Breaking Bigfoot Story: Holes Developing

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 8th, 2010

Lesley at Debris Field just talked to Nancy Birnes, UFO Magazine editor, and she writes: “I don’t know who wrote that at the Overnight AM site, but no film crew has been dispatched. Possibly someone will go there and check it out, but at this point nobody has.”

Ask yourself: Why would a flying saucer publication be involved, anyway?

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9 Responses to “Breaking Bigfoot Story: Holes Developing”

  1. Lesley responds:

    I probably should correct that — nobody from UFO Mag has gone there yet. I suppose it is possible that someone from Overnight AM did.

  2. SIRUPAPERS responds:

    Beyond that wouldn’t it be easier to contact a local newspaper or tv station?

  3. adamn responds:

    I did a bit of quick research on the host of the show Lan Lamphere. He seems to be a bit of a braggard and self-promoter. Does that sound like anyone we know? I smell a wet synthetic suit!

  4. apithacus responds:

    I didn’t get my hopes yet anyway.

  5. Spinach Village responds:

    Looking at it from a different perspective, I think this gentleman wants to be as discrete as possible; thus calling the local news team might be counter productive, plus it would immediately expose the location of this pod to the general public.

    UFO’s are sometimes lumped in to the same category as Bigfoot sightings, so I can accept this “route” a little bit.

    As has been stated on the show by the one BFRO expert, based on the way this guy comes across, I have to take him on his word until proved otherwise.

    One thing I can almost anticipate is T.B. trying to nudge his way into the mix. I’m dreading his poisonous influence. The necessary people need to briefed on the kind of damaged credibility that he lugs around the country with himself, so that they can avoid him.

  6. apithacus responds:

    ..that sucks.

  7. Parandr0id responds:


  8. proriter responds:

    Some people never learn, can’t learn, won’t learn.

  9. Steleheart responds:

    I thought Mike sounded sincere, but then I thought, what would it take for a Hollywood type producer/director and a retired actor to script this so that Mike can answer random questions and still seem sincere? Pppphhhh, It’s acting 101.

    However there is no basis for that kind of speculation. I know some think all kinds of red flags were raised but they are mostly subjective based on other’s ideas of what Mike should see, smell, hear, think, do, feel, who he should have called, what he should have said, and what he should have for dinner, etc.

    He may be delusional, disturbed, sincere, or a very, VERY good actor. But SO FAR it is way more compelling than Biscardi and the Georgia Boys, No?

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