Boys See Bigfoot

Posted by: Loren Coleman on November 16th, 2006

Wisconsin Bigfoot Witnesses

Wisconsin Boys Say They Saw Bigfoot

November 15, 2006 (PM release)


WAUKESHA COUNTY, WI — Is it Bigfoot or some other mysterious creature? Whatever it is, it seems to be on the move.

Last week there was a sighting in Washington County. Now, he’s been spotted in Waukesha County.

As Courtney Gerrish explains, the description is the same, a seven-foot tall hairy "monster."

David and Dillon were out jumping on the trampoline a week ago Sunday when they saw something scary.

"We saw just a hairy monster on the corner of the woods. I saw it leaning on a tree."

"The trampoline is just about 110 yards from the edge of the woods."

The two friends walked us back to the exact spot they believe they saw Bigfoot.

"I was pretty scared when I saw that."

David Radeztsky’s mom brushed the boy’s off.

"What was your initial response? I said oh that’s nice, just trying to be a good mother but not believing it."

Five days later she heard about the sighting in Washington County.

"Then I saw your newscast and I thought that was interesting because it’s not too far from Holy Hill where we live. If Bigfoot was in the area maybe he did stop by our backyard."

David and Dillon are sticking to their story.

"I think that he was in the Wisconsin and that he is real"

The parents would like to know what they saw especially if it’s a wild animal. Article


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11 Responses to “Boys See Bigfoot”

  1. lorelady responds:

    And how does one extrapolate from the words, “Big Hairy Monster,” of two very young children, that this was a Bigfoot? Particularly since none of the other creatures seen and reported in this area were perceived to be Bigfoot by the witnesses? It could have been Bigfoot, sure, but lots of things could look like big hairy monsters to children. There is no description of what it looked like at all in this story. It could have had the wolflike head Steve Krueger saw, or it could have been a slightly stray bear, or a coyote, or even a loose Irish wolfhound for all we know. This area is just north of where widespread kangaroo sightings were made in the 60s. Until I can hear a more definite description from the tykes, or even a stick-figure sketch, this is staying in my “perhaps” and “indefinite” files.

    – Linda Godfrey

  2. Riptor responds:

    I agree Lorelady.
    There is no description of the creature. Besides, children’s immaginations run wild sometimes and things seem bigger and scarier than what they really are.
    Who was never affraid of monsters in the closet or under the bed?
    I’m sure they saw something, but was it really as big as they said?
    Maybe if we had a full description, we could assume it might be Bigfoot or some other cryptid.

  3. mystery_man responds:

    Yeah, I’m going to keep an open mind on this but not jump to any conclusions just yet. I’m not saying the kids are lying, but children are notorious for overexagerrating what they see. It could be a lot of things, but if it is indeed a large, potentially dangerous animal, they should probably get some forestry people over there to check it out if they haven’t already. Would you want to take a chance with your kids jumping outside on a trampoline? I sure wouldn’t.

  4. mememe responds:

    I agree with lorelady too.

    How do they jump to Bigfoot?

    Like I guess quite a few on here, I saw the video news of these two children yesterday from the link on this site.

    And I don’t see why the “Big Hairy Monster,” keeps being turned into Bigfoot by so many articles and reporters. I thought reporter report the facts, and not put words in the babe’s mouths.

  5. Knyghtmare responds:

    My comment is the same as I posted on the previous sighting blog.

    If its not a bear and its not Bigfoot… Then what else could it be? Anyone ever hear of the Bray Road Beast, in Wisconsin? Perhaps it has migrated to Washington and nearby counties. Krueger said he saw “pointy ears”. Holy Hill has old folks tales of the Goat Man as well. I just thought I would throw that idea out there. Something else I am curious of… The report gives an exact location of where he saw this “creature” and no one has gone to this spot to look for tracks or footprints or any evidence that some sort of large creature was present? “7 feet tall and wide” would leave some interesting impressions in the ground. Then again I suppose that it has been cold and we had a large rain and snow storm that Friday after.

  6. lorelady responds:

    Actually, someone did go look for prints, its chronicled on my update page at on the brayupdate and braybearwolf pages. A local hunter who has permission to be on the private adjoining land tracked something for over a mile to where it disappeared in a swamp. He said the impressions were smaller than his (average size) own bootprints but much larger than a dog or wolf, and deep enough to be heavier than he is (around 170 pounds), also spaced wider than a human would walk, in bipedal formation. None were clear enough to get a cast from as it was marshy grass.

    – Linda Godfrey

  7. Knyghtmare responds:

    That is an outstanding read, thank you Linda. I just had a thought. With it being hunting season and Bow hunting having been going on for quite some time, the population of Deer in the area would be becoming scarce… which I would asume drive anything that may require this as food to find, well, other means of aquiring what it needs. Even if it takes becoming more bold as to retrieve a carcase from the side of the road, or taking them out of the back of a pickup. I would asume that could also cause this to become more bold as to wander into areas more densly populated by humans, which would account for more sightings recently. Hmm… just a though.

  8. sschaper responds:

    Unless they live in a suburb of a city, they would jolly well know dog or coyote from “big hairy monster”

    Now bear, I live in Rochester, Minnesota, and there was a black bear living in the southern parts of the city for some time, this summer. It wasn’t widely published (gotta keep people coming here to spend money dontcha know) but I know people who saw it, and it was a matter for caution for people living here.

    So, sure could have been a bear. Or even a wolverine. There was one photographed by the security camera last year a few miles north of here at the Ford dealership in Zumbrota.

    A few years ago in eastern Iowa there was a “black creature” that was killing dogs. It wasn’t a Nape, it was on all fours. Since bears come down every few years or so, I’m thinking that that was likely a wolverine, too.

  9. mystery_man responds:

    A bear is a very reasonable assumption, although like I said before, children exaggerate. My little cousin told me one time that there was a spider in his room as big as his hand. When I went to investigate, it was a daddy long legs, and although scary to a kid, was far from the size of his hand. I am not saying that their report is to be dismissed, just saying that this has to be kept in mind when weighing this sighting. A coyote or large dog in the right lighting lurking at the edge of the woods? I feel an overactive imagination could very easily blow this out of proportion and that this possibility is not entirely far fetched.

  10. Knyghtmare responds:

    I agree that to a young boy, other things seem larger or more exagerated than they really are. I am from the area of all these sighting, so this interests me quite a bit. Yet growing up around here with nothing but land around a lot of peoples homes and most kids growing up with dogs, I find myself leaning twards the reasoning that a young boy these days just may be used to a dog sized animal and if they lived close to the woods have probably seen dog sized creatures before. If they were mistaken regular creatures for “monsters” then they would be reporting these things all the time and their parents would most likely brush most things off. Sometimes kids see things. Sometimes, I think, that we need to believe them. I cant say for sure what they may or may not have seen, but perhaps I am giving them the benifit of the doubt.

  11. bill green responds:

    hey rick & cryptomundo this wisconsin sasquatch ie wolfbear encounters situation still are realy starting to realy interesting indeed again. thanks bill. please keep me informed ok.

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