Martian Bigfoot: Updates

Posted by: Loren Coleman on January 25th, 2008

Well, it was only a matter of time before wicked smart people figured this one out.

Ben Radford passes the following along:

Bigfoot Patty Mars

Meanwhile, over at, they are publishing these (and other) photo explanations for the Bigfoot on Mars:




Perhaps Photoshopping the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot would have had the same results?

Finally, if you want to go see the CNN “Anderson Cooper 360” report from Bigfoot comedy star Scott Herriott, go bring up the video here.

Hopefully there will be some real cryptozoology news real soon!!

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20 Responses to “Martian Bigfoot: Updates”

  1. mystery_man responds:

    Wow, that’s pretty interesting. I thought that photo could have been of a lot of things, and I absolutely did not think it was any sort of bipedal creature walking around on mars, but I hadn’t thought it was photoshopped. Oh how gone are the days when a photo could actually be relied upon to show us something as it is.

  2. silvereagle responds:

    Anyone with good photoshop skills, can produce some enlarged shape that is close to what came out of the original photo. But the contours of this enlarged shaped, are not exactly what was depicted in the original photo, especially around the head. So the question is, who released the original photo? Was is NASA or was it some skeptic group that enjoys sewing seeds of doubt in regard to every photo that comes along?

  3. Ann Unknown responds:

    I told everyone that it was me.

    Why did you not believe me? 😉

    – Ann: slipping back into the World Wide Waves

  4. bill green responds:

    interesting update article about the martian bigfoot indeed. thanks bill green

  5. c_streed responds:

    It’s a martian in a bigfoot costume.

  6. wmmott responds:


    What a nice Fortean coincidence, and the similarity was noted right off by many people, several days ago.

    I have a sculpture that I created years ago that also has a very similar form, when viewed from a certain angle.

    However, unless NASA is pulling the prank on the entire world, the “statue” form is PRESENT in the actual raw footage available for download from their website:

    The “figure” and “pedestal” are present in the image. For more interesting finds in this same image, see:

    So, nice try at debunking, but it just doesn’t wash. Whatever “it” is, “it” is actually in the photo of the Martian surface–or else NASA is hoaxing everyone.

  7. YourPTR! responds:

    mystery_man I don’t think the image has been photoshopped, certainly if NASA is the source we can presumably rule out fakery. No, what we have here is a rock, an unusual rock perhaps, but one that just happens to bare a resembalance to Patty and the statue of the Little Mermaid. As much as I would like to believe that bigfoot inhabites Mars, his existance hasn’t been even proven on Earth yet, and for all we know Mars at least currently is not capable of supporting anything more than the most primative lifeforms and even that has yet to be proven as well. 🙂

  8. fallofrain responds:

    The image released to the press wasn’t Photoshopped, other than perhaps to adjust color and contrast. It also appears to have been elongated slightly to increase its bigfootability (like that word?). It’s hard to tell, though. If there was Photoshopping done, it was by the people who released it, not NASA. NASA’s only contribution was to assemble the mosaic for the panoramic shot. If you want to check it out yourself, the rover website is:

    Scroll down the page and click on the phrase “All raw images”. On the next screen, click on “View all Spirit raw images”. Find the box that says “Panoramic camera” and scroll down to Sol (Day) 1367. The first four images on the page will include the “bigfoot”.

    The four images are two stereo pairs in black and white. They’re the original images sent back from Spirit. The little bigfoot is near the bottom, left of center. The two stereo pairs, taken probably minutes apart, show no movement. The “arm” is still sticking awkwardly out there. So unless it’s a frozen littlefoot, it’s a rock. And about 2″ high. It may be visible in photos from the other cameras on board, too. I haven’t looked.

    This site has all the rover photos since day one for each rover. So if you want to go Martian hunting on your own, you’ll have a lot to keep you busy. Happy hunting!

  9. gkingdano responds:

    Fallofrain Thanks for NASA pics site. I am always looking at the Mars shots that come up. Now I know where to go to browse all the pics.

  10. fallofrain responds:

    Glad to help, gking. The view won’t change much for a while now, especially with Spirit. They’ve got it all snuggled down for the Martian winter and it won’t move much. But there are 4 years worth of photos to browse. Enjoy!

  11. wmmott responds:

    4 years worth of images to browse–wonder what else the public would find, if they’d take the time?

  12. xenobia responds:

    Wow! These are waaaay better than anything Richard Hoagland has done!

    And, sadly, more believable.

  13. fallofrain responds:

    These sites contain all photos taken by each mission. Some will keep you really busy browsing. One has almost a quarter million images.

    Malin Space Science Systems (Mars)
    Click on “Mars images at Malin…,” then “MOC gallery.”

    Mars Odyssey/Themis

    HiRISE…High resolution satellite photos of Mars. These are spectacular!

    Mars Express…European Space Agency

    Moon…Apollo Mission Archive. All the mission photos.
    Click on “Support Data,” then click on the photo next to the mission number to see the list of photos for that mission.

    Cassini Mission to Saturn and its moons…more spectacularity!

    These sites are wonderful for armchair astronauts to go exploring a few planets. They’re also very educational. Most of the sites have other information than photos. Enjoy exploring!

  14. plant girl responds:

    Maybe someone should contact Fox Mullder on the X-files.

  15. DavidFullam responds:

    Told you it looked like the Little Mermaid!

  16. awrvb responds:

    That EBE or creature or stone that looks like an living thing on the NASA photo is not that statue. The EBE on that Mars photo hold his left hand on the edge of the rock as if he has a grip on it. Some people write that the EBE climbs down. And that EBE has a whole right leg with a foot thas has the same light color as his right hand.

  17. awrvb responds:

    There are fossils on that large photo. Use the 127 MB photo.

  18. lochnesshunter responds:

    My dad thinks it is poop or as he puts it “NASA has discovered that someone POOPED on Mars!!!!”

  19. awrvb responds:

    Mars; MarsRover photo of West Valley: Fossils artefacts and ornamental waters.

    I believe that the marsRover stands in a place that once looked like this:
    The photo on the left
    and then a(n artificial ) lake in front of it.
    That waterfall on Mars is only a few meters in length. Use The MarsRover to compair the size.

    Use this photo:

    002 gear-box / waterpump
    018 water-nozzle
    012 artificial fountain

    003 fossils
    005 fossil on its back
    015 shell (animal)
    017 fossil birds head maybe artifical

    01 001 Toys or a mummy: One looks like aloomst as a human and underneath that a nice decorated bed (?) and a lizzard like creature
    01 002 (toy) boot
    001 003 a lizzard like creature
    01 004 Statue
    01 005 An artificial head
    01 006 Statue
    01 007 rock with two artificial heads of look likes of a bird

    For the next points use that large photo

    (10440,1919) Brooch
    (10500,1600) head that looks like a human
    (10323,1635) head that looks like a baboon
    (10788,2020) fish
    (9587,1816) animal?
    (11697,2006) the same kind of animal(?)
    (11625,1965) glove
    (11815,2057) glove or artificial flower

    (10544,2328) a figurine of a gray

    Marsfish mating

    Find number 01 004 on this photo
    copy that stone with a wide area around the stone. Turn that stone to the left and look carefully.
    It is better to use this large photo

  20. awrvb responds:

    I forgot this:

    I’m working on it and it takes some time.

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