Tennessee Bigfoot Video?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on March 17th, 2006

Footage shot by Mary Green has been posted at Cryptozoology.com.

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Background on the video.

This is part of a video filmed by Mary Green in 2002, on a farm in Tennessee. There were several bigfoot investigators present when they went to check out the basement at the rear of the house. Janice Coy had said a bigfoot had been going into the basement, so they were checking it out. Mary stayed outside with the camera running. She did not, at the time, realize that her camera was capturing some kind of animal at the bottom of the hill, although she later recalled hearing a grunting sound. This video is cropped from the original, to better focus on the creature.

I can clearly see an object in the video. I see movement. It is brown in color and looks like a face…at least a round object and what looks like eye sockets. At one point, it looks like the object scatches its head with its right arm. It could be a mask, I don’t know.

Not sure what to make of it. It’s not conclusive evidence, but it sure is compelling.

What do the Cryptomundo readers think?

What do you see in the video?

Let’s keep the comments about the video, not the people involved.



Tennessee Bigfoot

Here is a still from the video. Objects of interest have the obligatory red circles. The object at the bottom of the frame is the “head”. The other objects circled are other Bigfoot that some see in the video. I can’t make out any objects in the trees, but the other object looks like the head of something to me. I see what look like deep, dark eye sockets and a mouth.

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

34 Responses to “Tennessee Bigfoot Video?”

  1. nate responds:

    I’m not sure that that video could be encoded any worse. And why is it a flash movie masquerading as a quicktime video? And am I missing the difference between any of the three versions? They all appear to be of the same low quality. If you can’t tell, I’m not impressed. I’d like to see the raw footage before I make up my mind.

  2. maheekat responds:

    Too blurry, A high resolution file would be good to see, then the details would be there. It could be mask at this point.

  3. chrisandclauida2 responds:

    What/where are we looking at. I see several dark spots that MG would circle in red ink and say Bigfoot. I see one or two large dark spots but nothing I can make out. Can you post a still or direct us to the area to look. I would at least like to see a blobsquatch but cant even see that. I guess I am looking in the wrong place.

    Can you help a brother squatcher out with at least a [dare i say it] red circle?

  4. pteroophia responds:

    Blobsquatch indeed, I can’t see owt either!

  5. lakebeast75 responds:

    Very strange? It certainly look like a head in the grass. Watching the clip carefully it look’s to me as though it’s looking around as it eye’s or at least two darker objects appear for a moment which clearly give it the appearance of a face. There’s a lot of unanswered questions on the farm and surrounding area in Tennessee: large print’s, twisted cedar branch’s, grizzly bear or gorilla sized scat samples and, gathering of hay and dried grass in a barn owned by the Carter family (known as the poop barn). Also numerous deaths or “missing” animals including goat and cattle are fairly frequent. If the investigation’s continue maybe more footage will surface, because as it stand’s at the moment this is the only piece missing from this crucial jigsaw.

  6. mrdark responds:

    The problem is simple: who decided to use Flash as the format for the movie? The compression used in Flash movies results in a massive loss of quality and a buttload of artifacts and other image corruption that do not lend themselves to close examination at all. Flash movies are great for that funny thing where the monkey scratches his butt and sniffs his finger, but for serious cryptid evidence? May as well just smear vaseline across the lens when you’re shooting.

    The source needs to be recompiled in a real video format, preferably Quicktime. File size just can’t be THAT much of an issue, you can even use sites like RapidShare to host if necessary.

    Till then, it’s all matrixing. May as well go look for Bigfoot in the clouds outside, you’ll have a better chance of actually spotting him.

  7. RightWingNutjob responds:

    I can’t really tell what is supposed to be the “BigFoot” in the video. I see the rounded side of a log that occasionally has tall grass blown in front of it. I’m guessing that could be what we’re supposed to be focusing on?

  8. ZenBug responds:

    If you’re referring to the brown blob that can be seen between the two posts on that white bed frame in the foreground, I’d say it’s a bit of landscape.

    At the end of the video, just before the camera turns toward the house, you can see it from a slightly different vantage point, and it seems to lose its shape.

