Latest Swine Flu Bulletin

Posted by: Loren Coleman on April 29th, 2009

Thank you.

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17 Responses to “Latest Swine Flu Bulletin”

  1. kittenz responds:

    It wasn’t hard to see this coming, except in that we couldn’t see the trees for the forest. There have been so many flu scares, that turned out to be unfounded, that the general public and even many government officials have become complacent about it.

  2. cryptidsrus responds:

    It was not hard to see it coming.

    What WAS hard to see coming is the possiblity that it may be MAN-MADE.
    There was a UN official speaking on condition of anonymity who said it was almost certainly ma-made. The pathogens involved could not exist outside of nature. It is a mixture of bird flu and something else. Other people I’ve read about in the news and internet have made the same claims.

    I’m not saying it is—just reporting what’s out there, folks.

  3. red_pill_junkie responds:

    Like Jon Stewart said, if only we were dealing with Coyote Flu —because there’s no chance THAT could kill you 😉

    As I’ve written somewhere else, this virus is more likely man-provoked than man-made.

    We provoke these outbreaks with our short-sightedness and our careless disregard for the environment, in the public demand for cheap meat and the agro-businesses’ pursuit of profit.

    But now things have changed forever. This virus has come to stay in Mexico for a loooooong time; because long after this epidemic is contained, we will now be living with the threat of a new eventual strand mutation that will spark yet another epidemic in the future; it will be just a matter of time, like sleeping with a ticking bomb next to your bed 🙁

  4. kittenz responds:

    I do not believe that, cryptidsrus; I’m not saying you are lying, I just think that you have been given misinformation.

    In fact, there IS a way that this can happen in a natural environment; it happens all the time. Microbes swap genetic material routinely.

    That’s what makes factory farming so dangerous. Animals are fed anibiotics to make them grow a little faster. The microbes to which they are exposed get small doses of antibiotics and become resistant. Sometimes even the feed that the animals eat contains by-products made from other sick animals. Pigs (or chickens, or cows) are crammed together in quarters too small for them, in close proximity to people, and they pass diseases from animal to person and vice versa. The microbes’ genetic material comingles and emerges as a disease that can infect either species, often in such a new form that the immune system does not recognize it. The results are devastating.

    The same kind of pandemic produced canine parvovirus (which mutated from feline panleukopenia, through an intermediate host species) in the 1980s. That virus killed (and still often kills) millions of dogs before a vaccine was developed. A similar thing is occuring with canine distemper virus: it is mutating into a form that can make cats sick. Up to 80% of the lion population of the Serengeti National Park died from canine distemper; the lions had no natural immunity.

    That’s what’s so disconcerting; through no malice on anyone’s part, a thing like this can come about.

  5. Andrew Minnesota responds:

    World eat your oranges and wash your hands

  6. RyanWinters86 responds:

    OVERBLOWN, IT’S A FLU. Go to the hospital, get your pills, go home and shut up. You will be better in a couple of days and if the government really had the cajones to release a virus or disease, I would hope to God it would be something better than Swine Flu, cuz that is pretty weak. What are they looking to kill a bunch of babies and old people? C’mon now. Out of the 300 million people in the US, 100 people have the flu and all of a sudden a pandemic is imminent? That is pathetic.

  7. Loren Coleman responds:

    No, I do not consider a government conspiracy a reality, but then, I don’t think that the world revolves around how mild this is hitting the USA, either.

    They are not having a good time in Mexico.

    And then there is this…just in…

    Breaking News from

    World Health Organization Raises Alert Level for Swine Flu to Phase 5 [4:11 p.m.]

    The highest level is 6.

  8. red_pill_junkie responds:

    A pandemic is not imminent. But now is the time for countries to act intelligently, so that this indeed doesn’t get out of hands.

  9. cryptidsrus responds:

    I get you, Kittenz.

    Like I said, I’m not saying this IS man-made; I’m simply reporting what some people are saying could be the real cause of this. The mixture of pathogens in the virus could not occur naturally—that’s what some people are saying.
    Ultimately whenever one gets a potential worlwide catastrophe of this type one is bound to come up with “alternative theories,” i.e., conspiracy theories.

    Then there is the fact (one can correct me if I’m wrong) that no pigs have been found with the virus anywhere in Mexico or the USA.
    One is bound to get “suspicious.” Rightly or wrongly.
    But you make a lot of sense, Kittenz. Particularly with your comments about the factory farming. 🙂

  10. cryptidsrus responds:


    Our thoughts and prayers are with everybody out there in Mexico. Your comments also are excellent.

