Enjoy 2012’s Final Finding Bigfoot

Posted by: Loren Coleman on December 30th, 2012

The Internet sure had fun with the show this year.







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12 Responses to “Enjoy 2012’s Final Finding Bigfoot”

  1. springheeledjack responds:


    That pretty much sums it up…

  2. painted8 responds:

    This show makes me believe less in Bigfoot. At first it was somewhat intriguing. Now, they are just coming up with stupid pranks to “draw in” Bf. And they will accept the most questionable footage as proof.

  3. Interested responds:

    When can we expect the T-Shirts to hit the market? :o)

  4. dconstrukt responds:

    hahahaha…. this was so classic. (and true).

  5. dharkheart responds:

    That pretty much sums up the show. “Squatches do, or Squatches have twins; Moneymaker makes statements without physical evidence to back them up. Too bad because I like the show, particularly Ranae and Cliff and Bobo, although he can make some of the ‘dead certain’ assertions that Moneymaker spouts; I like Matt, too I enjoy his enthusiasm—just wish he would stop making statements that have yet to be proved.

    Their “squatching” techniques only elicit ambiguous results. I think they should refine their searches using Ranae’s experience as a field biologist and implement other less “rock n roll” type techniques. It seems as if they’re playing in the woods rather than doing serious research.

    Josh Gates would fit into this show nicely. He has a habit of running wildly after something he quietly stalks. I like Josh, too, I just think the way these shows run their investigations leaves their viewers feeling like Gilligan will never get off the island. Yeah, I know the castaways were finally rescued just as I feel certain someone will eventually find physical evidence of Bigfoot.

    If someone watched ‘Finding Bigfoot’ for other than entertainment they will be disappointed at every turn. Just my 2 cents.

  6. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    I’m finally starting to get it. The longer these guys look for Bigfoot and don’t find it, the less likely it seems to be real. Their ultimate goal isn’t to prove Bigfoot exists, it’s to provide overwhelming evidence that it doesn’t. Smart. And that’s the very first time I’ve heard them described that way, by anyone.

  7. Alamo responds:

    Remember how Bugs Bunny used to lure in the Tasmanian Devil by dressing as a female devil? I think Bobo should do the same thing. Dress up in a Girlfoot outfit, apply pheromones and tromp around vocalizin:

    “Yoooooohooooo, oooooooh Mr. Bigfooooooot… heeeey biiiig boooooy…”.

    “Man Bobo, Bigfoot got pretty excited there, he really went off on you… something must have gotten into him…”

    “Yeah, I don’t know about him… but something got into me for sure…”

  8. squatchman responds:

    Best show ever!!

  9. HulkSmashNow responds:

    There’s so little reality in these reality shows. This one, “Moonshiners,” “Amish Mafia,” “Restaurant Stakeout,” and others like them truly muddy the waters. But, networks are interested in entertainment on the cheap, and I suppose these shows get just enough viewers and ad revenue to keep them on the air.

  10. Interested responds:

    dharkheart, you put my thoughts into words better then I could. I agree 100%, but think even Cliff is starting to say some off the wall stuff and stretch a few things a little.

    I’m about burned out on the everything is and has to be a “no doubt its a squatch” mentality. Heck I would like to see one show where they aren’t howling and knocking on crap. Probably do more scaring away then attracting anything.

    On a side note: Do they go into these places unannounced first to look around and stay out in the woods? or do the locals know they are coming before they get there? Seems they can set themselves up for a lot of pranks or “knocks” so to speak if there’s advanced notice?

  11. DWA responds:

    “Their “squatching” techniques only elicit ambiguous results. I think they should refine their searches using Ranae’s experience as a field biologist and implement other less “rock n roll” type techniques. It seems as if they’re playing in the woods rather than doing serious research.”

    Now see? What the heck is going on when A FIELD BIOLOGIST doesn’t contribute anything to the search protocols at all?

    Unfortunately, there is at least one other field biologist of my acquaintance on another forum who doesn’t seem to interpret the evidence without the pre-existing bias that ‘this ain’t real.’ When you are, to boot, cast on the show as “the skeptic,” so much for your chances of actually helping out.

  12. bobzilla responds:

    I think Cliff and Ranae should do some serious research on their own. Matt and Bobo are just too definitive with their “findings”. When you watch a few episodes in a row, it gets very tiresome and sticks out like a sore thumb how ridiculous they sound.

    Cliff and Ranae are more level-headed. I like that Ranae disagrees with Matt and Bobo a lot. That’s what she’s there for. But, Matt just takes his “I’m the leader” attitude and doesn’t listen to other opinions.

    You can’t just walk around the woods for a few hours and expect to find anything. From what I’ve seen, the most they’ve found is the occasional deer. With the abundance of known animals in the woods that should be found, they STILL don’t have a good track record of even finding them!

    I think you need to invisibly monitor an area that might be considered a “hot spot” for a long time. Cameras, which I guess would be the easiest to conceal, should blend in to the area and be left there for a long time. Have enough set up so you don’t have to keep going in and checking on them or change batteries or whatever.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents…

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