Unknown Chilean Primate?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on March 19th, 2007

Chilean Chimp

Source: zoopedia.blogspot.com and iiee.com
Date: 03.17.07
Apelike Creature Reported in Angol (9th Region, Chile)
by Raul Gajardo Lepold and Sigrid Grothe

According to information in our files, we can say that Mr. Luis B.T., a well-known jeweler and native artisan of the 9th Region, retold a strange experience that befell his son-in-law in the winter of 2006.

Luis’s son-in-law, a truck driver with an erratic schedule, could not believe what he was seeing on the road in June 2006 near midnight between a stretch of road from Los Angeles to Muchén. On that day he wasn’t carrying an assistant, so there are no other witnesses to his observation. But he does remember driving at an average speed without any further remarks. Suddenly, on a particular stretch of road on which no other cars were present, he noticed that there was a strange animal on his right, on the blacktop. It was very still and had the appearance of an ape, with short arms and long legs. He managed to hit the brakes about 10 meters from this animal, but the simian creature did not make a move and slowly turned its head toward the truck. That’s when the driver noticed that its eyes were sparkling red, and that the configuration or fur on its body was very odd, covered by something similar to short whitish feathers.

The trucker felt a shudder of fear, faced with such an strange situation. He stopped the engine and allowed several seconds to elapse, with the creature staring at him as he quaked with fear. The animal walked slowly and crossed the road, never taking its eyes off the driver. As the witness recalls, the simian entity was thickset, stood approximately over one meter tall, had a head proportioned to its body and a large muzzle. It made no sound whatsoever. At no time did its extremities touch the pavement and it maintained itself upright throughout, like a small man.

The driver was able to get a good look at the creature and kept his headlights on at all time. He added that the creature’s attitude was defiant throughout the event, while passive.

An effort is being made at this time to compile more information regarding this strange experience, which remained unpublished and under strict family secrecy.

(translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Núñez, IHU)

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
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18 Responses to “Unknown Chilean Primate?”

  1. windigo responds:


  2. Bob Michaels responds:

    An Indian medicine man or Shaman

  3. Muskie Murawski responds:

    Not much without the actual eyewitness’s account

  4. Rillo777 responds:

    A second hand account after a fairly long passage of time. However, the red glowing eyes were no doubt a reflection in the eyes from the headlights. Owl’s eyes glow red in light but the description doesn’t fit that.

    I would be tempted to write this one off, but it did happen in Chile and that region seems to have a lot of strange creatures that science hasn’t been able to get at, in part, because the Chilean government seems to be very closed to such inquiries from what I hear. Hmmm…

  5. BugMO responds:

    Is that an eyewitness sketch?

  6. RockerEm responds:

    looks like an ape to me

  7. Dragonheart responds:

    my first thought was “baboon”! That could be the reason of the whitish fur-color… the sketch, in my eyes, resembles a baboon too.

  8. jayman responds:

    One of those “Goblin Universe” sightings that just don’t fit.

  9. fuzzy responds:


  10. mystery_man responds:

    My red flag goes up whenever I read accounts with “glowing” or “sparkling red eyes”. It smacks of a good camp fire story.

  11. graybear responds:

    “…had the appearance of an ape, with short arms and long legs.”
    Apes have LONG arms and SHORT legs. Is this a typo with the modifiers reversed? The accompanying illustration seems to bear out this reversal. The eyeshine doesn’t bother me, as it’s been reported before and is a familiar phenomenon in many species. But an ape with SHORT arms? Guy in a suit (or out of a bottle) time.

  12. bill green responds:

    hey everyone good morning wow this a interesting new article about a unknown primate. that sketch of this primate looks very interesting also. was there other evidence of this primate found at sighting locations. thanks bill green

  13. sadisticgreen responds:

    Dragonheart: I’m totally with you. My first impression was baboon from the sketch. However, the odd behaviour of this little mystery creature doesn’t really sit too well with a baboon. Also it says he got a good look at the creature as it passed through his headlights and I doubt anyone could mistake fur for feathers, could they?

  14. 12inchPianist responds:

    If I saw feathers, I’d be thinking bird. The appearance of short arms could be wings in the folded position, perhaps splayed slightly to aid in balance as it crossed the road? I have seen crows and magpies standing at the side of the road waiting for the car to pass by, watching, and walking to a food source on the road surface. Certainly matching most of the description above.

    Just a hypothesis that I present to the viewing audience. I would surely be excited if it were a new ape, but the proof…

  15. shumway10973 responds:

    ok, this one is different. I have no problems with south america having large ape creatures, they have monkeys. This one though, the head is rather small and roundish. The teeth are demon like. The way the arms are depicted I’d say zombie. The legs, if that is actally how they looked, seem more satyr than anything else. Not to mention I have found it fascinating that the more recent “bipedal” ape prints have had weird toe patterns for something walking upright. This one’s right foot looks like it belongs to a bird. Unless this whole thing was a man that got tarred and feathered. By the way, the glowing red eyes are typical of any nocturnal primate. Felines and canines usually glow greenish, but primates usually glow red. I will admit my first impressions were werewolf (or any other animal).

  16. mystery_man responds:

    Shuway10973- I guess the fact that the eyes seemed to be described as glittering and kind of producing some sort of internal illumination that makes me suspicious. Some animals eyes will glow when there is light cast upon them, such as this man’s headlights I guess, or moonlight, but animals don’t have brightly glowing, shimmering eyes without this. There is nothing in the body producing illumination independently. The eyes don’t glow so much as reflect light. Maybe that is what this guy saw, but it just seems a bit overexagerrated to me. That isn’t even the oddest part of the story, just one that always seems to be played up in some of the wierder stories.

  17. silvereagle responds:

    mystery man, You might consider restating your alleged facts as an opinion, albeit an incorrect one. I personally witnessed two little people excitedly approach me at night, set up at two separate vantage points about 25 feet away, pause, simultaneously turn their self illuminating blood reddish eyes on slightly, simultaneously slowly increase the intensity of brightness to a maximum, simultaneously reduce the intensity back to a low light level, and then simultaneously turn them off. This approach and apparent attempt at communication of their identity, occurred after I emitted some Bigfoot calls. It was pitch black with no moon and no other lighting. I observed this with both night vision equipment and the naked eye. There bodies were invisible. The exact blood red color would be similar to if you held a flashlight behind a thin part of skin on your hand. Perhaps you might reconsider your opinions in the future, and correctly identify them as such. This clearly was not redeye reflection. I know of reports from a Native American who at the distance of no more than a few feet, observed self illuminating eyeshine from a 7 foot tall bigfoot at a non lit area of their main street. Which, as you can imagine, would likely have increased her heart beat rate somewhat, prior to her hasty departure for home. I belief that 4th dimensional people use this attribute for two purposes. 1. being identification between each other when their bodies are invisible (my experience) and 2. a potential defensive warning when they possibly feel threatened to some degree. Orbs can emit self illumination glow as well, that can be seen with the naked eye. A little orb buddie of mine, did exactly that for about 1/2 hour one time, before fading. “Hunt for the Skinwalker”, describes this as well.

  18. mystery_man responds:

    Well, silvereagle, I’ll go and say fact for flesh and blood animals, my opinion for 4th dimensional Bigfoot buddies and so on. 🙂

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