined the bfro and left
* they ruined the aibr and left
* they are currently infesting the bff as its leadership”

Yes, it may seem odd, but many of those who led the post-Kentucky-video defection/expulsion of curators from the BFRO, and then tried to pull a coup d’etat of the AIBR (Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers), were the VERY SAME PEOPLE who eventually came to rest as dictators and Head Trolls on the BFF. Much of the controversy on the BFF started when connections of these cronies to the Michigan Recording Project (MRP) became manifest in a cover-up of questioning about that project and its results. The Forums administration was actively practicing censorship, and reading ostensibly private PMs (Personal Messages) sent by members of the Forums. Eventually, full scale slander and libel were the result, and personal recriminations and vendettas came to dominate the discourse. We, living out in the middle of nowhere in Willow Creek, were largely unaware of these problems. We may live in the heart of “Bigfoot Country,” or the “Bigfoot Capital of the World,” but we did not involve ourselves deeply in these all-too-human alliances and secret societies operating at the core of Bigfooting on the internet and in the various BF orgs. We just did our own research, and used the Forums to notify folks about our blog. We had been warned. Perhaps we should have stayed away? In the end we stepped in a big pile of doggie doo-doo, left by all the “dogs” on the BFF, “RedWolf” and the lot. Luckily, we have a fresh new pair of Converse high-tops and are heading off in new directions. Let this be our last commentary on the BFF situation. Let’s run down the list of folks and find out who they all are, if we may.

Here are two great links for readers to refer to now, or after the list below. These are both apparently anonymous blogs/web sties run by folks in the know. They have obviously had interactions with these BFF/Jimite factions in the past, and we are trusting that the sites are factual, though very satirical, and not made up of evidence fabricated in any way. Check them out!

Here is the Rogues Gallery…

The Rogue’s Gallery: Know your Jimites and Their Whacky Pals

…from the fine site, The Jimite Chronicles: The Arrogance, the Hypocrisy, the Hoax..

Be sure to pursue all of the links found on the left side to view all of their sub-pages. Notice the major overlap with the BFF Oligarchical Controllers? “T” obviously is “Teresa” Hall. The “Jim” of “Jimites is Jim Flowers, along with Stacey Flowers, or “Missus Jim,” below. “PaulUK” is clearly Paul Vella, onetime Chief Administrator. For “RedWolf,” see below. Right now we are not fully sure just whom we think “BlackDog,” “BitterMonk” and “MasterBarber” are.

Some of these statements may be a little dated, but you’ll get the gist.
We quote (these are not OUR words), a little:
“The Jim: It goes without saying, he is the Jim, the head of the gang. The Jim doesnt say that much these days, but when he does it to deride someone. At end time he had walked away from the MRP alledgedly, now it’s the real deal, it even predates them.
Missus The Jim, the Stacinator: The “scout”, the nice one, she seems nice…. and asks a lot of questions, essentially the Jimite spy.
“T”: Beware this one, also seems nice, review her posts on the BFF and elsewhere, theres the nice side you see, and the other one behind your back. She is openly a jimite, also a BFF moderator, and if nothing else, their permanent beachead on the BFF.
Guy In Indiana: Normally just another troll, fairly whiny when his pals get some comeuppance. Recently hoaxed by a guy in a monkey suit, but somehow, it’s REAL when it happens to him. Also an Incredible Hulk forum aficionado.
Ty: Another troll, one of the more foul mouthed ones at that.
Wildman: Another of the more foul mouthed of the Jimites, not quite the puss filled doughnut that is Blackdog, but he tries.
Bittermonk: Has been called “one of the most two faced folks in bigfootery”.
Blackdog: One wonders if he actually goes in the woods at all, or just spends time online as a troll. Recently returned to the BFF, after a long ban. One of the scummiest, nastiest of the Jimites.
Wolftrax: See Crowley Crusade, one of the lead lap dogs. Given to Conspiracy theory, possibly demented and the biggest crybaby of the bunch.
Timber Ghost: Runs the Kiamichi board, a “one comment wonder”.
PatB: Acts like a sweet old hippy lady, she isn’t. Has been proven the one true liar in the MRP and in falsifying the altering of evidence, is herself, a hoaxer.
PaulUK: Heads the BFF, allows the climate of gossip, dogpiles and the like. A UK native and one wonders why he has any importance in Bigfootery at all. HE freely ignores the rules of his own forum when he doesnt make them up as he goes.
Jayleed: PaulUk’s “Annie Oakley”, another BFF admin, also part of the problem. She is also “T”‘s best friend and a closet jimite in the guise of a biased BFF admin.
Pywacket: Seems to have a problem remembering where he puts trail cams. Not nessicarily a Jimite, but an opportunist to cozy up to people, truly a creepy individual.
SuzieQ: Loyal lapdog, seems to prefer to stay on the BFD fishbowl where it’s safe
Nightwing: Their resident artist, actually the one imite there might be hope for, but usually goes along with the groupthink.
Redwolf: She likes to make implied threats against folks of the BFF and BFD, another loon. A chest thumping self deluded bully.
Tube: See Crowley Crusade” [“Tube” is Matt Crowley, no doubt.]