    Fasten your seat belts, folks—
    It’s going to be a heck of a ride…

  11. RyanWinters86 responds:

    Even in Mexico, there are only like 150 people who have it… It is WAY OVERBLOWN.

  12. greywolf responds:

    I for one also think there is the possibility that this was man made. No one in government, or the UN health (ie) World health Org. have suggested in public that this is possible. We have so many friends around the world who wish us harm. What better way to do it….or it may be a test for something even worse.
    Don’t panic but don’t believe every bit of “NEWS” that these folks release to us.

  13. Arctodus responds:

    I tend to follow RyanWinter’s sentiments…

    A quote sums the current situation up pretty well.

    “Hi, Everybody – Since Swine Flu hysteria has taken hold, I thought some perspective would be useful.

    Here’s an abbreviated list of our U.S. CDC heroically proclaiming and combating killer epidemics:

    1) Legionnaire’s Disease; A bacterial pneumonia that accounts for about 3% of all pneumonias in the U.S. Nothing new – just a big gathering of elderly Legionnaires in several hotels having yucky A/C systems with lots of the bacteria.

    2) Hantavirus: Supposed to sweep the country, spread by mouse feces. I guess having 50 cent mouse traps and pet cats have warded off this disaster.

    3) Mad Cow; Supposedly in meat, and passed to humans from diseased cattle having abnormal “prions” (don’t ask, it’s not worth it). Most certainly all created by organophosphate neuro-toxic chemicals topically applied to cattle to ward off parasites.

    4) AIDS; Currently the U.S. has 50+ times AIDS cases and deaths than all other western
    countries, a little secret the nation’s press won’t publish. Deaths due to lethal antivirals and antiretroviral drugs given those having tests yielding “hiv” antibodies – even though the antibodies are not specific — . Abundant studies showing those not taking the antiretrovirals live to normal life expectancy (assuming they stop shooting up heroin, whiffing amyl nitrites, etc.). Current annual U.S. AIDS deaths 15,000; Canada 28; Germany 73, on and on. Do your own math, it’s worth it.

    5) Hepatitis C; Currently about 8 thousand Americans die each year from this. How could they not die?- as they are given toxic medicines that are kissing cousins (ribavirin, for instance) of the antiretroviral AZT. (AZT is now almost totally dropped, but it killed 550,000 Americans having “hiv” antibodies. Look it up).

    6) Human Papilloma Virus = cervical cancer; Drug company trials biased beyond control, FDA in on the fix; Gardasil vaccine rammed through; school systems bullied into required vaccinations. Result from vaccinations: 25+ dead; tens of thousands serious and paralytic reactions to the Gardasil – ongoing every day.

    7) Autism or Asbergers/Austism Syndrome: A perfect timeline of autistic and similar syndrome cases rising catastrophically and exponentially along with the exponential increase of vaccinations, now up to 17 “diseases” and with shots totaling over 50 (many in combination). Little wonder with all the toxic elements in all vaccines, and being injected via bloodstream at fragile infant ages – as opposed to normal immune protections developed via respiratory/gastrointestinal routes (allowing extremely competent success in lifelong immunity). The CDC blesses all vaccinations, want even more! And now, Swine flu redux! Vaccinate!

    8) SARS: Virtually all who died in 2003 (the grand total of 775 around the world: comprising Canada with 43, All of Europe with 1, the USA with zero, Southeast Asia – Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. with 730), died from the drug ribavirin given in huge doses, and well known to immediately destroy red blood cells – called hemolytic anemia – “Ooops! the patient died!” Never an actual virus identified, but a corona virus was prime suspect, have to blame some virus, after all. Once ribavirin was dropped from treatment protocols, mortality dropped toward zero. Surprise! U.S. zero mortality perfectly aligned with decision of U.S. Health authorities to NOT use ribavirin.

    9) Ebola: Still and always used to stir Fear. Realistically, it’s Hollywood B.S.

