Twelve Seconds of New Bigfoot Footage?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on November 2nd, 2006

The Edmonton Sun is reporting that an…

…Edmonton man claims to have at least 12 seconds of video footage that proves Bigfoot exists. He’s incorporated it into a 30-minute documentary that’s airing at the Citadel [in Edmonton, Alberta] next Thursday [November 9, 2006].

The movie is called Sylvanic, a derivative of a native word used in southern British Columbia to describe the “shadow guardians of the mountains” says movie maker Todd Standing, 33.

Standing’s been interested in Bigfoot for years, but remained a hardline skeptic until about a year ago, when he said he caught his first glimpse of the mythical monstrosity.

“I will reveal to the world everything I know about these animals, everything the natives have known for generations – about how they’ve been evading us, and why we must enact legislation to protect them,” Standing said.

He and two research colleagues claim to have hair samples from the animal, and footage of a seven-foot-tall creature weighing approximately 400 lbs. running through the mountains.

Standing says his footage contains excellent details of the muscle movement seen as the creature moves quickly on screen.

Sylvanic airs at 7, 8 and 9 p.m. at the Citadel’s Zeidler Hall next Thursday, November 9, 2006. Tickets are $5, and proceeds are being donated to the Edmonton Humane Society.

Source: November 2, 2006
"Bigfoot Exists"
Edmonton Sun
Alberta, Canada

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15 Responses to “Twelve Seconds of New Bigfoot Footage?”

  1. Alaska-boy responds:

    This whole thing reeked of self-promoting money-grubbing hoax right up until the “proceeds are being donated to the Edmonton Humane Society” line. Now I’m not sure… Is anyone (Loren, we’re looking at you) going to be in Edmonton next Thursday who can try to authenticate the video?

  2. jjames1 responds:

    I just e-mailed Loren a link to the website for this movie. I think it’s just a Blair Witch-style video that’s completely manufactured. Also, just do a Google search for Sylvanic, and you’ll find that the topic has been discussed on other cryptozoology and paranormal sites over the past year and a half or so.

    From what I can tell, this guy just made up a tribal legend, faked some footage, and made an alleged documentary about it.

  3. robzilla responds:

    I’m waiting. It seems that I’ll be disappointed once again. Let’s see.

  4. dewhurst responds:

    I remember a big debate about the Sylvanic website on the Bigfoot Forum.

    Todd Standing came onto the forum and I think was expecting a round of applause for his findings but was met by a barrage of rather critical questions.

    If you look on the Sylvanic website there are (well there certainly was) a couple of videos-one shows an alleged Bigfoot on a rocky mountain-the quality is good but it all looks a little slick.

    Be interested to see the new footage though.

  5. kittenz responds:

    alaskaboy says:

    “This whole thing reeked of self-promoting money-grubbing hoax right up until the “proceeds are being donated to the Edmonton Humane Society” line. Now I’m not sure…”

    Just because the proceeds go to charity, does not make the film legit. This thing does have sort of a “carny” feel to it. I remain unconvinced.

  6. woodwose responds:

    Native American/BC legend, my [big] foot. Sylvanic sounds more like he linked “Sylvan”, from Silvānus, Roman god of the woods, and “Titanic”. Complete nonsense.

  7. captiannemo responds:

    Again we are promised steak and only get baloney.

  8. punydevil responds:

    Looks like a Blair Witch-style promotional stunt to me. Sell it as real and watch the tickets fly out of the ticket booth. They’ll be pushing it at Sundance at some point.

  9. Labyrinth_13 responds:

    I heard about this alleged bigfoot footage and watched all the available clips awhile back.

    *Nothing* in either video is clear and it all has the appearance of being completely staged. (The girl in the one clip where the bigfoot supposedly screms and shakes snow out of a tree is totally acting, and not very well, either).

    I did a Google search using keywords “Sylvanic” and “bigfoot” and read a lot of highly critical posts discussing this on several bigfoot forums.

    The person behind Sylvanic was met with some very scathing criticism and, in my humble opinion, his responses to it did nothing to defend his case.

    I smell another money-making hoax in this one, big time!

  10. Nerull responds:

    This IS a “viral” campaign.

  11. jasonpix6 responds:

    any of you ever seen a THERMO-image of
    bigfoot,? how bout a close-up? or video
    that lasts soooooooo long that you don’t know when its going to end,? you
    will soon…

  12. Thorondor 33 responds:

    I live in Alberta, 2 hours from Edmonton. Maybe I should check it out.

  13. Lee Pierce responds:

    Here we go again. I’ll hold my humble opinion until Loren or someone else with “street cred” evaluates the film.

  14. kaffie responds:

    Hey I’m from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I just got back from the showing of the “Sylvanic” film. It’s fake. All of it, they made a lame Blair Witch movie and told everyone it was a real documentary. You watch it for the first 5 minutes, and it seems real, then they show some “footage ” of a bunch of campers that went and it is poorly acted, edited and so on. They lied to all these websites and the newspaper The Edmonton Sun and they all fell for it. I am embarrassed that I fell for it as well. It is absolutely horrible that all these websites ended up getting this horrible fraud. This clearly is not good for Cryptozoology and will will no doubt set it back from from being taken seriously. Please spread the word to other sites and try to forget this movie even existed.

  15. Cprahl responds:

    I emailed this guy Todd and I wrote him that no one will protect this creature until its proven to exist. I told him he was wrong thinking any government would protect it on his word. Without a typed specimen, a body or carcass forget it. I think he’s in this for publicity for himself. There’s no new video, it’s all staged and these dumb talk show hosts buy his crap.

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