We will quote again. Here is their list of the “Next Generation” of BFF/Jimite cultists, post-Paul Vella Administration:

“The current controlling roster:
Teresa: The witch in chief
Jayleed: Ol Annie Oakley herself, bitter over being called on her MRP related censorship, Loyal Jimite Foot Soldier, co-conspirator in the MRP hoax.
Counselor: Old school BFF Mod, attempted to censor the MRP on other forums
Mikek21: Old school Jimite Kool aid drinker
Moregon: Old School BFF Mod, will he/she/it survive the new Regime?
Oregonfooter: Loyal pod
Tugboatwa [Jerry Riedel]: The one old school decent mod, it’s amazing he’s survived this long.
Ace!: Loyal Pod
Bipedalist [“William”]: Snarky pod, with his own Agendas, but loyal Kool aid drinker
Bittermonk: Old School Jimite, co-conspirator in the failed AIBR coup de tat
GuyinIndiana: Bitter MRP hoaxer, “claims” he had a sighting, Incredial Hulk forum afficionado
HRPuffstuff: Bitter and nasty little Pod, has own agenda
Master Barber: New comer to the Mod squad, has own agenda, had role in running out Red rat fink
Redwolf: Just a plainly mean haggy ol’ bitch. She is the bully of the Mods, constantly posturing as a delusional badass, when actually nothing more than a true bully and a useless hick. Co-Conspirator in the MRP hoax.
And alas, what of Timmy? What of the Red Rat Fink”

By the last they mean “Red Rat Snake,” or Tim.

And here is one last list, of the supposed ancillary characters and their “roles” in the BFF control-cult:

“The Roster:
The Jim (thug-misdirector)
Stacinator (ambassador-troll)
PatB (ambassador then victim)
Wildman (thug)
Bittermonk (info gatherer)
Tube (occasional hanger on)
Blackdog (thug and troll)
Volsquatch (troll)
Wolftrax (troll and victim)
Red Wolf (thug)
Teresa (victim)
mike2k1 (info gatherer)
GuyInIndiana (troll-misdirector-info gatherer)
ty (troll)
susan (hanger on)
jayleed (troll-misdirector-thug)
nightwing (ambassador)
shaman (thug-hanger on)
thigmo (ambassador)”

Be sure to read their KNOW YOUR JIMITE GLOSSARY, on the lower end of the same page. It will explain many of the parenthetical usages above. You will know no more about Bigfoot by reading this, but you will know a whole lot more about all-too-human HUMAN NATURE. We learned the “hard way,” by having to try to deal rationally with these cult-think petty idea gangsters; but read on to the next paragraph there to see their hypothetical example of “A typical session of dog pile.” Fascinating! And ALL TOO familiar! And lo, these were the very same “people” (troll-dogs) who came after us and tried to set us up to be banned. Hilarious. Or not. Maybe it is just plain lame and juvenile. Again, THE LINK IS HERE.

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

20 Responses to “BFF Shenanigans Unmasked”

  1. Kopite responds:

    That is hilarious.

