Chinese Bigfoot Expedition Details Under Reported

Posted by: Guy Edwards on July 8th, 2012

Bigfoot Lunch Club

The Shennongjia Nature Reserve in China’s Hubei Province

The Chinese Bigfoot expedition is all over the news, officially it starts today (07.08.2012). For all the widespread coverage, the details in all the reports are quite lacking. It is mostly the same report literally reprinted word-for-word.

A group of 38 experts from several universities and research institutions will begin the expedition on July 8, according to a statement from the Shennongjia Nature Reserve’s management bureau.

The trip is scheduled to last through August, the statement said.

The group will focus on studying the region’s animals, plants and land features and will publish its research results later, it said.

As you can see, while the headlines say Bigfoot/Yeren, the copy says otherwise. Even seems to marginalize the Bigfoot/Yeren aspect:

Is China taking the lead in Crypto-Zoology research? Well, no probably not…While the expedition being launched is not necessarily specific to Yeren research, at least it is acknowledged to be a potential item on the

As you loyal readers of Cryptomundo and Bigfoot Lunch Club may remember, this is an effort to specifically search for the Yeren.

Two years ago on October 9th of 2010 we announced, “Scientists to look for China’s Bigfoot” and followed up with, “Chinese Plan to find Bigfoot is muddy.”

In fact, Craig Wooheater posted, “the new dawn of hominid research in China,” when referring to Cryptomundo’s post on the subject.

Don’t let the mainstream media marginalize this $1.5M effort. Read the details at

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2 Responses to “Chinese Bigfoot Expedition Details Under Reported”

  1. whenwilltheforestspeak responds:

    Although there is a definite lack of fanfare surrounding this venture, it is a welcome change from all the trumped up declarations we are normally subject to. Good luck to everyone involved.

  2. red_pill_junkie responds:

    That pic is EPIC. 😀

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