Giant Horned Snake

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 5th, 2011

Indiana Democrat
Indiana, Pennsylvania

August 20, 1902



There is consternation in South Blairsville among the employees of the
Columbia Plate Glass Company over a monster believed to be in the swamp
north of the factory. Many stories are being told about him. Those who
seem to have seen the monster say he is fifteen feet long, six inches in
diameter in the center with a broad flat head and horns nearly a foot long.
The noise of his hissing “sounds like a locomotive blowing off steam.”

Thanks to Jerome Clark.

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
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2 Responses to “Giant Horned Snake”

  1. flame821 responds:

    1902? I think we can safely say this was not an escaped exotic pet. The horns have me stumped. I’ve personally seen some Rattlers and Black snakes (rat snakes) around here that are effing large and I imagine back then when the environment was healthier they grew much larger. (also not as many crazed humans freaking out and killing them, realizing they eat vermin like mice and voles) And as far as I know horned vipers tend to like drier environments, certainly not swamps.

  2. Cernovog responds:

    This sighting is not unique. The description sounds exactly like a creature described the Anishinabe (or Ojibwa or Chippewa) sacred stories named Missekenebeck. He is one of the “manedog”, a group of supernatural beings responsible for punishing people who break rules or taboos. Missekenebeck in particular was known for stealing children who misbehaved or wandered away from their parents. He appears as a giant serpent with deer antlers.

    Speaking of cultural taboos, I should mention that you’re not supposed to mention his name out loud or you may attract his attention. The Anishinabe wait until the winter time when the spirits are sleeping to tell stories about him.

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