    Nice to see the mob labeled and filed away in the proper shelves. This bunch of ego maniacs, nutjobs and cyber bullies have been the most disappointing aspect of my online dalliance into the ‘bigfoot community’ these last half a dozen years or so. With people like these about it’s no wonder that the true luminaries of ‘bigfootry’ tend to keep the hell away from participating on such forums and in such places folks like these inhabit.

    You are right Loren, it doesn’t have anything to do with cryptozoology but the summation is a much needed one to reveal who’s who in this group of people. These people have had a weird obsession to try and become more important than they actually are for years now. Their self serving quest for power and control hasn’t had much to do with bigfoot/cryptozoology, but the warning of who they are should be heeded. These people are a bane (or should that be a stain?) of the online ‘bigfoot community’ and I, for one, am happy to see them all lumped together and named in one concise pamphlet for handy future reference.

  2. Steleheart responds:

    Wow, I am aghast here.

    Sometimes it seems that the field of Bigfoot research is worse than the PhD’s in biotech who support each other until someone attempts to publish – piranhas they are.

    I was going to suggest a while ago that Cryptomundo require a short bio when registering. It is this anonymity, which seems to be an accepted part of the internet age, that can be used against and to destroy individuals and forums. And why should it!? Forget anonymity – say who you are or shut up! LOL

    I am not anybody really, but there are so many qualified and educated people here who have so much to contribute that it would be helpful and really would enhance a discussion, if people knew who they were communicating with. On the other hand I realize the risk that known persons take when posting but if you can’t stand the heat…. haha

    This whole thing smacks of some kind of conspiracy or some gub’miint black ops thingy, lol I don’t really understand it but I will read and research it more. wow again.

    My point is though, that anonymity has become a real scourge in this digital age. A buck and a credit card will ease that problem. 🙂

  3. proriter responds:

    And thus we see that all nerds are not confined to Star Trek. Tell me again how “scientific” all of this is.

  4. size 13 responds:

    The nut job who originally posted this IS the reason bigfooters are viewed as they are, dysfunctional. I have had the pleasure of shared viewpoints and great discussions with many on his hate list, should I have been on the list too? This guy IS the dysfunctional part of the Bigfoot world. Sounds real paranoid, Don’t he? Always somebody out to get him or his forum. I have had a great many conversations with many on his list and found them to be very sane and informative with years of experience behind them. These are people in the know, they have seen these animals and know what they are talking about. Don’t take my word for it, go and have a nice conversation with some of these folk.
    I will say this, Timberghost has put Oklahoma bigfooting on the map and is a very intelligent and very experienced in this field.
    Reread this article with this in mind-Very Paranoid Person.

  5. GuyInIndiana responds:

    Wow Loren… shocking. Now you’ve turned to tabloid journalism. You take rumor, gossip and innuendo… copy and paste what OTHER people who don’t know what they are talking about, and then call that a ‘blog’.

    Maybe you should have found out what the agenda of this ‘unknown blogger’ was, then looked into the slander THEY are spreading before you attached YOUR name and this site to it. Steve didn’t even write this stuff, HE was just reposting the rantings of someone else who won’t identify himself.

    This “Jimite” stuff is frankly hilarious. Whoever these idiots are from SFB who started all this a long time ago are, they should have done a better job or researching their slander. What’s sad is that people like this Steve come along, get sucked into it, and now you have.

    Just think of it. “One little group of people with SO MUCH power over the entire *bigfoot community*…” What a commentary on this blog that is.

  6. John Cartwright responds:

    Steve is not a nut job, he simply felt no need to be bullied by these thugs and spoke up. Yes, Bigfooting is dysfuntional. I am sure you did have the pleasure of good conversation with these people. In the beginning, so did most of us. It is when you form a differing opinion from these persons at the BFF that caused problems. Such as harassment, slander, and ostracizing. The comments in that blog may sting and seem shocking to some, but they are the spot on truth.

  7. Ace! responds:

    I sent a note to Steven so he’d know you quoted him out of context.

    Also, I’d like to ask why I’m a “loyal pod”? What does that mean? Why propogate that on Crytomundo? It’s childish name calling. The people doing this name calling haven’t met many of the people they are railing against. It’s inappropriate, and it’s wrong. Think about it, think about what’s right and wrong. Is it right to write things about people you’ve never met, never had an interaction with? Just because you disagree with someone you shouldn’t have to resort to this.

