Mitt Romney Loses Bigfoot Vote

Posted by: Loren Coleman on January 18th, 2012

Okay, this could be Mitt Romney’s largest stumble of this Presidential election year.

Romney may have made the biggest mistake of his campaign, when he threw away the vote of those who are open-mindedly interested in or fans of Sasquatch and Bigfoot. Doesn’t Romney’s advance people know that Finding Bigfoot is Animal Planet’s #1-rated program? Did Romney not realize that his statement at a recent South Carolina debate might cost him vast sections of the popular vote in this Saturday’s primary?

What was he thinking?

It happened during the debate that avoided for a time the elephant (the issue of SuperPACs) in the middle of the room appearing, and instead allowed a Bigfoot to stomp onto the stage, figuratively speaking.

Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich were arguing back and forth about whose SuperPAC ads were misrepresenting the other guy the most, and who had the least amount of control over them, when it occurred.

Mitt Romney, son of Michigan, former Governor of Massachusetts, founder of the investment firm Bain Capital, and president of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games, turned the attack back on Gingrich. Romney said, “You have a SuperPAC that attacks me, with probably the biggest hoax since Bigfoot.”

The “biggest hoax since Bigfoot”? What? Television viewers around the country were heard to grasp outloud!

Again, I must ask, What was Mitt thinking?

It remains to be seen how damaging this will be to Romney’s campaign.

As some political blogs and observers have noted, Romney, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, needs to be careful about using the word “hoax,” as it leaves him open to the talk by the Christian Right stating that the number one hoax of all time allegedly is the Book of Mormon (see Top Ten Famous Hoaxes).

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

26 Responses to “Mitt Romney Loses Bigfoot Vote”

  1. Crystal Panek via Facebook responds:

    LMAO… That’s the FIRST thing I said to my husband when he made that comment – “lost my vote”… LOL…

  2. Vpanoptes responds:

    Well, even politicians get it right sometimes.

  3. springheeledjack responds:

    Well maybe the people from the ‘skeptical inquirer’ will still vote for him…

  4. Fred123 responds:

    I don’t care how many people watch it, “Finding Bigfoot” strengthens the position of the skeptics, not the believers. It answers the inevitable Bigfoot book question “Can all of these sightings and footprints really be the result hoaxes, attention seekers, crackpots and cases of mistaken identity?” with, “They sure can, even if you don’t include cases of mistaken identity.”.

  5. Lack of Evidence responds:

    I don’t know how that would cause anyone to vote differently. He says it’s a hoax………prove him wrong. Nobody has been able to prove the skeptics wrong since the term “Bigfoot” was coined. Grainy video, footprints, hairs that contain no DNA, rusty nails that test inconclusive, and skookum casts that don’t really show anything aren’t proof. Where’s the proof?………Mitt is spot on.

  6. joelice responds:

    I dont think that comment will affect all his campaing, although if I were an American, he just lost my vote.

  7. Redrose999 responds:

    Heh, never had my vote in the first place, but it’s typical, most folks don’t respect anyone out side of the “norm”, even the extremists who have their own idea of what the “norm” is.

  8. Nny responds:

    @Lack of Evidence — (as Loren kindasortanotreally pointed out) Same goes for organized religion’s god. Where’s the proof?

  9. airgunner responds:

    Romney’s Bigfoot comment was a cheap shot at Cryptozoology, but that does not justify a cheap shot at Romney’s religion.

    Religion is a matter of faith. Cryptozoology should not be. It should be based on scientific evidence, not faith. The followers of cryptozoology who accept the existence of Bigfoot (or other cryptos) as a matter of faith are what opens cryptozoology to ridicule.

    I happen to believe that Bigfoot is real, but not as a matter of faith. Rather, as a matter of interpretation of evidence.

    On the other hand, religion is a matter of faith. I am not a Mormon, nor even a supporter of Romney. I just think it is unfair to criticize a person for their religious beliefs if those beliefs are sincere, and do not involve harm to other people.