    10) Bird Flu Pandemic Hysteria Promotion: More accurately, should be called science fiction. Majority of U.S. and Europe 1918-1919 deaths directly brought by 3-4 new vaccines (smallpox, dyphtheria, typhoid, measles) newly brewed, and mandated to all the military, with millions of civilians joining in. Result: fierce, deadly septicemias and toxic reactions to these vaccines. Death tolls in China and India exaggerated 10-fold. Nothing like propaganda, even more so today. Real science available – ignored by the hysteria mongers, particularly CDC.

    11) Tah – Daahhh! It’s 2009. And, now Swine Flu! Let’s see, a 2 year-old from Mexico, comes to Brownsville Texas, gets sick, taken to Houston Hospital April 13, dies 2 weeks later, blamed on Swine Flu. I can imagine the different, lethal antiviral drugs she was given. If anybody is interested, just google “tamiflu toxicity”. This absurd, deadly drug is an “antiviral” that the insane authorities are sending by the tens of millions doses around the country.

    Let’s review: In 1976, a single soldier died at Ft. Dix allegedly from Swine Flu, with maybe up to 500 others “infected” but all healthy thereafter. Since 25,000 soldiers and civilians made up Ft. Dix, and only 500 became infected from the reallllllllly infectious swine flu virus, why didn’t the other 24,500 get infected? One death from pneumonia. Really deadly, this Swine Flu. And, by the way, there were no “antiviral” or “antiretroviral” drugs at that time – thus no soldiers were poisoned to death, yet blamed on a virus.

    CDC should stand for “Centers for Disease Concoction” — or maybe more accurately, “Concocting Disease Clowns,” or most accurately, “Concocting Disease Criminals.”

    have a good day!, your medical reporter, located in the shadow of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s NIAID, Cervantes”

  14. red_pill_junkie responds:

    Thanks cryptidsrus 🙂

    Welp, this is gonna be a pretty looooong weekend here in Mexico, with everything closed— & that means no Wolverine movie, NOOOOOOOOOO!— and all of us encouraged to stay home.

    I’m off to the super-market, to get a stock-pile of essentials: Tequila, beer and Blockbuster movies 😛

  15. mystery_man responds:

    Well, I have been busy for awhile and unable to check in here at Cryptomundo but here I am and I have to say that this whole Swine Flu thing is disturbing. Over here in Japan, we just recently had our first confirmed case and it is not hard to see how frighteningly fast these things can jump from place to place in this day and age. With the speed and ease of travel, as well as ever more people living together in big cities, these epidemics are more and more likely to spread quickly far and wide.

    I’m not typically one to buy into media hype or get caught up in the hysteria, but I’m watching these developments carefully. Now that this virus has gotten a foothold in Japan, I am quite concerned as Tokyo is an absolutely huge, tightly packed city thrumming with people, with the primary means of transportation being muggy trains stuffed to the gills with commuters freely hacking and coughing with little or no effort to cover their mouths. Disconcerting.

    I’m not ready to start freaking out, but I also do not think this virus is anything to take lightly.

  16. red_pill_junkie responds:

    I’m not ready to start freaking out, but I also do not think this virus is anything to take lightly.

    And that’s exactly how you should take it m_m. Don’t let the fear impede your daily routine, but be mindful of how things develop —check the WHO page, not the media news— and try to increase your hygiene habits. If you have to take the train, don’t touch your face after touching the handrail, and wash your hands after arriving to your destination. Wearing a face mask is unnecesary, and it doesn’t even help that much.

  17. mystery_man responds:

    red_pill_junky- Yes, those precautions are all necessary. I’m also aware of and concerned about the handrail thing you mentioned because that is where these viruses are likely to stick and be picked up by another person who then goes and wipes their face with that hand. Viruses can live on materials like steel or wood for quite some time, so that is good advice you gave. Even better than soap, I’d recommend a good alcohol based hand cleaner for cleaning hands as well. I sometimes wear a surgical mask and I realize the benefits are minimal, especially taking into account the handrail thing, but it’s better than nothing, and it could cut back on transmission from the viruses flying around in the air (depending on whether the mask filter in question is suitably built to block a particle of that size).

    Unfortunately, living in Japan, riding the train to my job is a fact of life for me. These trains in the morning are incredibly crowded, with people pushing against each other on all sides. Even with precautions, the contact with people and potential viruses is unavoidable. I do what I can, but if this turned into an epidemic here, it would sweep through Tokyo quite rapidly I’d imagine.

    Again, I’m not about to panic, but I am quite aware of the potential danger. You have more to worry about over there in Mexico, so I hope things are Ok with you.

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