New Eastern Virginia Puma Outbreak

Posted by: Loren Coleman on June 10th, 2010

Along the eastern shore of Virginia, there has been an upswing in sightings of tan-colored mystery cats. Here’s a part of a report from The Daily News of June 9, 2010, by Ceri Larson Danes:

Raymond Gunter of Townsend is not the first person to suspect he has seen a cougar or other large cat prowling on the Eastern Shore, but he may be the latest.

“I have never seen anything like it and I have been in construction work for 38 years,” Gunter said.

He’s built highways all over the southeast and has seen alligators, rattlesnakes, bears and all sorts of wildlife.

“And I never heard a sound like this,” he said.

Gunter’s report is one of several recent large-cat sightings, many of which describe a cougar-like animal.

The animal he saw on May 28 at fairly close range fits the same description — a rusty-tan colored, three-foot-long cat with a long tail. It was quick-footed and traveling close to the ground.

Similar sightings were reported in February a few miles north in Dalbys.

Since that incident, more sightings in Accomack and Northampton counties were reported.

Gunter was doing some tree work at a Cheapside home when he heard a loud sound coming from high up in a 50-foot-tall tree.

“It was a real scream like,” Gunter said. “Like a growl that went into a scream. He did it twice, like he was warning me.”

Then he heard rustling and scratching sounds as the animal made its way down the opposite side of the tree. Gunter didn’t get a good look until it was on the ground.

“It was crouched, moving low to the ground, creeping like, at a pretty good rate, then crossed over the road and went into the woods,” he said.

In February, Ernie and Kathleen Coulter reported hearing a loud screaming sound over a couple days in December.

“I thought it might have been a bobcat because it was loud,” Kathleen Coulter said. “It was a deep scream. It was scary. I have never heard anything like that before.”

The couple saw a very similar animal to Gunter’s at least twice after hearing the sounds….

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