New Photos: When Mystery Cats Aren’t?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on June 5th, 2012

These photos were taken of a “cougar” seen in a backyard. I’d say they are images of a domestic cat with a tabby pattern. Nothing mysterious here.

Taken in Salem, Oregon, backyard. KATU report. Photo courtesy neighbor Jeff Phillips.

Compare the above Oregon “cougar” photos to the image recently taken (below) in Michigan:

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8 Responses to “New Photos: When Mystery Cats Aren’t?”

  1. Harold Jenkins via Facebook responds:

    All cats are mysterious!

  2. Amadeo Wayne Quilici via Facebook responds:

    Seems big, like a bobcat

  3. Tony K Lucas via Facebook responds:

    you can definitely tell that the cat at the bottom of the pictures is a cougar. The broad snout, the colouration and the extremely long tail.

  4. Scott Dance via Facebook responds:

    I’d say it’s also out of shape and well-fed (canned food).

  5. Hapa responds:

    The person that took the above photos of the domestic cat and thought they where a cougar needs their eyesight checked. It does look a little odd, but then again a Mutt version of a domestic cat would. Its a cat, plain and simple.

    The below pics are, however, a true cougar. My congratulations to the one who took them.

  6. MrCoffeeCup responds:

    The top three photos are showing a simple house cat, with mixed colored fur; plus showing a shedding of fur around the neck area. It could also be the beginning of mange disease.

    Bottom is indeed a cougar(mountain lion aka panther.

  7. ms_die responds:

    Completely agree with the other posters, the top photos are so obviously a domestic kitty.
    Beautiful cougar photos from Michigan however

  8. Shelley responds:

    Obvious hint which any cat lover realizes: Domestic cats have triangular ears with definite points, sometimes with small tufts of fur on the tips. Cougars have rounded ears, to prevent frosbite [?] Bobcats do have triangular ears, but they are usually slightly larger than domestic cat ears and have a big tuft of fur on the tip.

    Not sure if this is a well-fed domestic–it might be a recently abandoned pet whose fur is reacting to his environment. Usually when you encounter a cat wandering around that does not run when you approach, it is a former housepet, sad to say. Becoming very common for those of us who live on the edge of national forests, parks and other wooded areas, and no, your kibble-fed pets are not going to figure out how to eat mice and rabbits on their own and will wonder over to our homes to beg for food.

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