Sylvanic Bigfoot and Todd Standing Erased

Posted by: Guy Edwards on March 28th, 2011

Todd Standing Erased

There are two great post here regarding Todd Standing; one is From Loren Coleman, “Todd Standing is Confused” and the other is from Craig Woolheater, “Todd Standing: Bigfoot Authority” (tongue-in-cheek title).

One of our fans at noted the web site is down, and has been for weeks. In fact, Todd Standing and his Sylvanic Bigfoot is missing from three prominent places:

1.) been down for weeks
2.) Sylvanic You Tube videos have been switched to private
3.) There is no trace of him at the Erickson Project’s website.

We tried to contact Todd and have not heard back from him yet. What we do know is the erasing of Sylvanic and Todd Standing has not been an accident, meaning the domain has not expired. does not expire until November 9th of this year. The site is down because Todd Standing wanted it down. The You Tube videos are unavailable because Todd made them to be unavailable.

You can read more about Sylvanic Bigfoot speculation and rumor at

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7 Responses to “Sylvanic Bigfoot and Todd Standing Erased”

  1. Richard888 responds:

    On to something and abducted? A quick exit?

  2. manticora responds:

    The Question we have to ask is “What is the connection between “Erickson Project” and “Sylvanic”?

    Interesting details you can find on Chris Kummer’s blog at: Erickson Project: The “Sylvanic” connection.

  3. John Kirk responds:

    I note that Standing calls himself a Bigfoot authority, but he does not use the word Sasquatch to describe the creature which is what we use in Canada. An innocent slip or a deliberate gaffe? Only the now-vanished Todd Standing or is it Rockwell?

  4. DJ_Cryptid responds:

    I have seen numerous clips and photos of the creature and even though the video may look legit but after viewing Sylvanic Expedition 4, I ‘m very worried about the Erickson Project.

    This is an article that shows the conversation between Chris Kummer and Simone Erickson (Adrian’s wife) and how even she believes this could be devastating for the project.

  5. Greg102 responds:

    The recent scrubbing of Todd Standing from the internet is his association with the Erickson Project.

    Erickson knows his association with Standing will crumble his credibility when he decides to go public with his dna results. By “erasing” Todd now, the “mainstream media” will be clueless to Sylvanic by the time Erickson goes public and he somehow believes he can avoid the accusations of hoaxing.

    Unfortunately for Erickson, we know all about Standing and his pathetic hoaxes, so he will not be able to avoid this. His problem is he associated with Todd, for what reason I have no idea, but it leads me to believe the Erickson Project isn’t so legit as they want the bigfoot audience to believe.

    You can quote me now, this DNA evidence is going to not be as “conclusive” as they want us to think, and it will be a major let down. Their “facial” footage, is probably Todd Standing’s facial footage, but I’m sure that will be scrubbed and erased away from their documentary, except for us who know the truth!!

    Todd is a hoaxer, and now Erickson will have to deal with hoaxing allegations. People don’t get your hopes up on the Erickson Project because you will be severely let down!

  6. DWA responds:

    “You can quote me now, this DNA evidence is going to not be as “conclusive” as they want us to think, and it will be a major let down.”

    Well, er, ah, DUH.


    Translation: you can’t confirm DNA as sasquatch in origin until the sasquatch has been confirmed (the “type specimen”).

    Both conclusions – primate and inconclusive – have been come to, numerous times, with submitted evidence, and, well, haven’t gotten us far, have they.

    It won’t be so much the stuck-with-Standing that causes the problem as ignorance of the basic hurdles of biological research.

  7. Demian66 responds:

    Some years ago I participated in the discussion around (as it later turned out) the “Georgia Hoax”. For about one week I really believed those two guys have a body in the freezer, this was the week when Biscardi announced a big press conference in LA. Well, yes, they indeed had a body in the freezer…

    Therefore I have to be careful now to express my optimism about the Erickson Project. However, despite the Sylvanic connection, I think this could be the project that will perhaps not “prove” the existence of bigfoot for all times – but I am sure this project will finally bring the debate about bigfoot into the “scientific community” and will be the first major step to open up a “mainstream debate” about this topic.

    I am not sure about the videos and they will certainly not satisfy the most critical skeptics. But if (IF!) the DNA study will be published in a major journal like Nature or Science it certainly will not be just “inconclusive”. Methods and analysis will then comply to the highest scientific standards after some of the biggest experts in the field will have scrutinized it in a meticulous peer-review-process.

    Again, even this DNA-study will not solve the question for all times but without any doubt it will wake-up and shake the scientific community. The simple fact that this paper has been immediately accepted for peer-review-process by a major scientific journal shows that is not only a PR-stunt by Erickson, Ketchum and Co., and that it has more to offer than just inconclusiveness or pseudo-scientific amateurism.

    Cheers, Joerg

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