Dead Bigfoot Photo?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on April 16th, 2009

Since there has been some renewed interest in the Bigfoot community in the following photograph, I thought I should post it again.

What is shown in this image? Where was it taken? By whom? When? Of what?

After all, there are so many more eyes here than there was when this first appeared, perhaps someone can source this one.

Craig Woolheater first posted this on Cryptomundo on November 21, 2006:


Cryptomundo reader captiannemo sent in this photo.

Hunting The Ape Man

Anyone know anything about this one?


Leave your guesses and any known information in comments below.

For editorial comparison purposes, I have added examples of archival photos of dead gorillas.



It is noteworthy to see that traditional trophy photographs would show the front of the animal taken.


Please remember to…

Thank You.

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57 Responses to “Dead Bigfoot Photo?”

  1. gr8shot responds:

    I can give you one piece of info that proves its a fake, and its so obvious I can’t believe no one has seen it. The man in the photo. If you look at his left hand, from the wrist to his elbow is missing! You see foliage where an arm should be. Definitely a photoshop.

  2. Roy3rd responds:

    I’m with you, sausage1. The gorilla pictures make me feel very sad.

  3. DNS responds:

    Bear with bad haircut.

  4. Steleheart responds:

    I realize I’m new here and no disrespect meant those with more experience in such things but y’all seem quick to jump on the ‘fake’ bandwagon. For one thing in the early days of photography, the whole process was a big deal – no point and shoot cameras and no pix-texting to friends and media. Even up to the 50’s many professionals were still using glass plate negatives. One did not take many multiples. On another note many native Americans believed in Sasquatch as fact, but more importantly, in remote areas poor people had no access to media and if something like this did happen it would be unlikely folks would be able to afford to ‘take it on the road’ so to speak. Eventually the event would become a little known ‘legend’.

    It’s easy to see that a small photo eventually scanned and enlarged would lose much of its original integrity and become blurred and pixilated. True enough the creature is in the foreground and the hunter is behind. This is a problem with focus because early equipment had very limited ability to adjust for “depth of field” and consequently only the hunter is in focus.

    As far as details at least the lighting angles are consistent – the light falls on the hunter’s right arm and on the corresponding side of the creature which, it seems, is hung at a slightly different angle and so is more shadowed.

    With that in mind I played with the light just a bit and lo-and-behold it seems more likely that the photo is in fact of the front of the ‘creature’! Using Picasa, I turned the photo upside down, added some fill light and more details became evident! The fingers are curled forward and there is even a discernible penis – pointing in the right direction I might add. (It is more easily seen upside down)

    Unfortunately I don’t know how to add a picture here but try it!

  5. john5 responds:

    Thanks for the comment RPJ. Hopefully there are some quality photography equipment being used in an attempt to photograph Sasquatch. Even an old super8 movie camera would produce better quality footage than many of the new gizzmos out there.

    Thanks for not considering this new twitter thing too Loren. Don’t no what it is and really don’t care right now. I tried the facebook thing and it is far to involved for my liking. If people do not have anything better to do in their life it is probably marvelous.

    Hopefully more people will help financially with all of your efforts Loren! I have no credit card but would like to donate if I could use my Canadian bankcard over the internet somehow. I can pay bills over the internet up here but do not know how I can donate to you with it across the border.

  6. Lost_Thought responds:

    I did some minor level adjustments in Photoshop, and determined quickly that it is a poor forgery.

    Here is a quick and dirty rundown of the most obvious signs of fakery in this image.

    //late to the party.

  7. hickorytree responds:

    I’m in the woods daily working in the trees or hunting for food. I hunt bears. Yes bears Fat meat is hard to find in nature. I hang my bears by the feet it is better for blood drainage. As for the object faceing away from camera look past the hunter there is no open ground. Rehanging even with horse would be a lot more work. As for it being a bear, it forsure ain’t a bear no bear I ever shot had a rump like that. I’m new to this computer stuff only got phone and computer for teen daughter. (She and my wife bear hunt also) So Maybe it is fake I can’t swear to it but as a hunter a lot of the arguments against it can be explained. Please no wineing about my hunting it feeds us and we are top heavey with bears around my cabin.

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