    Besides, if that’s the head of a sasquatch, how can the camera operator possibly not notice it at that distance? It can’t be more than ten meters away.

  9. texasgirl responds:

    It’s to hard to get a feeling of how close or far away that is. It could be 100 yards away or 20 feet, I can’t really tell, and I agree flash was a terrible choice.
    Plus it just looks like a head laying in the grass rolling around, or a beaver or some animal hunched up messing with something on the ground.
    This is a bunk video, I’d like to see a better version and the raw footage. When you crop something and blow it up to the entire screen size you’re not gonna be able to see anything worth looking at besides blobs of color.

  10. Grendel responds:

    Didn’t see anything resembling bigfoot, but did y’all notice the chupacabras?

  11. mike2k1 responds:

    Another great example of matrixing from Tennessee. If that is a “head”..where’s the rest of the body? I think the choppiness of flashplayer and wind blowing grass gives the illusion of it supposedly turning. As far as the other stuff circled…I see nothing but shadow.

  12. Doc responds:

    HUUUMMMM ,It amazes me that a researcher,with appearent skills can film ,keep it in somewhat of a frame and not know its there plus not zoom in.It just baffles me.Fuzzy,out of focus.Oh I know ,its a what-cha-ma-call-it.I would have never made this public,it just another addition to the blobsquatch files.There is just no evidence as to what it is.

  13. Tegan responds:

    I’m with the folks who can’t see anything. There’s too much artefacting because it’s a flash video and not a real video. If there’s something there, it’s just too hard to tell if it’s a problem with the vid or something interesting. Give me a better quality vid and maybe I could see it. But with this? Nope, nothing to see.

  14. maheekat responds:

    Flash was used to put the copywrite inside.

  15. yooperboy responds:

    No, I do not see anything that resembles a BF. The Video is too choppy and why out of focus to be able to even make any kind of ID on any animal. I see something that might look like a stump, but just can’t make a positive ID. I defiantly don’t see anything in the woods. Sorry it’s a bad video. I wouldn’t even waste my time showing something like this because you can see a million just like it. It like some said, you would have better luck looking in the clouds for BF and getting a better image. LOL

  16. One Eyed Cat responds:

    Okay Having read the posts on this on Cryptozoology dot com Here’s some info.
    The camera was worn -believe around the neck of the one taking the footage as the carter farm BFs are noted to be ‘ camera shy’. also, the’log’ is a barrel a young Bf is said to have crawled into. said young BF was reported to be born with a club foot.
    I need to watch it again, to watch the background trees- not for any appearing Bf but the reported moment when branches of a tree are separated and then close – like someone looking through blinds

    It’s not the best but it still could have value

  17. iftheshoefits responds:

    I am going to assume you have been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day for several hours before you put this up. This thing did nothing but give me a headache and waste my time. I could have hit myself in the head several times with a 2×4 if I wanted a headache. If I had a choice beforehand between the two I would have chosen the 2×4. This “video” is not only a blobsquatch but an entire blob world. This is the worst of the worst, and worth no more than the other junk that is scattered around the yard of this house.

  18. norman responds:

    If you run the video so the sliding arrow is to the right. Then controlling the sliding arrow with your curser and running the film backwards, at whatever speed suits you, A juvenile ape like face can be seen in the grass, turning from side to side with a suspicion of hand movement. It is interesting in context but but not clear enough to be proof positive

  19. bill green responds:

    hi craig & everyone good evening here my opinion of mary green s sasquatch filmfootage. it could be aurhentic more research etc needs to be done to it. there is some kind of gorilla like figure in this footage so it rule out blobsquatch or hoax or misidentcation of somekind. i hope mary green definetly keep us posted here in cryptomundo of her ongoing research of the filmfootage location. this filmfootage of a possible sasquatch is very interesting indeed. hey mary green please keep us posted & informed. i hope researchers here also can go the filmfootage location to look around etc take research of the area measurements, the woods where this footage took place does look like good habitat for sasquatch. thank you bill green ct sasquatch researcher. 🙂

  20. texasgirl responds:

    “A grunting sound” Wild hog? They do live there, and they are roundish looking things that root around much like “head” in the video.

