Mothman Pizza

Posted by: Loren Coleman on May 30th, 2006

Now there’s something to eat in honor of John A. Keel.

John Keel

The Charleston Daily Mail is running a story on May 30, 2006, about Point Pleasant’s Village Pizza Inn making the “scariest pizza you’ve ever seen.”

Apparently, it is a local secret as the specialty doesn’t actually appear on the printed menu — but it is made on request.

Dubbed the “Mothman Pizza,” this round 19-inch pie features the winged, crimson-eyed creature atop its crisp, crunchy dough. Here’s what Mr. Mothman looks like in edible pizza form: His eyes are two round red cherry peppers with tiny green olives as the pupils. His eyeballs are encircled by green peppers. His torso consists of delicious pepperoni. Sliced mushrooms serve as his wings, and green peppers make up his feet.

What’s really scary about this, of course, is that the Village Pizza Inn use to be Tiny’s Drive-In. That building was the location at the city limits where the original Mothman stopped and flew off, during the first November 15, 1966, encounter of the Scarberrys-Mallettes.

The article also mentions that “the Iron Gate Grille in downtown Point Pleasant offers a stacked Mothman sandwich.”

What are your favorite all-time “monster” menu items?



For more information on Mothman, please see Mothman and Other Curious Encounters.


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12 Responses to “Mothman Pizza”

  1. gordonrutter responds:

    Nessie’s Monster Mash Premium Beer washed down by a wee nip of Loch Ness Whisky, probably whilst eating a Bigfoot hot dog!


  2. twblack responds:

    Sounds like a great pizza pie to me.

  3. mauka responds:

    Cryptid Ribs sound great

  4. MountDesertIslander responds:

    OgoPogo goulash, celocanth crepes, and a side of Skunk Ape Salad washed down with Thunderbird Ripple!

  5. SaruOtoko responds:

    I’m not kidding… Lawson Station, a japanese 7-11-ish chain had an U.M.A. (the japanese acronym, which I still don’t understand the meaning…. for cryptids) candy special gift set! A plastic bag about the size of a pack of M&M’s. Inside was a tiny plastic model of a cryptid and some pez like hard candy. On the back, it listed a few of the possible “U.M.A.s…” North America Bigfoot, China’s frog people, Nessie, some random giant crocodile, and Chupacabra… (which looked like a goat person…) Pop a few cryptid candies and an ice cold “Oolong-cha,” and you’re set!!

  6. Tabitca responds:

    They sell chocolate loch ness monsters in the drumnadrochit hotel shop.
    As a non meat eater I shall have to go hunt cryptid vegetables lol

  7. CryptoInformant responds:

    “Godzilla’s Lunch” Fileted whiting, Squatch Sandwich, ThunderBird Turkey, Giant Dog.

  8. John Kirk responds:


    UMA stands for Unidentified Mysterious Animals. I worked on the TV show of that name for Nippon TV. It is also a Japanese magazine supplement on cryptids too.

    My favourite cryptid named food experience – and I kid you not about this – is Saturday lunch with Sasquatch investigators Thomas Steenburg, Sebastian Wang, Gerry Matthews and Ken Kristian at the Sasquatch Inn on Highway 7 in Mission, BC.

    We often order the gargantuan Sasquatch Burger washed down with a pint of Old Yale Brewing Company’s premium Sasquatch Stout. It’s a marriage of flavours made in heaven.

    For dessert we can pop over to the bakery in Harrison Hot Springs where there is a mouthwatering Sasquatch Dropping. It’s a lovely way to round off a meal.

    Then it’s off to the Muddy Waters Espresso Bar for a great latte and another pint of Sasquatch Stout.

  9. Tabitca responds:

    here be monsters…vegetables that is 🙂

    Interestingly enough they are in scotland…so that’s what nessie eats!

  10. jayman responds:

    A few years back, Pizza Hut marketed a rectangular pizza dubbed “Bigfoot”, and used appropriate pictures in advertising.

  11. Jeremy_Wells responds:

    while not really “cryptid” so much as generally fortean, I remember when I was in high school the grocery I worked at carried these alien head suckers marketed out of Roswell NM.
    The suckers were rather bland, but they came in giant “grey” type heads that we would all fight for when they were empty. Unless I’m mistaken, my little sister still has one of them put up in her stuff someplace.

  12. Mnynames responds:

    There is an alcoholic beverage called the Jersey Devil, which involves cranberry juice and probably vodka…I don’t know the specifics, as I’ve never seen the point in consuming the putrescent juices of rotting biomass…others’ opinions may, of course, differ..C0:

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