The Chupacabra-Coyote Controversy

Posted by: Nick Redfern on June 4th, 2012

Monsters of Texas

As this new article shows (with a photo and witness comments concerning a recent spate of sightings around the city of Austin), the debate is still going on concerning the so-called “Texas Chupacabra.”

Weird creature, mangy coyote, cross-breed, or a bit of all those?

Whatever the ultimate answer, of one thing we can be sure: the creature is now an undeniable part of Texas folklore and pop-culture. Whether that’s a good or bad thing, I’m not so sure!

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4 Responses to “The Chupacabra-Coyote Controversy”

  1. DWA responds:

    Sounds and looks like coyotes to me.

    Whenever there is a plausible mundane explanation for a cryptid sighting, it’s the primary one to consider.

    (Noting that for many sasquatch sightings, sasquatch is the plausible mundane explanation, not “bear with abnormally long front legs and hand-shaped paws, and a muzzle and ears apparently accidentally chopped off, running on its hind legs.”)

  2. Troodon56 responds:

    Haha, I certainly agree with you, DWA! I really feel that, a lot of times, the cryptid explanation is actually much more mundane, than the debunking explanation!

  3. Hapa responds:

    The time has come, I believe, to write off the Canine-esque Chupacabras as mangy Canines (coyotes, Coydogs, dogs, etc)and other critters with mange. The more false cryptids can be debunked, the more we can focus on the real ones.

  4. elian1123 responds:

    NAH I SOLVED THE CHUPACABRA MYSTERY seriously have you ever seen a Tasmanian Tiger or wolf well if you understand this animal it looks just like the chupacabra evidence its hind legs are larger and its head or face is very long there is evidence of a long head how a police or cop got it recorded turning around and the figure of both creatures are almost identical but one thing is the pattern of stripes on the Tasmanian wolf or tiger but these creatures were probably changed because of the different habitats how come the chupacabra is being found in the u.s.a or lower but the Tasmanian wolf is from a different place tazmainia i think another huge problem is that this creature is said to be extinct but you never know if it was brought here to this part of the world and sort of involved and got used to the changes of habitat. please think about this, I’ve been doing a lot of research and this is what i believe is true.

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