When Witnesses Go Public

Posted by: Nick Redfern on June 4th, 2012

In my latest Lair of the Beasts post at Mania.com – titled “Monsters: Should You Tell?” I begin as follows:

“If, one day, you happen to be in the position of seeing a strange and unidentified creature – whether a Bigfoot, a Loch Ness Monster, a Chupacabra, or one of the many other bizarre beasts that numerous people believe inhabit the dark and mysterious parts of our world – what should you do?”

That’s a good question!

As I note in the article, going public does not always benefit the person, no matter how credible they might be.

In the next week or two, I’ll do a lengthier post right here that expands on the specific cases in the article and will name both the witnesses and the attackers to whom I’m referring.

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2 Responses to “When Witnesses Go Public”

  1. DWA responds:

    It’s a shame this is true – and it is – but the best thing to do is to keep one’s mouth shut.

    And – if one can find one – contribute anonymously to a database compiling encounter reports.

    For the sasquatch, there are texasbigfoot.com (which takes reports from anywhere) and bfro.net. Either one is good; together their databases are linchpins of the evidence. For Virginia, Bill Dranginis’s database also appears a good one.

    For other cryptids, you are on your own. Don’t worry, though. With the advent of the internet, it’s become much easier to find places to submit. (For example, if you claim a sighting of Nessie or Champ, you should have no problem finding lodging for that one.)

    Do the world a favor and don’t submit a fake report. Trust me, it will be among the 85-90% that won’t be followed up. Don’t waste people’s time. Particularly yours.

    Do yourself a favor and limit your disclosure to the above. If you know of one or more friends who are sympathetic through previous testing on the subject, tell them if you must tell someone you know. (Never presume a friendship not so tested is a safe harbor.) Leave police, military, news media and animal control out of it. And for Godsake don’t tell anyone at work.

  2. flame821 responds:

    I think the best thing to do is go to a sighting friendly site and give them your information (like Cryptomundo, BFRO – as DWA suggests) with as many details and any photos or recordings that you have so they can be easily ‘searched’ via the internet by anyone interested in looking for patterns or most recent sightings.

    I would also suggest calling your local wildlife agency but don’t call what you’ve seen any sort of ‘monster’ name if you want to be taken seriously. You didn’t see a Chupacabra, you saw a ‘canine looking, but a bit odd’ animal. Again, give as many details as possible, after all is IS possible what you actually saw was an animal with mange (canine and coons being high on the list). Something like Bigfoot would probably be harder to mis-identify due to the size but considering something like the Chupacabra ranges from an odd-looking canine to a bipedal reptile-like animal with spikes, that one is a bit of a grey area.

    I would also suggest staying as calm as possible when reporting your sighting. If you sound crazy or incoherent ‘most’ officials will either think you’re a few cards short of a full deck or that you’ve been consuming something you shouldn’t have. Personally I would suggest writing it down immediately, include things like time, locations, weather, any sounds you heard or did not hear (did the forest suddenly go quiet, did birds give alarm cries), what drew your attention to the animal (snapping twig, grunting noise, trashcans being overturned) little details like that really can go a long way in convincing others that you actually saw something. While a general “I saw it and it was huge and hairy and smelled like a wet dog” isn’t going to help as much.

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