Johor Hominid Hair?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 20th, 2006

Malaysian Bigfoot Footprint Cast

In terms of keeping you informed, this is shared. In terms of levels of frustration, you looked, correct? We report. You decide.

A short description of a specimen labelled as "JHFW 19/2/2006: Hair Sample 1"

Johor Hominid Hair

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The above sample was one of three collected by Vincent Chow (on 19th Feb. 2006 at 10.30 am) during one of his trips to the haunts of the hominid at Kota Tinggi. Together with Vincent for the outing were a BBC journalist Jonathan Kent, accompanied by Justin (cameraman from BBC UK), the local NST press and cameraman and some members of the Johor chapter of the Malaysian Nature Society. Jonathan has been kind enough to send the sample to Dr. Rob Ogden from the University of Wales for examination.

The hair was found in the vicinity of where the footprints were discovered. Vincent saw a portion of a branch being covered with mud and on looking closer, was seen a small piece of dried up clay with a few hairs sticking out of it. It was located about 2m from the ground stuck to a small branch that overhanged the bank of the clear water stream.

We see the possibility that the hairs could have come from a very tall individual. The hair sample is about 2.8 cm in length, is black in color and the tip is pointed. Preliminary results by Dr. Rob shows that it is human. However as there is no fundings, further analysis could not be carried out. We are publishing this photograph so that you could assist us to shed some lights on this piece of hair. Our questions are:

a. How does this hair differ from a typical Homo sapiens and other great apes?

b. What can you say about the morphology of the hair?

c. What set of criteria could be used to determine if it was mostly likely to be of human origin?

As signed by Sean Ang.

Vincent Chow

Vincent Chow makes side comments at an earlier news conference about photos that demonstrate to him that the then so-called Malaysian Bigfoot is real.

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12 Responses to “Johor Hominid Hair?”

  1. Ouroborus Jay responds:


    Well, I’m convinced…

  2. shumway10973 responds:

    not only that, but what kind of homid has feet that looks like that? Either johor homid has deformed feet (even in world of lesser primates) or that is the worst casting job ever! By the way, why continue with the hair bit if the expert said it was from a human? oh, I’m sorry, chow wants proof for his reverse evolution. I get forgetful at this time of night.

  3. larzker responds:

    So is he promoting an 8 foot tall ”bigfoot” with ape feet…OR… a 6 foot tall Homo Erectus?

    If someone is going to make a cast of a foot or be photographed in a gorilla costume at least have some artistic talent. This foot is, of course, ridiculous and these double digit IQ buffoons on other threads with their gorilla costume photos are absurd. If someone is going to create a hoax at least make it’s authenticity something that can be debated and not immediately dismissed as nonsense.

    Personally I find all this interesting but if I had to bet on whether or not ”bigfoot” exists I’d say it doesn’t. An Orang Pendek is more believable but if it exists I’d think that there would be some photos by now. Any news on Orang Pendek lately or was that a fad?

  4. shovethenos responds:

    They can’t scrape up the funds to get the hair analyzed somewhere? I find that hard to believe, I bet some places would do it for free. A DNA test if the hair has usable DNA and a metals content analysis like the one they did on the hair in China if it doesn’t would be in order. It’s a real shame if they can’t get that done. If the analyses came back consistent with an unknown primate it would really help their case, and provide excellent buzz for their book.

  5. SheliakBob responds:

    I looked.
    It’s my own damn fault.
    It’s like a slow-motion Crypto-car crash.
    I don’t want to look, but…

    Can we have more Tropi pics? 😉

  6. David V responds:

    Well, I expected worse, I thought it would be a highly stylized drawing of a hair.

  7. One Eyed Cat responds:

    Suspect Orang Pendek has been pushed aside while Johar grabs the headlines

  8. twblack responds:

    Yes I looked and I am sorry. My own dumb fault. Hope can do things like no other. Probably why I have not won the Lottery.

  9. carlosox responds:

    I worked in Sitiawan in Mainland Malaysia about twelve years ago, when I actually witnessed a mainland orangutan with my own eyes. It was smaller than an orangutan from Sumatra or Borneo, but had bright red hair and swaggered as it walked just like them.

    This creature could not have been a mainland orangutan, as the difference in size and appearance would be simply been too great.

  10. crypto_randz responds:

    This story is getting more and more ridiculus by the minute.I will say one thing that is one hell of a huge foot.Dr.Chow can solve this by releasing the pictures of the humanlike creature.Copy right issues is the main problem give me a break im just like aal of you im getting more and more frustrated , i would like to see the pictures.

  11. Mnynames responds:

    The reason you haven’t won the lottery, twblack, is the same reason the Johor affair has been so disappointing- The odds are against it.

    Of course, someone, somewhere, does win the lottery, right? So one of these days, maybe we’ll get lucky too, and the big guy will stumble into a camp full of well-armed (With cameras) cryptozoologists…

  12. harleyb responds:

    It looks real really real.

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