  10. Daviv Kamore responds:

    Based on all of Mitt Romney’s obvious and plain as day reversals in opinions and various flip flops on the issues, I would guess that at home/off the campaign trail Mitt probably is an amateur Sasquatch hunter/researcher who rabidly reads this site. Interestingly, he was pro choice when he was running for the Massachusetts governorship, as well as pro gay marriage, what happened? He also drafted the basic plan for the so-called Obama care (with Ted Kennedy R.I.P.), and even instituted it in Massachusetts to a savings in that state’s budget. – Btw I love how Nny just threw the religion folding chair into the crowd. (I’ll pour some gas on it!) It certainly seems there is more physical evidence supporting the existence of Sasquatch or some sort of elusive hominid ancestor then for the existence of an invisible, all knowing/powerful creator that would allow disease, war, extinction, famine, and other atrocities happen to his supposed “creations.”

  11. Richard888 responds:

    This was a superPAC ad about Bigfoot right here 🙂

  12. jrobojock responds:

    I can not believe the comments, and remember that I am not a Romney fan. But, if you avoid voting for somebody based on bigfoot, you are frankly foolish. In fact, this is like saying, I am not voting for Obama because he said he doesn’t believe in Santa!
    As far as the “evidence” that one person stated regarding religion, I can prove Jesus existed, we actually have his death decree as recovered by a noted archaeological expedition. What do you have again? Grainy photos, crappy video, and obviously faked footprints. This is also despite the fact that everyone has high quality digital cameras in their cell phones, but still just can’t seam to get any evidence because “they were too shocked”, not to mention video surveillance alarms, traffic cameras, the list goes on and on. Silly, absolutely silly!

  13. Cryptoraptor responds:

    As a single issue voter, my sole issue being saquatch, I am disheartened by Romney’s dismissive attitude towards bigfoot.

  14. gridbug responds:

    I’m willing to wager that even Bigfoot has enough sense not to elect a Republican.


  15. Hapa responds:

    I can just see the ad campaign…

    Newt Gingrich, standing next to a smiling Bigfoot, grinning that devilish grin, saying,

    “Unlike my opponent, I BELIEVE in bigfoot!”

    A cute hug, Bigfoot hugs back, both smile big.
    Then this at the bottom:

    Ad courtesy of Loren Coleman’s International Cryptozoology Museum!

    Seriously: Though I do think there is a Sasquatch, I won’t hold Romney’s skepticism against him: we have far more pressing issues at hand than whether a political candate believes in Bigfoot or not (Pro life or pro choice? Universal healthcare or same as usual? Gay marraige or just civil unions? Environment or the Canadian Pipeline project (i.e. Jobs)? To war, or not to war (that is the question)? Yes the guys running will lie to us, but we should at least listen to what they say about the main matters for our nation.

    BTW: I am Pro-life, pro-universal healthcare, Anti-gay marraige, I put environment over jobs (you have to live in order to work: can’t life in worldwide sewer), and give our brave men and women in uniform a breather for crying out loud! Heck, I bet before I could get very far in saying this statement in public I would have people glaring at me, perhaps yelling at me, calling me tree hugger or spat upon for my views on abortion. Thus the way with the silent middle 🙁

  16. kittalia responds:

    So the other people all believe in Bigfoot? I somehow doubt it.

  17. somebodyssquatchingme responds:

    My beliefs:

    God = 100% (not the Hollywood version)

    Bigfoot = 98% (Lack of Evidence should change his name to Lack of Studying Dr. Meldrum’s Analysis)

    Honest Politicians = 50% (probably too generous)

    Honest Mitt Romney = 2%

    My Taxes Will Go Down = 0%

  18. shownuff responds:

    Lost my vote I am switching to Ron Paul. Actually is Bigfoot running Independent? ( get it? ) .

