Mothman Festival Landing Soon

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on September 2nd, 2014


As Nick mentioned last week here, Mothman Festival 2014, he will be speaking at the event.

Here is the lowdown on the event:

A celebration of Mason County’s most infamous resident is less than a month away and the official 2014 Mothman Festival schedule of events has been released.

The festival is slated for Saturday, Sept. 20 and Sunday, Sept. 21. and is centrally located in downtown Point Pleasant at Gunn Park which houses the Mothman statue. Activities are also traditionally planned at the Mothman Museum, State Theater, Riverfront Park, West Virginia State Farm Museum and Lowe Hotel.

On Saturday, Sept. 20, the festival kicks off at 9:45 a.m. at the new home of the Mothman Museum on the corner of 4th and Main streets next to the Mothman statue. This will be a grand re-opening of the museum followed by the Mayor’s welcome and the debut of the new Mothman costume.

Guest speakers on Saturday, Sept. 20 at the State Theater:

10 a.m., Patricia Gray;
11 a.m., Chad Lambert;
noon, Neal Parks;
1 p.m., Sharon Shull, Faye Dewitt;
2 p.m., Rosemary Ellen Gulley;
3 p.m., Susan Sheppard;
4 p.m., Craig Woolheater and Nick Redfern;
5 p.m., Fred Saluga;
6 p.m., Sherri Brake;
7 p.m., Stan Gordon;
8 p.m., Robin Bellamy;
9 p.m., Andy Calvin.

Following the speakers is a free presentation of the film “White Zombie,” also at the State Theater.

Bands on Saturday, Sept. 20 at Point Pleasant Riverfront Park:

3 p.m., Bunkhammer;
4:30 p.m., Still Water;
6 p.m., Blitzkrieg;
7:30 p.m., 40lb. Snapper;
9 p.m., Blue Z Band.

Also on Saturday, Sept. 20, Mothman Hayrides will be offered through the TNT area starting at 7 p.m. at the West Virginia State Farm Museum. However, you must have tickets for the hayrides. Tickets can be purchased starting at 10 a.m. at the information tent located in front of the Mothman statue in downtown Point Pleasant. These tickets tend to sell fast.

Guest speakers on Sunday, Sept. 21, at the State Theater:

11 a.m., round table discussion with various speakers;
noon, Brian Seech;
1 p.m., Chris McDaniel;
2 p.m., Dale Morton (Mothman costume creator);
3 p.m., Joedy Cook.

Bands on Sunday, Sept. 21, at Point Pleasant Riverfront Park:

noon, Jesse Crawford Band;
1:30 p.m., Andy Park and the True Lovers;
3 p.m., Sandergeist.


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