    And JCartwright, “the comments in that blog may sting and seem shocking to some, but they are the spot on truth” means what? Do you know me and can you actually agree I’m a “loyal pod”? What’s it mean, to you? Have I treated you inappropriately? Who have I mistreated? How many of the others in that list have treated you inappropriately?

    It’s not appropriate to be disrespectful of others in the way the anonymous blogger has been. It’s not appropriate to re-publish the blog in the manner Steven and Loren have. As a blogger, I know, I’m responsible for the information on my blog. Taking the, “Someone else wrote it, I just re-posted it” is the chicken sh*t way to handle things.

    As a moderator at BFF I was straight forward and honest. I expect the same from others. Is that too much to ask?

  8. Kevin or Mike responds:

    The anonymous blogger is a frequent bigfoot poster known as Ganglian on various bigfooter forums and Mikeyx on JREF. His profile information was visible on the blog for a while but he removed it when Steven quoted his blog. I see that as of right now the blog is down.

    Ganglian was banned from the BFF during the MRP fiasco and was banned numerous times on the Bigfoot Discussions Forum for using different usernames.

    He has used the term “Jimite” frequently and doesn’t hide the fact that he holds a grudge against that group of people.

    He is also a member of the staff on Melissa Hovey’s Search for Bigfoot Forum. Melissa, her blog and her forum members also have personal issues with them.

    Anything he says in the blog obviously lacks objectivity and needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt.

  9. John Cartwright responds:

    Nope Ace. I Don’t know you. I was speaking about the people I am familiar with.

  10. gridbug responds:

    I have no idea what ANY of this is about. I guess that’s a good thing.

  11. Steleheart responds:


    All of these posts seem to indicate that I was right about anonymity – it’s a scourge that detracts from serious research.

    Blaming Loren for this post; baloney. If you had your real name and rep out there you’d be more careful what you say.

    Honestly I think reputable blogs and forums should require ID. I’ll pay a buck, hell I’ll pay 20 bucks, plus the forum gets some $ to keep going.

    Craig, Loren, consider this. Break new ground, make a new standard. Lead the way!

    I am Donald Hardiman btw, find me on facebook or see my posts here as ‘Steleheart’ or on ‘facebook/findbigfoot and facebook/Impossible Visits: Bigfoot/Sasquatch Research with Live Daily Updates.’ I am not a researcher, biologist, PhD or Zoologist. I am just an interested janitor and I have no problem telling anyone who I am.

    Do you?

  12. Steleheart responds:

    Spot On Loren! Thanks for bringing this topic out into the open.

    Slander, Libel and gossip are prosecutable offences – much more serious than shenanigans haha, but as Loren said, this has nothing to do with Cryptozoology.

    Unfortunately, as all of you know, This baloney is like a cancer in the field. Ultimately each must ask himself “am I contributing or detracting?”
    but then there is honesty, LOLOL

  13. Kopite responds:

    John Cartwright wrote:

    The comments in that blog may sting and seem shocking to some, but they are the spot on truth.

    Yes they are. You won’t find too many people disagreeing with those comments, unless of course they are part of the ‘injured party’. It then stands to reason they are going to disagree because they never do anything wrong. Oh no. Even after they have completely ruined the BFF you’ll never get them admitting to any culpability.

    As an outsider looking in and observing all these shenanigans over the years I have to say I agree completely with the comments in the blog. They ARE spot on.

    Oh and just in case any members of ‘the mob’ are thinking it, no you WON’T be able to threaten or silence anybody on Cryptomundo.

  14. Ace! responds:

    Therein lies a problem Jim (and to others). You don’t really believe what you wrote, “The comments in that blog may sting and seem shocking to some, but they are the spot on truth” or you don’t know it to be true. But, you’re propogating it. The original poster of those comments doesn’t know me, hasn’t had an interaction with me, as well as some of the others mentioned in his blog. Steven re-posts it with his own general comments, it gets re-posted from Steven’s blog by Loren and you make a general comment and now it becomes more than it was. People reading it now think that several people are agreeing on the same thing when in fact NONE of you know all the people being described in the original blog.