  19. Chalupacabra responds:

    Hey wait a minute. Mormons are taught that Bigfoot is Cain, cursed to walk the earth for killing his brother Abel. Don’t believe me? Google it or click here:

  20. Fred123 responds:

    I’ve been unable to find anything suggesting that “a notable archeological expedition” (or anybody else for that matter) has discovered Jesus’ death decree, even at the websites that are most dedicated to “proving” things that they claim need no proof. Such a document, if it existed would be as easy to find on the internet as an indisputable picture of a dead bigfoot would be if one existed. It’s interesting that many people are willing to denounce some hoaxes while perpetuating others.

  21. Fred123 responds:

    Introducing both politics and religion on the same post probably wasn’t the best move if Loren wanted to keep this page focused on cryptids. After the second reading of his post, I was pretty sure that his suggesting that anybody could foolish enough to consider a politician’s stance on bigfoot and his jab at Romney’s religion were both meant to be jokes (although I seem to wrong thinking that nobody would take the “if he don’t believe in Squatch, I sure ain’t votin'” for him position. One thing is certain, both religion and cryptozoology have had more than their share of hoaxes, and phony pieces of the “True Cross” were floating around the Roman Empire’s eastern provinces thousands of years before people were stuffing bigfoot costumes and road kill into their freezers. I hope this site get’s back to it’s roots soon, there are plenty of other places on the internet to discuss religion.

  22. Lack of Evidence responds:

    To all those who complain about that there are only fuzzy and blurry bigfoot pictures….Mitch Hedburg had it figured out when he joked that maybe bigfoot itself is just blurry. A big blurry monster walking through the woods, and even a high quality camera can’t take a good picture because the monster is just damn blurry.

    To the poster who said something about Dr. Meldrum’s analysis or something like that….Whatever his analysis is, it isn’t proof that it exists. I hate to keep saying it, but there is no proof. There is sketchy evidence at best, a long line of hoaxes, but no proof and that’s the bottom line. Hit back if you would like, but studies from scientists don’t mean squat. Dr. Meldrum is just like many of the others in this field. They want it to exist so much that they find a way to make it real.

  23. Hapa responds:


    ‘I have been unable to find anything suggesting that ” notable archeological expedition” (Or anybody else for that matter) have discovered Jesus death decree,’

    You assume that every single written document from the ancient Levant, 2000 years ago, survived? You assume they would survive the ravages of time, wars (such as the 1st and 2nd Jewish revolts, which saw Fires and bloodletting out the wazoo) and natural disasters? And where is evidence that they had written death decrees, or that all of them, or almost all, have survived to the present era?

  24. Fred123 responds:

    I think that you’re replying to the wrong guy. I know how likely it is that records like these would have survived, especially considering the fact that the Romans nearly wiped Jerusalum off the map doring the great revolt that happened around 70 AD, and did a pretty good job of it when put down the Simon bar Kochba revolt a few decades later. I also know that if anybody discovered these papers it would have been a major story, and that anybody who was even remotely interested in the subject would have heard of it. Jrobojock is the guy who claimed that these papers have been recovered.

  25. Hapa responds:


    Oh okay. Didn’t catch Jrobojock’s statement: so many written here that I don’t have time to read them all.

    I’ve never heard either of a death decree for Christ being found, but that doesn’t hamper my faith. Don’t need it to prove it in my heart. There is however a large amount of lit in Christian Apologetics that talks about the historicity of Christ and other Biblical events. Case for Christ and a few others come to mind.

    Getting back to the issue at hand: I still think not voting for someone just because they call Sasquatch a hoax is not only wrong, but morally wrong; you must decide based on your political views, religious views (if you have any), and where you heart sets your course, when deciding on who to vote for. You shouldn’t make those decisions based on political canidates beliefs about cryptids. Its a hollow reason I think for not voting for particular canidates. Besides Romney was making a joke and, though I don’t agree with the joke’s premise, I did find it kinda funny. Having said that, based on what he has said, I feel I would rather vote for the Loch Ness Monster than Romney, and the Loch Ness Monster is not even American!

  26. MogollonMonster responds:

    Mitt stuck his Big Foot in his Big Mouth!

    Bigfoot has seen many newts. However, he does not believe that a living, breathing mitt really exists.

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