Riley Rawlins News Coverage

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on January 13th, 2012

Yesterday, I posted the following to my facebook page:

Where is the mainstream media coverage of this event? I have seen nothing on any of the local station’s news coverage, nothing in the Dallas Morning News.

Why is the murderer being protected by her name not being in the news for killing an innocent child?

I am outraged that this happened, and almost as much by the lack of media coverage of this woman’s careless actions!

Here is the video newsclip that ran on FOX4 tonight.

Lake Highlands Teen Killed Crossing the Street:

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7 Responses to “Riley Rawlins News Coverage”

  1. WVBotanist responds:

    “Why is the murderer being protected by her name not being in the news for killing an innocent child?” — That is a silly question. Clearly and without any doubt, fraud, or hoaxing, she is a lectotype specimen of Homo negligens, commonly referenced in North American folklore as “Dumb-ass,” in casual reference; or as the gender specific nomenclature “Domina irresponsible fatuus” – various holotypes or lectotypes having been collected or documented, but in question with regard to absoluteness of type specimen given the extent of variability exhibited by multiple specimens dating from at least the first or second century, B.C. (No prior records exist). It is theorized by many scientists, particularly those familiar with data derived from nocturnal tests of sucrose and glucose fermentation products, including long-term consumption in quadruple-blind studies, that this species, or genus (actual taxonomic status in questionable, and the subject of vigorous debate) has co-evolved with Homo sapiens, and possibly even precursors of Homo sapiens, as a result of the approximately monthly shifts in the social standing of female members of a particular clade. While far from universal, based on anecdotal evidence, the social tension and tradeoffs of the juxtaposition of status, desirability, and inter-tribal or pack (depending on behaviorialist system perspective) competition is theorized to lead to behavioral adaptations that, while deleterious to juvenile or aged members of the troupe, may, in fact, provide opportunities for the breeding population, as a whole, to attempt alternative approaches to common mechanisms regulating the change in the frequency of alleles from one generation to the next. If such a feedback mechanism exists, the effectiveness is likely limited by the deviations induced by cultural and behavioral adaptations induced by the above referenced long term studies of fermentation by-products. Others have theorized that these cultural regulatory functions are supplemented and/or supplanted by nodes representing other, but potentially equally or more significant active compounds, such as those encountered in genera within the Cannabinaceae family.

  2. Loren Coleman responds:

    The innocent is not being protected in this case. Sadly the innocent one is the victim, Riley Rawlins.

  3. scottyboy10 responds:

    No licence,no insurance,speeding,reckless driving!!! and still not arrested,i don’t know what the law is over there but back here she wouldn’t be seeing the light of day and rightly so!!! Unbelieveable!!! i can’t put into words how sad and to be honest …horrified i am by this. What does it take for law inforcement over there to get itself into gear,she dragged him for 400 ft for god sake!! Once again,my heart felt condolencies to Riley,his mum,his family and friends!! And a message to the local authorities…arrest and bang up this selfish poor excuse for a human being as soon as possible and hit her with the book.To be honest just throw away the key..Scott from England

  4. Curt Harper via Facebook responds:

    Absolutely shocking. That sounds like more than mere manslaughter.

  5. bigfoots responds:

    careless accident…. yes…
    thats a bit extreme…
    does she deserve to be punished for her carelessness yes, ofcourse she killed a young boy by not using her head…
    had she purposely run him down yes, thats murder… having your head up your arse = manslaughter…
    My deepest sympathy to the family. a terrible tragic loss..

  6. etheral responds:

    Absolutely amazing that the party responsible isn’t in jail right now… 19, no license, going twice the posted speed limit and killing someone. It’s stories like this that really make you sick. If she’s an illegal then that’s even worse. Hopefully one day we’ll take a step backwards and say “What the hell is wrong with us?” I doubt that will happen, but one can always hope.

    If one believes in karma, then that driver will get her just desserts some day.

    Again, I’m very sorry for the loss and I hope you can cope with it in a positive way.

  7. Kopite responds:

    Oh my. I have only just heard about this. Terrible tragedy. The driver should NEVER be allowed to get behind the wheel of a car EVER again.

    Condolences and sympathy goes out to Monica.

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