    So, if you or Ganglian/mikeyx (Mike), Steven, Loren or anyone else had a problem with me and cited examples we could talk about our disagreements. At this point though none of you have done that. If you, Mike, Steven, Loren or anyone else has a specific example of being mistreated by someone else, another administrator or moderator, a link to the thread on BFF (or anywhere else) could show that, but instead generalizations are made, remade, reposted, regurgitated. I didn’t always agree with moderation when I was a member, but it didn’t mean it wasn’t done fairly or objectively or in the best interest of the forum. That being said, there are going to be disagreements when there are people involved and I think people forget that, that people are involved. I didn’t always agree with everyone on BFF, but it didn’t mean I should get my way. I was a guest there and could leave at any time.

    I was made a full moderator on July 9, 2010 (as were several other moderators) and the BFF was shut down August 16, 2010. Really think I destroyed the forum as it was known in just over a month? Did all of these detractors have an issue over my moderation in that short time? The answer is no. If they did, they would have said something at the time.

    I’m just asking you guys to take a step back from your personal issues with one or two or a few people and give examples of your mistreatment and leave the others out of it. If you have a problem with me directly, show my where/why and we can talk about it. We may never agree, but if you give me/people a chance to talk it through, we might. It’s a lot more straight forward and honest than posting someone is dead nuts right about something in which they aren’t (again, the “anonymous blogger” doesn’t know me in any way and has no basis for his post). Also, I would ask that people be respectful of others, even if you feel hurt by someone. Be respectful and honest. Is that too much to ask?

    So kopite and steleheart, in what way were mistreated by all of the moderators on BFF. Can you link to the posts in where you were mistreated, or are you making hollow comments without respect and honesty?

  15. John Cartwright responds:


    Which part of, “I don’t know you” did you not comprehend? Seeing as I was banned over 2 years ago and as you were a Mod for a little over a month, your part in this is non existent at best to me. I have no problem with you personally and really don’t even know who you are or even care. Do you have a real name? If you are proud about your moderation skills step out into the light. Need my real name? It is listed above. I am the guy who was raped by 5 Bigfoot as reported right here on this blog. So don’t whine to me about being called a “pod”. This is a full contact sport and you are going to get your jersey dirty.

    I could write a book about my problems with the major players listed above starting with them harassing me when I came to some of them as a witness. I also saw them give the same treatment to countless other witnesses and investigators over the years on that forum. Newbies and potential witnesses now may know who to avoid. That is what matters most to us who do investigations.

  16. size 13 responds:

    Is this dysfunctional or what?
    I am currently writing a story about this very thing, IT IS a Comedy.
    Would make a good movie.

  17. Ace! responds:


    “Which part of, “I don’t know you” did you not comprehend?”

    This part, “The comments in that blog may sting and seem shocking to some, but they are the spot on truth” as it relates to this part, “Nope Ace. I Don’t know you. I was speaking about the people I am familiar with.” They can’t both be true.

    I better understand though that you do not wish to be respectful or honest, and that’s fine. I’ve had enough of your “online” persona and I hope to never meet you in “real” life. Though if you do see me out in the field (which is where I spend a great deal of my time), feel free to call me Ace!

  18. Ace! responds:

    Good luck on the book Size 13, and the movie. As someone currently dealing with authorship it can be a great deal of work.

  19. Mausinn responds:

    This is satire right? Looking at the posts here, they look just like the junior high crap that gets posted on the Bigfoot forums. Please tell me this is satire. It has digressed even to the point of veiled threats by some. Too many Keyboard Commandos troll the forums these days. I don’t want to believe this sort of BS has been imported over to this site as well.

  20. DWA responds:

    If I’m a scientist, and I hear about anything that is vouched for by anyone featured in this blog, it’s another fake. Pure and simple.

    If I’m a bigfoot, I’m thanking my Creator for Bigfooters, if this is what they’re all like; they’ll ensure that I never get poked prodded or specimenized by science.

    That’s what it is, Loren: back-channel hysteria. By people who might want to find something productive to do with their time, like search for the sasquatch. Or better yet: get a Real Job, and leave the field to folks who actually want to do that.

    One wonders why the TBRC never rubs off on any of these clowns. Might do them some good.

Sorry. Comments have been closed.

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