Meldrum & Keating On Today Show

Posted by: Loren Coleman on December 15th, 2009

Today Show’s Hoda and Kathie Lee tend to not take life too seriously during their “travel” reports.

NBC’s “Today Show” on Tuesday, December 15, 2009, at about 10:20 a.m., had a video segment on Bigfoot. You may agree with me that this “story” gives more concern for the current media treatment of the topic, as this one had the hosts, Kathie Lee and Hoda journeying to Ohio to make fun of Don Keating’s 25 year search for Bigfoot.

The pair “search for Bigfoot,” or at least that’s what they pretend to do.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum (above) also is shown in a brief cameo appearance.

Don Keating (above), via giant cg letters on the television screen, was called a



At the end of the Ohio segment, Keating is shown sitting under a tree, looking forlorn, as the voiceover mentions that Bigfoot might be discovered and Keating would be without his Bigfoot to chase. Keating is then recorded saying to the camera, “There’s always Loch Ness.”

The fade away back to the two hosts has one of them biting her fingers and both of them, gesturing and mumbling, apparently indicating, that Keating is insane for pursuing Bigfoot for a quarter of a century.

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9 Responses to “Meldrum & Keating On Today Show”

  1. greywolf responds:

    The media has always seemed to get a chuckle about the Bigfoot sightings and folks who see them. The two ladies in question are as out of place in the Ohio woods as a new Lincoln at a Demo Derby. They are from the city and have no idea of what might live or does live in the woods. They would never make it a day if they were stranded in real wilderness.

  2. cryptidsrus responds:

    Believe it or not, I’m not mad. Hoda and Kathie Lee, like the majority of the people on the MSM, have already made up their minds that Bigfoot and other cryptozoological subjects are a bunch of “hooey.” And they believe that their main audience believes that too. So they act accordingly. Sad but true.

    I wonder—what would happen if DEFINITIVE, UNAMBIGUOUS evidence of Ole Hairy or other related critters would be unearthed—how would they and the MSM would react???

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm………..”We were ALWAYS open to this!!! What are you taking about?” 🙁

  3. gridbug responds:

    Let it be known that the MSM will always be populated in large by the ignorant. Media whores (both male and female) do not good journalists make. And WTH is Kathie Lee doing back on television anyway? I thought Regis put her out of our misery?


  4. tropicalwolf responds:

    With all the K-Rap that one usually finds in the drive-by-media, this comes as no surprise. Neither of those two buffoons are legitimate journalists anyway.

    Come to think of it, I have not seen any substantial evidence for the existence of a true, objective journalist (at least in several years anyway). All we really have is mixed with scatological evidence on TV every night. But even that seems to be inconclusive.

    Keep hunting Mr Keating. Mr Meldrum’s credentials speak for themself.

    More importantly, where did Jeff get that shirt? I want one!

  5. andrewzoo responds:

    Kathie Lee Gifford? Yeah, her career consists of shilling cruises for Carnival and filling the b-list spaces that other celebrities wouldn’t dare touch. At least Keating has his self-respect intact.

    And Hoda.. howdy… Who da hell is Hoda?

  6. JMonkey responds:

    I noticed the Carnival Cruise refrence, nice! That is what she is most famous for. Real artwork there. What kills me is that the media is not open to Bigffot being real, but they still believe that Cathy Lee Gifford should be on TV, something many of us have stopped believing long ago. Carnival replaced her with an imaginary mouse and his girlfriend. That should tell you something about the status of your career.

    Hoda? Well I just dont know what to say. She graduated Virginia Tech witha bachelors degree and was a sorority girl. Sure she is qualified to make fun of those more educated and experienced than herself. (note: massive use of sarcasm) I truly cannot believe that all you have to do is be in a sorority and graduate witha bachelors in broadcast journalism to be employed and put on television at a major media broadcaster. I seriously chose the wrong degree.

  7. JMonkey responds:

    If Bigfoot was in those woods, he is no longer there. If those ladies stepped in my forest I would leave, and it would be a long time before I returned, no matter how much they called. If her friends could see her now…well they probably would believe it, its Cathy Lee.

  8. LordBalto responds:

    Keep in mind that the main stream media is the keeper of the public paradigm, and as the IQ of the representatives of the MSM drops, so does the range of the allowed elements of the paradigm. This is a much more subtle form of the techniques described in Orwell’s 1984. It is, in essence, the intellectual equivalent of Newspeak. Rather than using language to make it impossible to think certain thoughts, they have leapfrogged to hiring presenters who are not smart enough to think those thoughts.

  9. seesdifferent responds:

    what is the stick-stack Don refers to? I haven’t heard of that?

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