  21. One Eyed Cat responds:

    i went back and re read her post and Mary Green specificly says she wrore the camera around her neck ‘like a necklace’ so actually aiming at things was a bit hard.

    Hey at least the camera worked!

  22. Scarfe responds:

    I solved it!

    Bigfoot is a mass of ambigious pixels. It all makes so much sense now.

    Seriously…..it’s a waste of time to even speculate about this video.

  23. JeffH responds:

    This video shows little more than the effects of wind blown grass as filmed by a garden variety camcorder. Which film is then reduced to a jerky, low-res digital file.

    While I hold out hope that this creature we know as Bigfoot will be proved real, I have no confidence in MG’s reports, science, studies, experts, etc. After a previous dialog with her regarding one of her reports, I applaud her enthusiasm, but doubt the reliability of her work.

    Who, after discovering they left the camera running for an extended period, decides they have nothing better to do but watch the footage? Then, to their amazement realizes that a wild animal of some size, stench and ferocity just happened to be lounging in the grass only 30 or 40 feet away. Even more amazing, the filmer and other highly sensitive “researchers” forgot that BF lurks by day under barbed wire fences while crafty humans invade its play room.

    The casual treatment of the “grunting” is also suspect.

    In short: this video is unlikely to be of anything other than windblown grass.

  24. Tube responds:

    Blobsquatch is passe’. “Pixelsquatch” is the next big thing…

  25. mike2k1 responds:

    Pixelsquatch…..Tube?? I like it. It has a good ring and you can dance to it!!

  26. iftheshoefits responds:

    Yea but can you dance on it the more footie prints on this thing the better.

  27. ToddPartain responds:

    can’t get it to play on my old mac

  28. squatchworks responds:

    I have a copy on vhs taken from the orig source, there is nothing in this video except wind blown grass and shadows, have watched it over and over and there is nothing there.

  29. ZenBug responds:

    Flash is scalable. If you resize your browser window, the movie will resize with it. That makes it less pixelated.

    I don’t know what size it should to be viewed at for 100% size…It really should have been published with an HTML file, and the posted link should point to that page, so that the movie would be embedded in it at 100% size.

  30. norman responds:

    I postively see in the film an ape like head mainly static but turning at times. This doesnt mean that is what it is. It might be somebody wearing an ape costume etc etc etc. What is needed is a better look.
    Doesn’t anyone have the ability and means to extract the appropriate imformation from this video and represent it? At least stabilise the picture of the head. Possibly get a clear shot by summarising some of the multiple static images of the head? It could be interesting maybe give the shape of the head and maybe the ear I think i got a fleeting glance of.
    I regret I do not have the neccessary technical ability to do this.

  31. MojoHotep responds:

    First off, what part of Tennessee is this video reported to come out of? The location will help rule out or add possibilities to the object in question. The color is spot on for a black bear (cinnamon or brown color phase)in summer or late spring, which is common in parts of Tennessee. The grunt the observer “heard” would be something a black bear makes. The posturing of the “subject” reminds me of a bear feeding or licking itself, like a dog.
    The movement is spot on for a bear, the back and forth, rolling movement. The big round head or a bear, with it’s ears and natural indentions or the head and face would create shadows exactly like this video footage. At the last of the footage, when the camera moves to the persons right, it shifts the foward horizon between the videographer and the “subject” this is where the proportions of the “subject” are put into perspective. It goes from a head, to a body on the ground, rolling around. If this isn’t from bear country in Tennessee, then it could be any number of farm animals or large dogs, even a bear, anyway, as they are spotted throughout most of Tennessee from time to time. Once again, I want to believe more than anyone, but I don’t buy the bigfoot in this one. By the way, I work everyday in rural Tennessee, in some of the wilder parts. I drive 300 miles a day along the rural wilderness backroads of Tennessee. I am still looking, but have nothing to report in the way of Bigfoot in Tennessee.

  32. aaha responds:

    I see Elvis.

  33. MojoHotep responds:

    Elvis lives!!!!!!
    One more reason there are no bigfoots left in Tennessee, too many rednecks with guns riding the backroads at night. And they “shoot real good, too”.

  34. CryptoInformant responds:

    I see a rock and some leaves.

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